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Help with a thought problem, and Happy Leap Year! [Oct. 21st, 2016|03:24 pm]
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One of the excellent metaphors that I've seen in defense of maintaining bodily autonomy vis-a-vis abortion is the fact that a person can not be compelled to donate blood or kidneys or otherwise compromise their bodily autonomy, even to save another person's life.
(There are other arguments about whether that should be allowed, one way or the other, but we'll set those aside for now.)
The devil's advocate I see arising from the libertarian point of view is that it usually identifies property as a part of one's self. The property is (ostensibly, since gifts and inheritance and privilege are so often ignored) a result of one's work, and can be seen as an extension of one's being. And if we make the case that one person can not be forced into labor (pardon the pun) to create life, I can see some of them then claiming the same for the fruits of their own harvest.
I can see two roads out of this specific conjunction, but both of them depend on an arguable difference in terminology. One is fetus as entity vs. non-entity. The second is physical self-determination of body vs. property. Do you see any others?
2/17: Being overcharged at a hotel, and a fancy tango event. Somewhere along the way I peek into the kitchen, where they’re doing loverly chocolate designs. A man is leading me into complex kicks and wraps, and I end up kicking the bottom of a table, making stuff on the table “hop”; I’m pretty sure he did that on purpose… Very hard time waking up, but nice cuddles. Cleared the decks at work, hit a wall about what to do next. Some hesitation with proactive management: I’m responsible, and I don’t usually get to this stage. Snooze-worthy meeting. Got and watched the second disc of Jericho. Tried cooking various frozen things, they didn’t defrost; leaving in the fridge and trying again tomorrow.
2/18: Dream forgotten. Wrote up a rough cinematic storytelling system to reduce boredom in massive battles. Lots of reading. Cooked yesterday’s dishes with no problem. More cards. Finished watching “Loins of Punjab Presents”... Sweetheart wasn’t laughing uproariously like when we started it.
2/19: Dream forgotten - I need to start writing these down sooner. Put the planner next to bed? Trifecta leisurely morning. Internet down at work; difficult to kill time while waiting for someone to get back to me with their project. Decided to head out for lunch. New Italian place at the Pointe is decent; great decor and earnest service, passable food. Willing to give them a second try to show their chops. Project was ready when I got back, so I dug in to doing that the rest of the afternoon. Wrote a rant about “higher education” - basically, more trade schools and more liberal arts at all ages. We’re continually evolving, and degrees are not products. Bothered by the fact that the other members of the board have not responded to various requests for information. Picked at the end of the time at work. On the way home, decided to have Chai Pani, loverly filling choice. Sorted bags from the back of the car, lots of progress organizing, finished watching “Kinky Boots”.
2/20: Not able to sleep - not sure if it was because of the tea. Set up initiative for today’s game, ran through a bunch of cards, finally went to bed when the sky started to turn. Woke up again (I’m assuming?) a few hours later, joined Marcus for breakfast and rather scattered conversation (we have different communication styles) at Sweet Melissa’s. Jalapenos didn’t treat me well. First run-through of narrative game system was a success, needs a few tweaks. Players finished book 4, for the most part; all the rest is bookkeeping and exposition. Went to gym, printed out flyers for Leap Year party, deposited recycling, posted flyers for Leap Year party. Watched another episode of Jericho, cleaned dishes, kept up on Habitica stuff (including this). Finished the rest of the Jericho disc. Took drugs for pending cold, meditated, and got to bed before midnight - unusual for weekend. Gums have been bothering me for a while.
2/21: Slept in. Probably would have gone longer had there not been a problem with the building. Someone called me, and as such I didn’t end up writing down my dreams. They were rather varied, and I was in-and-out of sleep for most of the morning with Sweetheart up and about. I think I remember waking with stomach upset last night, which is similar to what happened last year, but not sure. Decided that today’s a bathrobe day. Went down to fix the building problem, on the way back home I grabbed a ladder to fix the light bulb. Our living room has a chime that’s set at exactly the right height to brush my hair when I walk under it, so we’re regularly passing out angel wings and/or blessings and/or driving out bad spirits. Ate lunch and watched Futurama, then (despite my self-declared bathrobe day) buckled down to clean stuff up, organize, and get other stuff done (although still all in a bathrobe). I might be addicted to Habitica. I’m not yet sure whether that’s a bad thing. Watched “Goonies” (I feel like I caught a lot more this time than last time, and also noticed a continuing trend of tenuous cause-and-effect in ‘80s film). More card sorting en route to bed, slept with green pill.
2/22: Left phone in a different room, didn’t get the alarm, woke up late. Still relatively on-time to work. Not sure if I’m still sick or not, didn’t take drugs but I am taking zinc to make sure and kill the virus. Assuming there even is a virus. Sweetheart read another chapter en route to work, but I’m going to have to re-read a few things because of road distractions. Went to Athens after workout. Sweetheart was very bothered by the conversation in the next booth, but I didn’t find out until afterwards. Started listening to the Tapping Summit.
2/23: Just not in the dream relation habit. Sweetheart stayed home. Tried going earlier, still didn’t get to work until 9. Got some good work done on reports, chirocrackter, went grocery shopping, forgot bananas. Problem opening security safe - will have to find instructions. Lots of cuddles on return home. Cards, more tapping stuff. Family called in the middle of one interview, around 10. Microsoft hasn’t been including Solitaire for a while, but I’ve had a habit of doing something while listening to interviews, so I found and started solving sudoku puzzles while listening.
2/24: In a good place to write down my dreams this time! Something about phallic fruits (banana, zucchini, etc) and the grocery bagger insinuating something. We’re living in a white terra-cotta building with gentle curves like a huge pottery. Bill Murray drops by. Teleporting between rooms and levels, no stairs or doors? Switch. Brother, Dad, Sister, and S’mom are taking stuff out to the blue van (including a large marijuana cigar, mental connection to previous phalluses); one of my coworkers notices and asks for one; I’ve had a bunch of conversations with her recently. Did Tapping meditation together with Sweetheart, some contention about living space. Had a nice conversation with the janitor at work, got a lot of stuff done - two new reports, a meeting, and a new schedule. High winds and weird rain led to power outages and trees here and there, which meant terrible traffic, which meant I got to the Red Cross late. They still took me, though. Watched half of Speed Racer (silly, but visually spectacular), went to fast food, picked up Sweetheart from her movie. Once home, I jumped straight into the Tapping Summit, which meant I forgot to check things off in Habitica, which meant I got “damaged” for forgetting.
2/25: Really annoying incongruity with the information there; I have done those things at least 3 weeks in a row (and several for more), but it doesn’t think so. I guess technically it’s only tracking “check this box three weeks in a row”. Anyways, more tapping interviews and sudoku, although the fact that I don’t have wrist guards at home started to hurt. Someone called at 1:30. It was a wrong number. No dreams this time, so far as I can tell. Did meditation with Sweetheart again when we got up. Some annoyance with her for being later than I had hoped. Realized I might be missing old files at work. Still lots of work. Planning to run straight home, somehow ended up at Green Ginger regardless. Finished to-do list, watched one episode of Jericho, did tapping and sudoku (more carefully this time).
2/26: Dream: Shopping for vegetables in a supermarket. Separate scene: Someone’s using grass from Florida as an example for infiltration; has a special name like crab or monkey or saw grass. It sticks out from the rest of the grass in a green, clumpy patch. Sweetheart woke up before me, and decided to wake me up for cuddles. She stayed home again, so I drove in on my own. I’m not sure how people do this whole thing regularly. On the way down the hill, a coworker gave me a ride. She mentioned Andhra-Pradesh’s split, and I compared it to Brookhaven trying to sequester itself by becoming a city. Lots of mini-meetings to try to finalize forms today. Good chat with Gregory on the phone. Got a letter back from Walt again. I feel like I’m living in one of those games where things are coming in one end of the screen and you have to handle them. I have a pretty good rhythm going, but it would be AMAZING if I could just pause the inbox while I process what I already have. Clocking late today because of missing hours earlier in the week. Swung by Earth Fare, picked up too much for the party (and ended up taking about half of it home). Messy traffic on the way to party; I’m not sure how people drive from and to work every day. Watched most of “Fuller House” - not great television, but the theme party (Slap bracelets! Dunkaroos!) and the snarky commentary we provided definitely made it worth it.
2/27: Passed a statuesque deer on the way home. Started feeling more evidence of the stomach troubles from last year. Came home to find a massive box at my door, and lots of rearranged furniture - we know what she did yesterday. Moved books and bags off of my half of the bed. Dreamt something about London. Moved a hutch back to next to the kitchen, which should make dishes easier. Went to work out, had another really fun Zumba class, added a new machine to my weight routine. Despite our best intentions, we somehow ended up eating out again for lunch - had a hard time picking any places, ended up with a Greek omelet at Chris’ Pizza House. Nice, not great, lots of nostalgia. Stopped by the game store, picked up something for the birthday boy, as well as a little something for myself, and Sweetheart bought a Sandman book. Stalled on the way home by a long funereal procession. Went through another tapping seminar, got things ready, headed to Chili’s. Saw Tara walking Abby outside - apparently the inside was overstimulating, and they wanted to try to get her to sleep. Nice time reconnecting with people, met Tara’s mother. Tableside computer is a brilliant idea, but it couldn’t handle cash… took longer than it might have if we or the restaurant had a human splitting the checks. Drove Marcus home, gave him the character sheet to level, more generic hanging out… a little bit of fun, but mostly I felt like I was in a holding pattern waiting for people to finish something.
