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Bloody but unbowed [Aug. 19th, 2016|05:51 pm]
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Almost caught up!

11/1: Kept up exercises, sorted L5R cards, dishwasher, laundry, puri and eggs, watched "Talladega Nights". Last-minute invite to join Gina and Zeppelin at Waffle House. Met Romy for dinner at Villagio. Took Sweetheart home; she had a weird script about an investigation, but it worked!
11/2: Catching up with the exercises. Taken to reading Yiddish Policeman's Union again en route. Board e-mail stuff. Tried out Mason Tavern for lunch with Sweetheart: Very nice interior, quality food, and always great company. Organize election, printout stuff. Top floor of parking deck, fog blowing across lights: Is this where Kinkade got his ideas? Tried to vote, wandered around a dark church, Sweetheart was scared. Realized it was the wrong day. Made a really great sauce, green beans, potatoes, watched the end of "Talladega Nights".
11/3: Dreamt about a tree house, comfy with Sweetheart. Voted on way to work. Read while she drove. Ate avocado and bitter melon from last night. Chiropractor. Keeping up with weights. Soup and Star Trek, cards, Board e-mails.
11/4: Dreamt about a cafe with Legos; chatting with Sweetheart, Erin, and Nancy. Huge cleanup of pockets stuff! Budget and paying credit cards. Went to Vaccine Dinner Club.
11/5: Keeping up with exercise, P51 presentation, Tin Lizzy's, Groceries and whatnot, weights.
11/6: More exercise and P51 preparation, El Azteca for dinner, skipped shopping, fell asleep together after stuff.
11/7: Tried meeting for Thumbs Up, terrible parking situation, confused communication. Met John & Justin along with regulars at breakfast. Pathfinder was... OK, but affected by the morning stress. Went to DSW for shoes, ended up skipping movie plan. (Over)Ate at El Ponce. Cuddled.
11/8: Cards. Dishwasher and terrible headache. Sweetheart made a huge batch of rotis, and we stayed huddled against the weather.
11/9: I woke up early with a cough, she asked if I shouted something. Couldn't go back to sleep for an hour. Replacement printout at work. Headed out with Sweetheart to pick up print job, stopped at Cook Out for Milkshake & Quesadilla. Weights, L5R, vacation plans, cuddling, Bhojanic.
11/10: Dreamt about a zombie infection, progressing to scout camp; would be horrifying on reflection, but not really afraid in- or out-of-dream. Exercising, work, internet, vacation plans, cuddle, Diwali celebration at Madras Mantra, Diwali sales (and huge lines) while shopping. More exercising, fell asleep faster than expected.
11/11: Took the shuttle in this time, got in a bit of reading. Cleaning all kinds of things. Shuttle back, read Pathfinder, Diwali feast with Gina and Zeppelin (complete with sparklers). Read What-A-Mess as a bedtime story.
11/12: Don't remember my dreams. ANTS AGAIN. Board e-mails, pathology, Tin Lizzy's, pockets, MetaGameWorld, Social Committee, Board e-mails, vacation plans, monthly Board meeting (we brought coffee), cuddles, Talley social, delicious eggplant and peanuts, D&D arrangements, cleaned dishwasher together. Bagged molasses, ants gone. Caught all the way up with exercises.
11/13: More sorting cards, couldn't sleep. Someone's smoking in a limousine. People are partying inside and also somehow on the roof. The driver (on the roof) has to keep the sunroof open because of the smoke. Eggs and green juice - finish jar. FaceBook. Colder than she expected without sweater, someone put stickers on social announcements and official board memos. Driving later than normal, she was in some pain. SF puzzles. Bhojanic took longer than expected, I had all the proteins: Pakoras, paneer 65 salad, egg paratha. Celebrated Kirsten's birthday. Withdraw, then loan from bank. Wrote cutscene for D&D. Leftovers and cake. Tried Tava Indian Bistro; mostly positive, kind of spicy. Watched Peanuts movie; seriously impressed that they didn't abuse the medium, and it felt like it could have fit in "simpler times", and Snoopy going "commando" had me splitting my sides. The only down side was how alien a "Charlie Brown is great!" story felt.
11/14: Stayed up sorting cards and nursing heartburn. New song, "It's said the course of true love never did run smooth," Jazz riff. Overhead shot of high school with small graveyard plots, reminiscent of Twilight and Morningside. Me putting on princess lip gloss in bathroom, my crush is the sister of my sister's crush. Huh. Pathfinder game involved exploring downstairs, Mantis ambush. Walk in the park, surprise art show, with presents! Ate at Manuel's Tavern. L5R.
11/15: Lamppost, convention w/Seth & Suzanne, transition to art discussion on porch, chocolate pieces spill, kicking they away from dogs and scooping them up Glad I still have that sense in dreams. Cleaning this and that. Met Tamra at Lawrence's Cafe. Keeping up weights and exercise. Ate at Burger Fi, should have ordered egg and no fries. Lonely exercising with no Sweetheart; shower cool, feels weird to have shoes and no clothes. Walked 3 miles to tango while she was at a charity event. Eventually she picked me up and cuddles.
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Chugging along... [Aug. 11th, 2016|04:46 pm]
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I feel like I need a better organization system, but in the meantime, just keep swimming or shoveling or something.
10/17: I'm not in this one. Focuses on a 6' tall woman in the 1