2/28: Drove home with grouchy tummies, finished off the tapping videos. Was planning on an even later night, but the “tapping about insomnia” one did an excellent job getting me to feel sleepy, so I went. Sweetheart woke me up again. Lots of book and furniture rearranging, more tapping, cooking, trying to get things organized. Watched the rest of the Jericho disc. Sunday night’s tapping videos. Ended up staying up late this night instead.
2/29: Stomach problems. Drank seltzer, watched the rest of Full House. Amusing, not amazing; much better with a crowd and/or drinks. Some cards, almost done with personality round. Went to bed despite tummy protestations. Dreamt something about an audit being done in a classroom, and then a dancing and singing class that involved people getting possessed. I was reminded of the Michael Jackson Hallowe’en video with the terrible plot and the incredible dancing. Woke up with “Toes” stuck in my head. Grouchy day all over. Hard time getting started, lots of traffic, power went out. Still managed to finish a document and some banking. Bought food for the Leap Year party, but nobody was there by 6:30. A handful trickled in, and we started talking about building stuff, but it was still only 10, and I bought for 15. Packed lots of leftovers - we’ll be eating falafel for most of March. Another tapping video. Sweetheart is unexpectedly confrontational and edgy.
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Happy St. Valentine's Day? [Oct. 14th, 2016|01:28 pm]
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2/1: Hard time sleeping; my bladder and a to-do list compelled me to get back up, part of which involved writing this.
2/2: Saw deer on the trail again.
⅔: Went to donate blood. Too bruised from last time. Went to Taco Mac. Bad stomach kept me up until the wee hours. Started getting into Habitica
2/4: Sweetheart felt distant. We went to a talk at Agnes Scott about cultural capitalism in the internet age, followed by a loverly meal at Lawrence’s Cafe, and a long chat with Mum.
⅖: Lots of Habitica installation. To avoid after-work traffic, we have dinner at Paradise Biryani Pointe - spicy again. Pathfinder battle takes way too long; in retrospect, I realize several things I should have done differently.
2/6: Cuddly morning. Went to gym, unexpectedly found myself at Zumba class - teacher asked if I was a dancer, apparently I have moves. Cleared out mailboxes, but didn’t have as much time as I had hoped. Went to Madras Mantra, tried buffet, had a loverly chat with Arch. Home again, moved bed to middle of living room, watched half of a Kahlo documentary. Very heavy phone conversation with a friend. Met Kevin at Oxford again, more Tango on Peachtree.
2/7: Leisurely wake-up with lots of interruptions = dreams, but the only distinctive one I can remember had to do with planning DragonCon. Not too surprising, since I got an e-mail from them yesterday. Shopping, lunch at Farmer’s Market again. Read stuff bought at Oxford last night, finished Frida movie, more cuddles, made “cheeseburger” dip. Our ride was early; had to rush out the door, forgetting the football-shaped cheese ball (complete with pecan lacings). Watched a bit of the game, feasted ridiculously, played with the dog, played with the baby, played with the games. Problems with our return flight, ended up on MARTA with a huge bag of games and leftovers.
2/8: Another unsettled sleep… comfortable, but repeatedly interrupted, for some reason. Grouchy most of the morning. Got into a good groove at work, lots of price-checking and cleaning stuff out of boxes. Unexpected retching. Saw coworkers at gym again, went to Chef Liu to celebrate the start of the Monkey Year. Called Omm on the way home, then left a message with Dad.
2/9: Interrupted sleep means dreams. I wasn’t in this one. A Russian agent and an American (presumably) are arguing in a beat-up small white sedan - some kind of Slavic clunker. The Russian is driving. Another agent somehow gets into the car and threatens them with a gun. The Russian starts speaking Russian and driving crazy, which causes the enemy agent to lose his aim. The American kills the enemy with a gun that looks like a toy. Your guess is as good as mine. A loverly sprinkling of snow was falling most of the day, but not sticking. Pretty productive day, mid-day escape for margaritas. Not aware of any Cajun restaurants nearby, with Gumbo A-Go-Go having departed. Sweetheart finds a box of Zataran, we end up having semi-Cajun dinner.
2/10: Stay up way late sorting cards. Very hard to wake up, not surprising. Still a very productive day. Someone discovered a place I made a mistake on a form, but still seemed pleased with it. Wrote my cousin in prison. Test siren at work. Saw a quartet of deer. After workout, on the way home, Sweetheart had a last-minute urge for Las Brasas, so we went. King of last-minute changes. Somewhat stressed about planning vacation. Watched first two episodes of “Jericho”. Definitely sucks you in, interesting characterizations, some cheese in the drama: Non-stop suspense starts to get boring.
2/11: Restless night. Not sure what about this sleeping arrangement is keeping me up. Watched another episode of “Jericho”. Taught Keith how to use the video equipment. Back on good footing. Chugging along with Habitica (doing great at keeping me on-point), learned about tags. Wrote a new scene. Sorted cards, then went to the board meeting. No huge issues, although the strong interest in Google Fiber might a contract the developers signed with Comcast. Watched the last episode on “Jericho” on this disc, it was skipping so I cleaned it off and we were able to finish it. Started looking at information about Myrtle Beach, and packing.
2/12: Still restless. Maybe it’s just her. But having her cuddle up to me while still mostly-asleep this morning melted my heart. Saw an announcement for a Friday Tai Chi class on campus, went to the room, waited for 15 minutes for people to show up. When they didn’t, I went over to the gym instead; right across the street, and I was already dressed for it. After my workout, my locker blinked red for a few seconds, but then switched to green and unlocked; I had the mental image of it saying, “WRONG PASSWORD… just kidding, here you go.” Found I had sent a discussion public when I meant for it to have been board-only… argh. Still doing well, productivity-wise. Made a big checklist for packing and jumped from 6th to 11th level when I checked off the whole thing. Sweetheart dropped me off near The Imperial. I read out in the cold for a while, then put my name in for a table, then Nate showed up, then Adam, then Marcus (who called us to give us his order), then Zeppelin (who did the same thing). We had a lot of interesting discussions: Dramatic game conventions (I’m going to have to write a new system), “religious freedom”, time distortion in satellites, marriage, and whatnot. Pathfinder game consisted mostly of mopping up the combat; they were really worried about the huge challenge, but the party is fairly powerful.
2/13: Finish trip preparations, uneasy sleep. Dream: Former roommate has HIV, I’m going into someone’s room, Ellen turns toy-sized and is using a jet-pack. Last few steps of getting ready. Filled up Habitica, drove to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, used the gift card the Red Cross gave us. Chatted about intentionally having fights, picked up a few things in the gift shop - their ploy about making us wait seems to have worked. Pleasant drive, she read a chapter out of The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, we’re almost finished. Along with the Republican yard signs stuck in the highway grass, we saw dozens of “Pirates Voyage” signs. After double-checking with some of the tour people that it was worth it (and I will grant that they could have been paid to say such), we made a reservation. Unloaded, started planning the vacation, went to Pirates Voyage. Malfunctioning elevator when we left - took a long time to get up, jerky movement, door didn’t open or close completely; we ended up deciding to walk down 13 flights of stairs. The show was smidge expensive and cheesy, but still unquestionably entertaining. They had no problem with requests for a veggie menu (although more specific diets might have trouble). Acrobatics, fun choreography, and audience participation. Back at the hotel, parking lot was full with no sign - slow traffic getting to the top, followed by the back-and-forth maneuver in close quarters and winding our way back down and going to the overflow lot. Watched an episode of Family Guy while getting ready for bed.
2/14: wolven’s friends are trying to hide from a gunman, and they aren’t seen again. Scene change to high school, where Bekah is both a costume witch and a real witch. Got to sleep in. Hotel had two rooms, one of which was overlooking the ocean, and the other was tucked away and as dark as possible. The pool was steaming. Walked around the beach, drove to one of the tour peoples’ suggestions of Drunken Jack’s. Outstanding view, watching birds the entire time: Pelicans, seagulls, herons, cowbirds, pipers, egrets, a hawk, and even a handful of peacocks. Not sure how the latter got out to the isle clump they were traipsing around. Food was nice, too; the star was a hush puppy sundae, somewhat reminiscent of gulab jamun. After lunch we walked along the dock behind dozens of restaurants, both open and closed. Loved the sign, “Don’t feed the gulls - what goes up must come down.” Talked about how it would be in the summer - the wind coming off the water made it pretty frigid. Walked among a few sleeping pelicans, sweetheart stopped to take candid pictures. Brief cuddle back at the hotel, and then to a timeshare presentation for 2.5 hours. Loverly place, sounds good in theory, some aspects sound too good to be true. I’m sure they aren’t happy with AirBnB. We went immediately next door to the BiLo for groceries, and when we were almost done shopping we realize we probably couldn’t finish the bottle of champagne before we go. We put everything back and went hunting for restaurants instead. La Roca was very well rated, but the strip mall location and lack of decor made us second-guess it. We decided to brave it. Not much choice for vegetarians, but they were willing to substitute the chicken with cheese in the enchiladas mole. Outstanding. And I got a cup of horchata there as well. It seemed like they had only two people for the whole restaurant. We went home and watched the “Fallontines Special”; seriously funny.
2/15: Dreamt something where, in the dream, I was telling someone how I was reminiscing about Willa and Marshall’s wedding. My regular work alarm went off intentionally, and I got Sweetheart up so we could go back downstairs and watch the sunrise over the ocean. With both this and the marsh walk yesterday, we continued to observe the odd pattern of getting back seeming to take shorter than going away. Clipped nails, buried them in the sand. Packed, started general design for cinematic roleplaying system while Sweetheart took a business call. We thought we’d check out how overpriced the restaurant was, and breakfast was actually fairly reasonable - not free, but I doubt any beachside hotels are. Plenty to choose from, including chocolate strawberries (that may very well have been left over from last night’s VD special); my favorite dish was grits with salsa and cheese. We checked out and headed to Broadway in light rain. Found Wonderworks, presented our half-price tickets, which were still valid! Interesting optical illusions, weird science stuff, some kitsch. I tried the “pedal yourself upside down” ride, but got disoriented and my feet kept slipping off the pedals; it made me sick and cranky and a little disappointed that I couldn’t get all the way over. Lay down on a bed of nails; slight poking in one shoulder, which probably tells me something about my alignment there. Still feeling bleah, didn’t try the 3D theater or the lazer tag. I did go up on the high ropes course, which didn’t bother my stomach at all and actually felt somewhat freeing. Crossing some of the rope stuff was an easy stroll, and I even bopped along with the pop music over the speakers on occasion. I do have to admit, being attached to something gave me confidence, and my balance was probably helped by tactile feedback from subconsciously feeling the harness shift one way or the other. A few dark thoughts about, “what if this snaps?” However it is, I would look forward to coming back if I’m feeling better and/or showing it to someone else. Between the blacklight, the teeming mass of kids, flashing lights, pounding music, and sound effects, Sweetheart had had enough in short order, and I was inclined to agree with her. Luckily, the rain had abated, and we danced on the dock over hungry fish. We wandered around stores in Broadway, and ended up at Margaritaville. Fantastically kitschy decorating, and we saw a hurricane-powered blender. Liked the sign, “Trespassers will be (offered a) shot!” The swim trunks vs. bikini restroom indicators were a cute idea as well, not sure how that’s going to change. Walked the other half of the boardwalk, saw a few dozen other things to come back and try. Decided to head out. Not much to say about the journey back, other than the storm unloading on us for the last hour to home and hydroplaning a few times. Put away and pulled out absolutely necessary stuff.
2/16: Once again, hit the ground running at work. Got stuff from trunk in vain effort to find vegetable bag bag; finally found it in a different shopping bag bag. Still need to sort trunk stuff. Had absolutely delicious peanut and eggplant with roti, watched the start of “The Loins of Punjab”. Stomach kept me awake, watched a few episodes of Futurama.
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Caption does not match picture [Oct. 7th, 2016|04:07 pm]
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1/17: Left around 2, ended up at R. Thomas for “breakfast”, tried their 8-dollar shake. Interesting how busy Downtown still was at 3 AM when we left. Home and sleep fast. Woke up before alarm, amazingly, went to meet David & Romy & Nate at Waffle House, and Gina called in on FaceTime. We departed, picked up my sister, and went to the new temple; splendiferously gorgeous, and we were there during a prayer, but I’m a little disappointed in the gendered division; at the very least, how would they handle intersex people? Big mess on the highway, but we made it to Pappadeaux for lunch (despite traffic and the new intersection), and my new baby brother met us shortly thereafter. I thought sharing a salad was a good idea, but everyone’s portions came out huge so it was too much. The sleep deprivation made me seriously chatty. Everyone took stuff home, and we took a nap post-haste. Despite previous plans to meet friends, we stayed in and cleaned the rest of the day. Re-oriented living room, very pleased with the new layout.
1/18: I had been planning to donate blood, but felt like I might have a cold. They were pouring concrete around my building, and I got a frantic call from someone who was trapped inside their unit… I’m not very happy with the construction company’s level of communication. Sorted some cards. Don’t remember the evening.
1/19: Timewasters, Inc. Met Abigail and Marcus at Tin Lizzy’s for lunch; cute as a button, as expected, but bewildered to be picked up by strangers. Workout after. Repeating heartburn. Called Grandma.
1/20: Got to go to the Red Cross. Watched “Heaven Can Wait”; not a great movie, honestly, but interesting to see the aesthetic for the time. Stopped at Tacos and Tequilas for dinner. Very friendly hosts, nice food, sweet surprise at the end, very nice location in general.
1/21: I’m going several places at a convention. Then I’m cooking something in a large church kitchen: Grand old building with new appliances added. Call Eric and Sandra on the phone. Bring stuff out to a wood-paneled hall to an anime and game group. Not sure if I was reminded from seeing Kevin, or the upcoming housewarming, or online conversations with Romy. Transition to airport. Lots of people on a limo, people taking the “outside stairs ramp up to plane” route. See lots of Christmas decorations. Go do something I can’t remember for a while, when I come back the decorations are being packed up. Stairway with guns installed as security measures. Somewhere along the stairway, Sweetheart and I are nude, and she climbs onto me and starts kissing me all over; she’s shaped like someone else. Transition to inside the building where I’m meeting Dad. Very productive work day, called Dad, started looking at vacations for Spring Break and Summer.
1/22: Work wasn’t canceled, but as businesses were urged to let out early by Reed, we were let go at 2. I managed to get a good bit of work done before then, and a workout. (The gym was also closing at 2.) Ran into the grocery store, noted that they hadn’t quite run out of eggs yet, but we weren’t there for French toast supplies. Picked up veggies and batteries. Watched “Kinky Boots” before the internet started misbehaving, saw snow, caught a snowflake on my tongue. Watched an episode of Chobits, read a story, caught back up on this.
1/23: I trudged across ice to Waffle House. Despite technically being late, I was still the first one there. John came, followed by Andrea and Nate. We mused at the sunny snow and white grass and holly berries. Despite our making it to game on time, a few others didn’t which left David out in the cold (because of his remote call-in from Washington; higher than 6 feet in some places.) Finished another chapter in the D&D adventure. Sweetheart was gloomy for a while after they left. We mustered strength to make brownies, go to her work colleagues’ party, and then get to the DalJak housewarming party. The latter was absolutely amazing, and we had all kinds of wonderful food (a bit too much) and conversations.
1/24: Saw deer on our way out of their neighborhood. Bearable drive despite no heat. Slept in, went to gym, saw a red-bellied woodpecker, started watching a movie on Netflix. Went to Madras Mantra again for idli, didn’t end up getting idli. Took a nap. Wrote a bunch, back to here. Finished “Piku”, did housework.
1/25: Sweetheart and I are driving on complicated streets with hard-to-read signs and unexpected exits. Transition to walking with Sweetheart around a zoo that seems to be nestled in between levels on a parking deck. Feeding monkeys tortilla chips. Transition to a scene where I’m not there, and a child is running around a school trying to find family and keep away from some kind of infected zombie. Odd split with dark vampires on the downhill slope of a parking deck and sparkly vampires on the uphill slope. Transition to being with a group, Arick is acting oddly and being threatening. I get his phone somehow, and am calling the airport, but he walks by and I have to act like I’m making a reservation. He says something like, “If you need anything from me, you know where to find me,” and slams the door to his room. Arick was mentioned in last night’s conversations. Leftover pumpkin soup for breakfast, work work work. Cleared out huge log-jams. Lots of progress at home, too, getting board stuff moving. Called brother. Got double-header of adventure subscription; they must have been a month behind.
1/26: Second half of pumpkin soup for breakfast, got some reports done at work. With pending evening plans, I couldn’t go to gym after work, so I went during “lunch” sans lunch. Leveled up, saw a bluebird on my way back. Sweetheart met someone in an online foodies group, and he happened to be in Georgia, so we went up to Alpharetta to meet him in person. He suggested Urban Spice for dinner, the dishes of which ranged from pretty good to AMAZING. Unfortunately, stuffed ourselves, hard to get to sleep; mental image of myself as a pail of milk, not wanting to tilt sideways; started writing.
1/27: Another report finished, donated platelets, watched “Bringing Down the House” which was seriously awkward… I like all the actors but they didn’t know what to do with the material.
1/28: Lots of condo-related e-mails, wrote a cutscene from a storyteller’s point of view. Spooked four deer, smell of fresh urine on the trail. Went to Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market for dinner and groceries, watched the next movie to come in the mail.
1/29: Missing pants, skin doing weird stuff. Heard a woodpecker. Cleared a whole slew of stuff from my slate, feel like I’m back to where I was before vacation.
1/30: Cleaned home in anticipation of guests, found more ants. Sweetheart headed to work. Discovered all the power to building utilities was off, restarted those. Talky (and shorter) D&D this time. Headed to My Parent’s Basement, joined by another player’s girlfriend. Long time getting back our checks, late getting back, apologized to resident. Watched security tapes for half an hour, no luck. Met back with Sweetheart. Threw out bad food, made a nice soup and defrosted some egg curry, ate on floor and watched another episode of Chobits (almost done!). Lots of cards.
1/31: Sexy dream, but I barely remembered anything. Grey day, no outgoing plans. Cuddling. Lots of cards. Beans and roti and the last episode of Chobits... only to realize we’re missing a half dozen more discs. Unexpected nap attack that might have involved chocolate. By the time we woke up, the total cloud cover had turned to scattered clouds, making for wonderfully dramatic skyline; the gym is up on the 5th floor, affording us a nice view. We went to the Beltline for a hike, then (after indecision and misdirection) ended up at Mary Mac’s. Went back to the other end of the Beltline and Piedmont Park, more stunning pictures of various lighting effects and a strong smell of shredded pine trees (found in piles around the park).
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Happy new year! [Sep. 30th, 2016|05:04 pm]
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1/1: Despite the late night, still woke up before Sweetheart. Made sure of last packing details. Omm has a big interest in the Rose Bowl Parade, so she was watching that one; we popped in-and-out to watch as well, between munching on breakfast, trying to finish the last of any leftovers we left (especially me-specific). As another treat, they also watch the Property Brothers, who happened to be this year’s hosts (along with Nancy O’Dell, and Josh Temple reporting from the street). Drove through loverly woods en route to Port Townsend. We had settled on sushi, but discovered that both the potential sushi places were closed. Went back to the Thai place from previously, Khu Larb. All splendid, and actually enjoyed the “Tiger Woods” (their answer to the Arnold Palmer) better than Thai tea. Brother and I discovered that both the places we previously enjoyed, a pottery place and game shop, were closed down. Lots of hugs, sweetheart and I got on the ferry. Started calling around, nice long chat with moonchain, spotted odd holes and railings on the hill. Met Dad at other end; no specific reason to get home early, so he took us to Fort Casey. Very windy, and frost (not snow!) making white patches wherever there was shade; in fact, quite a few places of stark difference with white on one side and bright green on the other. Saw several gun embankments, rabbits, and bold deer. We walked across huge lawns while Dad talked about going to various lakes in Wisconsin for summer vacation because his dad and uncle liked fishing. One time they saw a pontoon plane land on the lake, and went out to meet him, and the pilot took them on a few flights. His dad started talking to the pilot about weight and how much room it needed to take off and maneuvering, and he suddenly understood his dad’s role in the Army in World War II (this was before the Air Force had their own branch). We ended up finding the aforementioned holes in the cliff: Human-made caves in which to hide guns. It’s sort of ludicrous now to imagine a Canadian invasion, but it might very well have been a risk two centuries ago. We left the park and started looking for black-eyed peas and collard greens; could find the latter, but not the former. Both places we tried said there had been a rush; not sure if they had an influx of immigrants, or they were shown on popular media. Made dinner, made sure Sweetheart didn’t do anything. After Dad and S’mom came back from their party, we made a batch of Dad’s award-winning cookies. Late at night (why always late?) the smoke alarm started going off, Dad and I both got up and replaced the battery.
½: Morning secrets, snuck around in the dark. Packed a minibag, drove to ferry, no waiting. Made way to Leena’s Cafe, met Nez. Very long talk. Bought sweets at market next door, found hotel - complete takeover of plan, but she’s entitled to it at this point. Met her cousin’s family for dinner, some interesting chatting, by the end of it Sweetheart gave the daughter a hug and the daughter didn’t want to let us go. We went to dance, some mix of alternative music, very fun venue with a lot of benefits, difficult to find parking at first.
⅓: Went downstairs to see what we could find for breakfast, sat in a side room with a view of the lake. A wedding party came in and treated us to mimosas, which we gladly accepted. We picked up utensils with which to eat cake, packed up, grabbed a pair of complimentary drinks, and walked around the lake. Interesting bits in the boat museum about wood construction and steam power - including a steamboat just a smidge larger than a rowboat; boiler in the middle, unseen paddles on the bottom. Saw a pontoon plane take off and another one land. Drove back, picked up more sweets. Helped Dad hang lights around the house, started on the jigsaw puzzle. Met the beloved aunts for dinner at Village Pizzeria, discussed politics and Star Wars.
¼: Quiet day, puzzle and packing and making sure of those last few things. Ended up on a rather fuzzy and tense phonecall with a resident needing condo information. Went “around town” for the last day, poked in a few shops, met S’mom at South Whidbey Commons. Adventures in packing, between books from Mum and carrying extra gifts for Sister, but managed to make it all fit. Formal dinner (over a mat over the puzzle).
⅕: Woke up to the sound of Dad pouring cereal, came out to chat, Sweetheart as well a bit later. He left for an early appointment, we started poking at breakfast, soon thereafter S’mom came out. She drove us to the shuttle. I got out at every stop because of the smell of fumes. Sweetheart and I were seated apart on both the shuttle and plane, I offered a few funny observations to my seatmate but mostly kept quiet. Very foggy crossing. We got into the airport and picked up a snack, and had a rather difficult time trying to find outlets. Watched cartoons on the plane. In Denver, we had dinner at Tamales - Sweetheart had fond memories from her last visit, but it didn’t hold true this time around. We went upstairs to the mostly-empty story, and had a great overhead view of various exhibits and people. Mostly read on the second trip; quite full of kids!
⅙: Delayed on both ends and luggage; with MARTA stopping in 15 minutes, we decided not to risk being stranded mid-trip and took a cab instead. Our driver was an engineering student from Ethiopia. Next morning, very grouchy start, didn’t get much done, some emergency building work. Met Sweetheart for lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen.
1/7: Grinding work, try to donate but low blood pressure. Stopped at Babylon Cafe, very interesting overlap with Indian food.
⅛: Tried to get my work on, only halfway successful. Completed a publication list, lifted weights, ate at Athens Pizza, sorted cards.
1/9: To Le Petit Marche for breakfast; met Nate’s friends, ended up having to sit outside. Skipped in line, of sorts. Got home after everyone else, played D&D for hours; odd situation between long combats and trying to tame a wyvern. Picked Sweetheart up from library, bought a few greens, watched the latter half of Baraka before dropping it in the mail. Got ready to go shopping, but rain convinced us to try again tomorrow. Sweetheart made roti and curry, we finished an episode of Star Trek. She had a hard time sleeping with pending class.
1/10: Woke up with three alarms, she left, I slept all the way through to after noon. We tried out Las Brasas (AMAZING chocolate cake), then shopped. I dropped her at home, went to the gym, and came back to write a journal. She was still stressed, but managed to fall asleep fairly quickly.
1/11: Slow wakeup, car handle somehow frozen open. Still got to work in plenty of time, jumped into getting stuff done. Reformatted daily schedule. Sweetheart had an upset stomach, and suggested we get idlys at Madras Mantra. This would have worked if the other two things we ordered hadn’t come out seriously spicy. We got home, cuddled, read stories, watched the first two episodes of “Chobits”, and otherwise tried to get our minds off the fact that our stomachs were making horrible noises.
1/12: Eventually I watched the latter half of “Into the Wild Green Yonder,” and grumbled my way to dreamland. Dream: Moving furniture with mothers, Mum has a white cloth kayak. {Indefinite shift.} In a old school building, white with tall windows. Showing Sweetheart the “Fear, Itself” episode, but it’s not quite matching up, and misses the punchline. Something about Buffy needing an oxygen tank, too. As I rewind the tape (?) I notice the viewing area has graveyard decorations. Nothing memorable at work, although the manager at Tin Lizzy’s came and hugged me when I went for lunch. Baked pumpkins at home. Very easy to peel, but dripped goop onto the bottom of the oven. Talked with Dad and S’mom for some time.
1/13: What else… she had an upset stomach again, suggested ice cream, I suggested going to Siam Thai for dinner. Felt date-like again. Near the door, kept getting waves of cold every time the door opened. Called Mum.
1/14: Very busy at work, and board meeting at home. Finished before 8! Sweetheart had a loverly feast ready, and we sat down to check out our new Netflix movie. For what it’s worth, “Belle de Jour” is not really worth checking out - too much incomplete, distracting scene jumps; interesting characters, at best.
1/15: Felt like I was running from thing to thing without actually getting anything done. Got a ride with Nate to Melton’s, haven’t seen Marcus in a long time, very nice but distracted conversation (indicative of coming game - very hard to stay on focus there, but still fun). D&D had more travel and finally arriving at the House of the Moon. Hadn’t seen David & Romy in a very long time.
1/16: Dream about ants and D&D. Spent morning tidying and cooking, found more ants. Went to gym on my own, took longer than expected. Wolfed down food before heading back out to tango. Met a friend from Psi Phi working at Oxford, he pointed out a few things, I bought the second half of “Chobits” and some D&D stuff, left for tango (right down the street). We met Ambuj and Arch. Got to dance with Berry - still my favorite dance partner, but we’re working on it. Fantastic performance from Chicho & Juana.
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"Tighty Whitey Hole" [Sep. 23rd, 2016|05:08 pm]

What is the purpose of the gap in men's briefs? The positioning would suggest something related to one's genitals, but twisting the implement through such a tortuous path does not lend itself to either fun times or evacuation. In most cases, I'm assuming everyone pulls down the waistband instead and just goes over.
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Things are about to change [Sep. 23rd, 2016|04:30 pm]
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12/17 Dream: Vivid but can’t remember; waking up in a rush. Dark and early, dentist appointment, all good. Cafe Intermezzo (egg cream hot chocolate isn’t worth it). Grind at work. Bank and back, make it in time to grab a plate of leftovers from the holiday luncheon. Workout, met sister and new baby brother for dinner at Pea Ridge. A little bit of reading at home while Sweetheart did review.
12/18 I have a blood administration set, and am refilling myself so I look healthy and can give blood. (directly related to posting picture) dwivian is telling a nice old granny things that are true about me in the worst possible way. A bunch of friends get into a fist/wrestle fight, and I slowly disentangle them one at a time by taking their hand and calmly talking to them. Easy going morning, Sweetheart makes a breakfast quesadilla for me. More work and grind. Jewish boss brings me a “holiday present”. Rode to Athens, appetizers with Sweetheart, she left, eggplant sandwich with Adam, Andrea, and Nate. Questions about validity of gender or racial identity in the case of social construct. Home, D&D. Thft leave before midnight, watched Star Trek and Family Guy (with Star Trek references) together with Sweetheart.
12/19 Board meeting, no drama, re-elected. Long time undercover questioning reality. Watched Star Trek and had rice and pakoras. Went to see “The Good Dinosaur”, it had a malfunction, they gave us coupons for popcorn. Eventually started, but we were too late to go to the gym (previous backup plan). Shopped for shoelaces (huge lines dissuade us from anything else), ate at Madras Mantra, headed home and started writing Christmas Cards.
12/20 Something about trying to go down on Sweetheart, she says okay but only for a limited time; next dream is something about a James Bond character escaping from two people trying to capture him, jumping onto a nice boat in a canal, shooting two assassins at the same time (one standing in front of the other) (they seemed embarrassed for some reason), and a yacht holding a fancy party with lots of food trays. Fitful rest. Went to see “Bajirao Mastani”, outstanding cinematography, simplistic tragedy (Pride is always the enemy). Gokul Sweets, tried vegi burger, palak pakoras, and rose falooda - Indian take on my classic. Shopping, gym, home, fell asleep. Spent the rest of the night writing cards.
12/21 Dreamt something about sexy times and planning for our flight. No traffic on way to work. Very low-key day. Called parents to ask about spices. Ate at Primo - Italian/Ethiopian. Felt like a “date”. Picked up nuts at Farmer’s Market. Cleaning and packing and last-minute board messages.
12/22 Dreamt something about exploring a lake, swimming and submersible. Getting ready to go! Despite the fact that we have leftovers, Sweetheart made curry noodles (and ate too much) - two food-related problems that keep popping up. Ran to the bank, made it back, headed to the airport. Despite the early start, later realized how many things we still forgot: Dance shoes, turning off computer, etc. Checked in right outside the doors from the train stop. One less thing to worry about. Stole each other’s tickets in the security line. I watched television (Girl Meets World - several laughs-out-loud) on my phone on the plane, and then we cuddled for a while. Medium-nice Mexican restaurant in Dallas airport, outstanding sizzling apple pie with cinnamon ice cream for dessert; overdid it, still very nice. At the end of Dance of the Damned I read something about a raccoon-headed Agathion with a fondness for civics and between that, a previous statement about game design in response to my brother’s suggestion about crafting legislation, and a continuing mental image I have of dancing through life, I am resolved to a dutiful life. I end up hanging on to the airplane magazine for which I started filling out the puzzle, but I kept reading the thing in which I was most interested. We had to sit apart on the California flight. I took a few more glimpses of my Pathfinder magazine between being chatted by my aisle-seat neighbor: He was an Army veteran, in the service for 20 years, both Iraqi operations, shot at in Afghanistan, and decided he had enough. Said he couldn’t sleep sitting up, but did seem to grab a few winks on the descent. After Sweetheart stopped by a few times to tousle my hair, he started referring to my wife. She told me about wanting to sleep but there was a kid sitting next to her, a 1.5-year-old who apparently kissed her cheek several times and was trying to sleep but active at the same time. In Seattle, en route to baggage claim, we found a loverly bird/fish/plane statue. Made it to a winter scene the airport had set up next to gate 00, waited. Back of the bus had a handful going to the Navy base, Sweetheart fell asleep in the dark… I thought about various disaster scenarios, and wanted to show her a few pretty things but didn’t want to wake her up. She got soup at Ivar’s and grabbed a hot chocolate for me. We took the ferry, stopped off at a shopping center, Dad picked us up and took us home. Met new cats - odd walk, very nice coats. Chatted and slept.
12/23 Made a list of things to try and do. Had eggs for breakfast. Went along with Dad for errands; he had to drop his car off at the shop. Comics, walking along the coast (saw a bald eagle), started a puzzle, licked the beaters of the cookie mix. Took them out to dinner at a Mediterranean place, split a “Russian Cream” dessert 4 ways. No tree - just as well, to be discovered. Packed for an early start tomorrow.
12/24 Aforementioned early start, drizzly. All the afternoon ferries were booked, they had tried to reserve the 8:30 one but it filled up while they were talking, so they reserved a 7:15, which meant waking up at 6. Almost ran over a family of raccoons. Sat and looked through phone on the ferry. Stopped in at Cup for breakfast on the hill; thankfully the paper mill smell stayed outside. Very nice views and even a rainbow en route, several “Elk Crossing” signs. Found the Reverend Mothers’ new place absolutely charming. We cooked this and that, I made a delicious balsamic reduction of portabellos. I broke the coating on a plastic hammer trying to pound an ax through some wood. Candlelit dinner overlooking the water, dessert included rosewater cookies and flourless chocolate torte with jam. Showered in anticipation of leaving for church, realized that only one mother was heading out for a services and the rest of us still had a few hours to go. Wrote this in a suit. Started to cough while singing hymns. Family good-night hugs.
12/25 Dad jumped into cooking thinsies, made two perfect batches without even burning the first one. We gathered the toppings and started on lunch, had a loverly low-key breakfast together. Some people napped, Mum and Sweetheart stayed in the kitchen making preparations. (I helped.) Eventually everyone else woke up and pitched in with this or that… splendid feast, almost overwhelming. Dad and S’mom took me aside and gave me a rather substantial check with the explanation that they wanted to see us enjoy it rather than willing it to us. Also gave each of us a small present, despite discussion otherwise. Saw another sliver of rainbow. They left after lunch, we cleaned up and had a very lazy evening.
12/26 I’m in a nightclub getting ready to do a song for open mike night, but I can’t specifically remember the melody. Wander around meeting friends and trying to get ready. I woke up shortly after my name was called. Chores around the house, Star Wars (first pass is sold out, go ahead and buy tickets for the 3D showing half an hour later). Tried cleaning Omm’s computer, did the best I could without a password.
12/27 Dream forgotten between waking up multiple times.<3 Went to Omm’s church, service was clumsy but endearing, she gave a very moving sermon about recognizing God’s parents on the side of the street. Nice talk with Mum to and from church (Omm went early to start in first service). Sweetheart made something for lunch using our leftovers. Mum scared off a cat who was prowling the bird feeders outside. We left for the Messiah singalong (entitled “Handel with Care”) - wonderful time, fit very well with the alto section, switched to tenors halfway through and stumbled around: I couldn’t keep up myself, and the section was too weak to hear/follow. Came home to discuss New Year’s Eve plans, had dinner (more leftovers) while watching Star Trek.
12/28 Stayed in bed to cuddle. Walked down the hill, lots of nice houses, poked around town. Visited Kokopelli Grill, great seaside view. Fun murals (trump l’eole), lights, and boardwalk going up the hill. Picked up groceries, hiked back. Started playing Ascension with brother, passing the phone back and forth. Drove out to Elwha Dam (which was no longer there) - apparently after they removed it, the fish came back immediately. Amazing views, primeval forest… except not primeval because there are bits of path and logs from fences and salmon tracking equipment and whatnot. Lush, perhaps? However it was, we came home in the dark (5-ish?) and I helped Mum re-arrange her office to be more authoritative. Brother, Sweetheart, and I walked over to the nearby Thai restaurant while Mum and Omm drove. We shared eggplant dip (tasted mostly like caramelized onions, sweeter than expected but still very nice) and a big pot of lemongrass soup, and I ordered massaman for myself. Watched a little bit on Netflix with Sweetheart, read, and bed.
12/29 Dreamt about being in line at the grocery with Sweetheart and Dad, talking about arguing online and Learnlink going away and a National Lampoon satire. There was more, but I didn’t catch it in time. Brunch at Chestnut Cottage: Eggnog latte (loverly espresso whipped cream), quiche (crust isn’t flaky). Spent some time chatting online, headed up to Crescent Lake with Omm and Sweetheart and Brown Dog; Black Dog, Brother, and Mum were in the other car. There was just a little bit of wandering around stomping feet and taking pictures and rubbing hands together and we decided it was too cold to hike, and headed back down. Chatting about coffeehouses, we got an inkling to get coffee, so we dropped the dogs off and headed to Blackbird. Fun decorations here and there along the way. Took a walk around the neighborhood with Sweetheart, stopped in at the Hairsmith for a nip. He was very chatty, and told us he had met Stevie Wonder in Hartsfield International Airport. We got home and started planning the rest of our trip with Dad and S’mom. After dinner (loverly cabbage and peanut roast) I helped Omm plan her bedroom; will be rotating the bed so it’s no longer by the wall that rattles, and moving a wardrobe so it’s centered rather than weighing the room down on one side. Sweetheart and I started watching “Jimmy Neutron”, but decided it was too goofy to enjoy. “Home” proved to be much better.
12/30 In a department store, on some kind of a platform that combines office center and display case. Cramped and tangled, difficult to get down. I see Sweetheart spinning in a flowy dress. She tells me about a colleague who’s taken her husband’s name, but his name is impossible to pronounce in English. Woke up earlier than before on this vacation (barring trying to catch the ferry), saw sunrise and blue skies. Everyone helped Omm rearrange her bedroom. Then she drove us out to shop at a local dairy, bakery, and whatnot. Bought “Viking Feast” ice cream, “Pumpkin Lord” flavor. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to share it with me. Omm dropped the Brother, Sweetheart and I at a wildlife preserve. At one fork listing a split between “Main Trail” and “Primitive Trail”, we started out on the main at first. Lots of deer prints. Headed out onto the spit. Loverly and bleak, driftwood on our left (lots of which had stacked stones) and water to our right. Saw swastikas etched into the sand, started bracing myself to get into a fight. Part of the way out we looked at travel time, and decided it would take at least 4 hours to get to the end and back, and the beach closed in 2 hours; will have to plan ahead, pack a lunch, and try it next time. We started heading back. Much easier along that way; closer (and visible) destination, wind at our backs. Saw a bald eagle. Sweetheart made a sort of mandala practice out of writing “Happy 2015” along the water line. Took the primitive trail back, ended up slogging through swamped trail. Lots and lots and lots of birds, and noticeably warmer in among the ferns. When we got home, I had thought to finish the leftover masaman curry, but they had other plans. We ended up making a “fresh” batch (albeit using a prepared curry paste).
12/31: Ate aforementioned leftover rice and curry for breakfast. We walked a slightly different angle into town to see different houses and whatnot. Got to see decorations up close. Walked along the waterfront, climbed up the observation platform, saw a bald eagle, danced. Crossed the estuary bridge (made in honor of a sister city in Japan), saw diverse flocks of birds flying away; not sure if they were scared of us or the eagle. Out along the docks, saw a van painted in bright colors with a shark-mouth-shaped grill, a dorsal fin, and a tail. Omm picked us back up. Went back to Anime Cat for Thursday night gaming, four other people there. Played a few hands of Brother’s new game, then “Codenames” (great idea, won every time, but one of the players on my team was taking everything too seriously and taking long turns), and finished before closing time with “Super Rhino”. Store has a collection that somehow manages to simultaneously be basic and eclectic; didn’t find anything that matched my interests. Mum had made a spicy stew for dinner (wanted something easy to handle so we could pop out when needed). Sweetheart decided to opt out of tango, which was half of my interest in tango, so instead I got to play a hand of Pathfinder cards with Brother. Ran down at midnight to kiss Sweetheart, ran back up and chatted with Brother for another hour or so.
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Switching logs [Sep. 16th, 2016|03:01 pm]
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I've hit the point where I've gone from one record to another. I split the diary backlog from the tracking system in mid-December.

Not sure if I have a cold or allergies, but either way the drugs are great.

12/1: I'm nominated for some kind of pirate election, to be decided by duel. They're my friends (including a corsetted Cathy), and for some reason I have to use an earthbreaker while one or more of my opponents get guns. Despite swashbuckling options and "D&D physics", I'm still trying to use some kind of diplomacy and/or trickery to knock people off the platform, keep them from arriving, and otherwise trying to keep from killing or being killed. Platform is above an alpine forest, reminiscent of Endor Imperial base. Woke up and wrapped Sweetheart's arm around me. Stuffy nose and room. Great talks with Aunt and Uncle. Drove to Truckee, past huge snowpiles. Found Marty's Cafe, had couscous, brie, mushroom omelet; very cozy place. Shopped a bit. Oil tasting room (Sweetheart bought some spices), "country kitsch" store (I was fond of the placard, "An old bear lives here with his honey", bought a tea-towel saying, "If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard). Easy highway, slow curves down. Stopped at UC Davis - I was outraged at the $9 parking, but they had a loverly arboretum, and people making out in a redwood grove. (Not us... this time...) Found out that the moas were hunted to extinction by the Polynesians. Walked around the quad, had an interesting discussion about academic life. Drove into the dark, refueled in Foster City. Decided to drop by Grandma's house. Chatted with the airport shuttle driver from Louisiana. Did stretches in the airport's yoga room - pleasantly sleepy afterwards, amidst/despite bustling travelers. Wandered hither and yon along the terminal, finally decided on Yankee Pier. Had butternut squash, broccolini, and blue apple salad - I'm not sure if the chef was disappointed that we didn't try the seafood, or amused by the change of pace. Cuddled and puzzled on the plane, I didn't sleep.
12/2: Took the train home in the dark, slept in. Grandma called about skirt details, I handed the phone to Sweetheart. Writing down things to do, called karishi. Tidied a bit. Sweetheart on serious family call, rushed to bank, made it. Ate at Sobban, found it was closing. Short discussion about killers while driving; bubbly stomach. Sorted cards, Sweetheart sat next to me immediately before I finished and got up.
12/3: Dream forgotten, woke up face down. Unpacking, Himalayan Spice, chiropractor, shopping for charity.
12/4: Exercise, organizing, board e-mails, tried Andryanni's.
12/5: Cleaning, played Pathfinder, took a massage, reading, exercises.
12/6: Ate at Pea Ridge, organized, went shopping for food and gifts, met a bunch of Sweetheart's colleagues at Rania's party, weird love.
12/7: Exercises and weights, ate at Willy's, saw "Tamasha".
12/8: Multiple Hallowe'en parties, ladylabyrinth and friends, someone convinces me to do a costume similar to theirs: Red dragon emporer, consisting of red dragon shirt and cape and crown and other easy accoutrements. I've left a huge mess at home (apartment looks different in dream than real life), and I know Sweetheart will be upset. Several people are outside a convenience store, and we're being measured for costumes; one woman in particular is interested in my package. Writing a letter to Trae (it's his birthday) in a program that lets one insert pictures; I have several things about popular characters, and especially several Elminsters, but they're hard to line up so they don't cover text. Rushed to work. Internet... catch up? Chiropractor. Veggie shopping, house cleaning, cuddles.
12/9: Dreamt about a convention; looking at cars with Seth & Suzanne - smal Lego versions and large real-life ones. Tree lighting at work, but I don't remember much about it now. Rice Mac had a pileup of takeout orders; only one person on the counter, and all seven people showed up at once. Worksheets at work.
12/10: Dream: Grape jelly video game; no idea what that means. Met cousin, had board meeting, made tea eggs.
12/11: Dream: Tightrope-walk with monkey on leash over high net. Working morning, stuffed silly, camaraderie with department at "holiday lunch". D&D with two Justins; both a friend-of-a-friend and a neighbor.
12/12: Dream: About to be hanged, making jokes about calling the governor. Low-key day, console Sweetheart, rolled weather and random encounters for D&D, wild frog monk/prince/princess story.
12/13: Sweetheart & I are together in stands in a gym, I’m worried about bothering a young woman off to the side in front of us. Everyone comes down to a furniture cube with red and blue blocks for a safety demonstration. Slept in while Sweetheart went to meditation. Watched “Bender’s Big Score”. Tava for lunch, shopping at Patel. Unexpected shagging at home. Gina called to invite us to lunch. I worked out, stopped at Tin Lizzie’s, and danced at 57th. Broke Hyundai Accent door handle.
12/14: Department lunch, contentious discussion, lab coat decorating, discussion with Boss, organize stuff, do laundry, Star Trek and soup, take drugs, fall asleep (relatively) early.
12/15: Zombitized by drugs, lots of board-related e-mails, Denyse questions about e-mail, leftovers from department lunch, chiropractor, gym, Chai Pani, talked to family, up late-ish making Christmas card list.
12/16: “Star Wars” rebellion scene, with a group of sassy women in a cabin; shift to walking around Decatur with Sweetheart, car driven by man with several women (some kind of conservative culture clothing) pulls up and seems to be lost; I start giving them directions to the high school, but they aren’t getting it, so we decide the man and I should walk while Sweetheart drives the women over. Prairie Home Companion is playing in the auditorium, we’re up in the bleachers, then I go down into a small office that they’ve converted into a radio booth for the occasion. A friend is doing some “Family Guy” voices, I’m asked to join in but I’m not doing very well and break character every so often to comment on how I don’t have a good “Peter” voice. I need to go to the bathroom. And so I got up. Witnessed a crash while we were pumping gas. Re-energized with things to do. Good work, eat party leftovers, listen to ravnsdottir while doing puzzles. Great beets and lentils at home, cuddles, read a story to Sweetheart, she fell asleep, I watched a movie.
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Flash-forward [Aug. 31st, 2016|10:06 am]
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On a complete jump, here's a peek into the future:
9/1: 19: Track intro.
9/2 9.5: Social Aspects of Space Colonization; 20.5: Mistakes from Science Communication Front Lines
9/3 9.5: Parade setup; 13: Recreating Captain America’s Super Serum; 14.5: Personalized Medicine; 19: Science Confessionals
9/4 9.5: Science Power Hour; 14.5: Genetics in Science Fictional Settings; 22: Solve for X
9/5 9.5: Science Songs; 11.5: Science in History and Myth; 17: Dead Dragon Party
9/6 9.5: Iz ded

I still have a few dozen "Backup Project" buttons, for anyone who wants to identify themselves as "happy to help".
Speaking for myself, pinning it on means I'm ready to walk you to your car or room (or walk you to a public area so you can find someone you know, in case you don't feel safe alone with me), lift your wheelchair up stairs, run interference if you're getting unwanted attention, de-escalate if people are starting to get confrontational, pin your costume in that place you can't quite reach, and I'm sure there's more.
Other people may have different abilities or ways of helping, but putting it on is basically making the statement, "I've got your back".
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Time is speeding up [Aug. 26th, 2016|11:38 am]
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Getting that much closer...
11/16: Data entry, internet, Pathfinder calendar, Board stuff, copious leftovers from Sweetheart's event, watched "Star Trek" and "Master of None".
11/17: Data entry, Alicia, Dianne, Joellen, and Sheila, huge puzzle map of US; some states have unusual outlines. Damn, it's infected my dreams, too. Data entry, internet, Board stuff, called Kevin, coffee, soup and crackers, chiropractor, keeping up with exercise, shopping at Macy's, met Jenn & John for dinner at Yum Yum Thai. Called family, wrote a response to the Paris attacks, read FaceBook. Re-directing energy from there; that's the last place I should look for reassurance.
11/18: Terrible sleep. Caffeine? FaceBook? Winds? Explosion in wee hours. Backfire? Gunshot? On my own. Watched some kind of performance, then went to Olive Garden for my birthday. Ordered lots of stuff, whatever struck my fancy; intending to take some of it home. Still conscious about sugar. Ate at Tin Lizzy's. Deer on trail! Almost walked into them, thought it was a dog at first. Discussion with Jinx. Board e-mails, work, reading internet, ate at Chow Mei Mei with Sweetheart, watched "My Neighbors the Yamadas" (Sweetheart rather enjoyed), stopped by Romeo's Pizza for dessert. Sweet tooth? Talked to Grandma.
11/19: L5R, Board e-mails, exercise, recharges, Red Cross, went to Tuk Tuk for dinner.
11/20: Dishwasher, Board e-mails, exercise, "Top Secret!" with wine, love unexpectedly.
11/21: Laundry, fixed car gate, watched "Coraline", first people to Six Flags. Wonderful lights, waited for rest to finish Scorcher. I went on Goliath, Marshall ducked out, got capes at carnival game. Great "flying" pictures of me on "Crime Wave". Spinsanity was wilder than expected. Acrophobia had a great view, and tilted us out, dropped with no warning; most of the others times I saw had the operator saying funny stuff to the riders. Sky Buckets didn't go anywhere, part of park was closed. I ran to the car, catch up with shuttle. Passed Sweetheart in the dark, big misunderstanding. Eventually OK. Ate at "Niramish" and watched a comedy competition with Erin & Nancy.
11/22: More exercise, ate at Sun in My Belly. Dreamt about Jennie being pregnant, and the "push pull dig work" game from some camp trying to teach us how industrialization was evil. Cleaning, Burger Fi, Earth Fare, cuddles. Ankle made an unexpected pop while I was stretching forward. Watched "Paranorman"; very fun, but some confusion about the dead characterization (or implied theology).
11/23: FaceBook, Board e-mails, keeping up with MetaGameWorld, leftovers, clearing e-mail boxes, Zandu balm, dishwasher, Madras Mantra, shopping for gifts and spices.
11/24: FaceBook, Board e-mails, clear mailbox, Tin Lizzy's, mac & cheese (packed), internet, keeping up with exercises, pack for vacation.
11/25: Receipts, dishwasher, Futurama, biscuits. Dark and early train, crowded line (France security?). Puzzles finished by others, slept on plane. Sweetheart's license was expired, I had to drive the entire time. I rented all-wheel for snow business. Trouble figuring out starting and shifting. Made it to Grandma's, boiled pasta, Costco, massive bag of potatoes, first round of cooking. Farmer's market, Sweetheart got a splinter, Indian market, walked along sea wall, saw lots of murders. Second round of cooking - messed up garlic & rosemary. Sweetheart made eggplant with peanuts.
11/26: Multiple dreams: Game shop; Takhisis, minotaur novels, some guy leaving his backpack on a shelf/chasing after someone, he terns and puts a robot eye in a dead socket, and says, "surprised, Mr. Smart?" Max and 99 catch him, there's a brief discussion about South American Communism. Scene from the show with title music, Max sticks his head through a hole in a door. Various animals and people running across a road, symbolizing working together. A white tiger and I try it, but are almost hit by a car coming fast over a hill, from where we couldn't see it. I shout, "What the fuck?" Grandma asked if we want grapefruit, I woke up. Grapefruit and soft-boiled egg for breakfast. Head out, a bit more shopping, pick up antacids and zinc. Very friendly cashier and person in line, small talk and "feel better!" as I left. Easy drive up, reunite with family. Mum suggested coconut oil for weird red line coming off one eye. Thanksgiving feasting. Potatoes turned out better than expected. 7 types of fudge, 5 pies. Watched Dr Strange cartoon after heckling a dozen trailers and descriptions on Amazon Prime. Herding baby River. No Bond (despite family tradition), bed before 10.
11/27: Somehow related to Jurassic megafauna? Grandma's there, before and after driving. Cuddles. Smell of bacon - blech. Exercise. She fixed a rattling window, I unplugged the smoke alarm. Pancake waffles, hugs and discussion. Susie showed us the wine cellar and tchotchkes - really liked making "Christmas Toys" with Debbie. Drove North to Sacramento - only one point of stop-and-go traffic. Lunch at Casa Ramos, very nice. Discussed why Sweetheart felt alone last night while driving. Sign in Jewish wood community: "Welcome to Kyburz / Now leaving Kyburz". Very familiar highways through California woods. Snow accumulation transition: First on random crags, then dusting trees (fade green-to-grey-to-white), then on the ground. Pulled off a few places for pictures. Snowy beach town. Expedia was bait-and-switch, but we paid to upgrade to the lake view. Across street to Safeway, bit of romantic shopping, get champagne and gloves. Find a place with 4.9 stars and a huge crowd in front of the door. My Thai - weird contrast of Thai decorations and food in rustic log-and-stone building. Lots of Indian families, several cute kids. Server possibly transgendered or drag. Cook didn't wash hands in bathroom. Driving again; construction sign done with flashing lights: "ALMOST" "DONE" "WAHOO" Lots of chapels. Lots of cuddling and love. She slept, I watched a bit of TV and exercised.
11/28: Something about picking a porn to watch with friends {inspired by a combination of pay-per-view browsing last night and cousins previous night}. Stopping an ex-girlfriend from ruining a friend's wedding. Bridesmaid and I are confusing them and tossing bouquets back and forth in a belltower. Finally an usher ushes them out. Mum is officiating in a cathedral. I have to make a speech and say something silly about iPod cords being mixed in with my noodles - everyone's embarrassed. Someone brings a dog, who stops in the middle of the church. Bishop explains that the unbaptised can't cross, and blesses the dog who then gallops across. I laugh heartily. Sweetheart is up and about, says she had heartburn. We see sunrise, mist, and probably 3 coyotes. We went out on dock. Tilting my head at an angle, all that existed was the lake, mountains, sky, and snow. No boats, no dock, no humans - not even me. I got a call about the elevator not working at home, responded as best I could. Planned the whole day out. Ate at Red Hut next to FreeBird. Peanut butter veggie burger, leftover churros, old iron stove, waiting list, 1-person bathroom. Went next door for hot drinks; very nice hot chocolate, weird chai. Tahoe Keys - very nice, we talk about houses. Most attractions, beaches, and parks are closed. Saw lots of Indians at trailheads. Area was way overparked. Ranger on loudspeaker saying people would get towed. Amazing alpine views while driving, not many places to stop. Argument about driving too close. People cutting down trees in woods? Later learned you can get a permit. Stopped at Harrah's casino, smoky. Periodically checking on elevator situation. Played in snow as light faded, warmed up inside. Caught up on diary stuff. I often get sore elbows on hotel sheets. Finished a champagne bottle. Watched "Big Bang Theory", "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". Tried Cafe Fiore: Chalet, only 7 tables; excellent flavor, snooty assumptions, date-like discussion, close attention; new bride & groom. Left into 10F weather. Tidied up hotel room. Exercises.
11/29: Dream interrupted, someone needed a hug. Got dressed and headed out in snow to watch sunrise. Sign advertising "Cold Drinks & Ice Cream"; must be a popular place... in summer. Ducks in swimming pool, empty exercise room. Lazed around, watched the end of "Father of the Bride" and then all of "Father of the Bride II"... there was a seamless transition, and she didn't see the start of the first, so she thought it was all the same movie. Kept up exercises. This casino wasn't as smoky as all the others we visited, but the sink water was ICE cold! Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, had a weird balcony inside the hotel... people-watching, but your only subjects are people going to the bathroom, or supply closets, or coming in to the restaurant. Glass hallway between one section and the next, saw rabbit tracks in the snow in the courtyard outside. Ceiling leaking in Hard Rock Casino, checked out lots of memorabilia. Back to outlook points and Eagle Falls, fewer cars, construction cones in way where cars were over-parked yesterday. I clambered around rocks, saw the Mongol Horde. Lots of good views: Pines, frozen creeks, squirrel tracks, lake, etc. Hands hurting - blood draw site, work strain, I'm only driver - elbows hurting in weird ways. Ate at Keys Cafe. Driving to Carson City, no issue; stopped to make sure headlights are working. Bright yellow house - came painted that way! Different from house last year. Met Aunt and Cousins; Uncle came from church later. Sweetheart gave Cousins earrings, I showed Sweetheart family pictures hanging up in the hallway. House has lots of needlepoint and "happy home" stuff. We brought huge bag of potatoes from Grandma's (since she said she'll never use them), they stayed in the car, mostly frozen. Sweetheart sauteed and spiced some, I roasted some broccoli. Played Poker, follwed by some 13-card game. Planned the day - mostly around the university. Guest bedroom had a quilted comforter, and a weird nook at headboard.
11/30: Dream forgotten. Woke up with me coughing once, her coughing once. That's why I take the zinc. Crushing ping-pong balls and other feats of strength, but when I get to the front I have to make an electrical current run through a sugar solution. Friend says we're competing and makes a bulb light up through an already-completed array. I say we aren't competing and if we were then he would have been cheating. amazing_tito and dwivian are judging. Playing cards with gay Vikings with some kind of peel-off film. dwivian in the Marines makes me realize it's a dream. Something about Twilight fanfiction, listening to rap, and driving around large rocks. Last bit is clearly mountain-driving-related. Chatted with Uncle, headed out. Frost on windows. Sweetheart surprised me with the breakfast location (thankfully not yelling this time). Ate at "Squeeze In": PB + Apple + Banana + Honey omelet. Visited Rancho San Rafael Park. Frozen pond, closed arboretum, playgrounds & whatnot filled with geese (and poop), labyrinth. Walking through the latter, I came to the idea: Just BE WITH the hurting. Reminded of need to talk to myself like an adult and take care of myself like a child. Placard for Irish Society (of Erin?) - devil of a time finding references. Lovely fields of bleak heather and snow drifts and bog. Scraped whoknowswhat off shoes, headed to riverwalk. Neat little pocket park, nice frozen river with a few ducks awkwardly floating sideways downstream. Around campus, not impressed. Made a note to visit "Wolf Den" later. Found parking, interior was much more pretty. Ate at Cantina del Lobo. All kinds of crispy and tasty, much better than expected. Wandered here and there. Mineral museum - definitely cool: Lead #1 recycling, variable birthstones. Went to the planetarium: Human body (meh), ice worlds (cool). Wolf Den was closed (and possibly condemned), nice Xmas decorations in dorms, picked up soda at the student center. 2-hour music rehearsal. Saw casino lights, roads empty. Had Tea + ice cream + pie with Aunt & Uncle. Keeping up with exercises.
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Bloody but unbowed [Aug. 19th, 2016|05:51 pm]
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Almost caught up!

11/1: Kept up exercises, sorted L5R cards, dishwasher, laundry, puri and eggs, watched "Talladega Nights". Last-minute invite to join Gina and Zeppelin at Waffle House. Met Romy for dinner at Villagio. Took Sweetheart home; she had a weird script about an investigation, but it worked!
11/2: Catching up with the exercises. Taken to reading Yiddish Policeman's Union again en route. Board e-mail stuff. Tried out Mason Tavern for lunch with Sweetheart: Very nice interior, quality food, and always great company. Organize election, printout stuff. Top floor of parking deck, fog blowing across lights: Is this where Kinkade got his ideas? Tried to vote, wandered around a dark church, Sweetheart was scared. Realized it was the wrong day. Made a really great sauce, green beans, potatoes, watched the end of "Talladega Nights".
11/3: Dreamt about a tree house, comfy with Sweetheart. Voted on way to work. Read while she drove. Ate avocado and bitter melon from last night. Chiropractor. Keeping up with weights. Soup and Star Trek, cards, Board e-mails.
11/4: Dreamt about a cafe with Legos; chatting with Sweetheart, Erin, and Nancy. Huge cleanup of pockets stuff! Budget and paying credit cards. Went to Vaccine Dinner Club.
11/5: Keeping up with exercise, P51 presentation, Tin Lizzy's, Groceries and whatnot, weights.
11/6: More exercise and P51 preparation, El Azteca for dinner, skipped shopping, fell asleep together after stuff.
11/7: Tried meeting for Thumbs Up, terrible parking situation, confused communication. Met John & Justin along with regulars at breakfast. Pathfinder was... OK, but affected by the morning stress. Went to DSW for shoes, ended up skipping movie plan. (Over)Ate at El Ponce. Cuddled.
11/8: Cards. Dishwasher and terrible headache. Sweetheart made a huge batch of rotis, and we stayed huddled against the weather.
11/9: I woke up early with a cough, she asked if I shouted something. Couldn't go back to sleep for an hour. Replacement printout at work. Headed out with Sweetheart to pick up print job, stopped at Cook Out for Milkshake & Quesadilla. Weights, L5R, vacation plans, cuddling, Bhojanic.
11/10: Dreamt about a zombie infection, progressing to scout camp; would be horrifying on reflection, but not really afraid in- or out-of-dream. Exercising, work, internet, vacation plans, cuddle, Diwali celebration at Madras Mantra, Diwali sales (and huge lines) while shopping. More exercising, fell asleep faster than expected.
11/11: Took the shuttle in this time, got in a bit of reading. Cleaning all kinds of things. Shuttle back, read Pathfinder, Diwali feast with Gina and Zeppelin (complete with sparklers). Read What-A-Mess as a bedtime story.
11/12: Don't remember my dreams. ANTS AGAIN. Board e-mails, pathology, Tin Lizzy's, pockets, MetaGameWorld, Social Committee, Board e-mails, vacation plans, monthly Board meeting (we brought coffee), cuddles, Talley social, delicious eggplant and peanuts, D&D arrangements, cleaned dishwasher together. Bagged molasses, ants gone. Caught all the way up with exercises.
11/13: More sorting cards, couldn't sleep. Someone's smoking in a limousine. People are partying inside and also somehow on the roof. The driver (on the roof) has to keep the sunroof open because of the smoke. Eggs and green juice - finish jar. FaceBook. Colder than she expected without sweater, someone put stickers on social announcements and official board memos. Driving later than normal, she was in some pain. SF puzzles. Bhojanic took longer than expected, I had all the proteins: Pakoras, paneer 65 salad, egg paratha. Celebrated Kirsten's birthday. Withdraw, then loan from bank. Wrote cutscene for D&D. Leftovers and cake. Tried Tava Indian Bistro; mostly positive, kind of spicy. Watched Peanuts movie; seriously impressed that they didn't abuse the medium, and it felt like it could have fit in "simpler times", and Snoopy going "commando" had me splitting my sides. The only down side was how alien a "Charlie Brown is great!" story felt.
11/14: Stayed up sorting cards and nursing heartburn. New song, "It's said the course of true love never did run smooth," Jazz riff. Overhead shot of high school with small graveyard plots, reminiscent of Twilight and Morningside. Me putting on princess lip gloss in bathroom, my crush is the sister of my sister's crush. Huh. Pathfinder game involved exploring downstairs, Mantis ambush. Walk in the park, surprise art show, with presents! Ate at Manuel's Tavern. L5R.
11/15: Lamppost, convention w/Seth & Suzanne, transition to art discussion on porch, chocolate pieces spill, kicking they away from dogs and scooping them up Glad I still have that sense in dreams. Cleaning this and that. Met Tamra at Lawrence's Cafe. Keeping up weights and exercise. Ate at Burger Fi, should have ordered egg and no fries. Lonely exercising with no Sweetheart; shower cool, feels weird to have shoes and no clothes. Walked 3 miles to tango while she was at a charity event. Eventually she picked me up and cuddles.
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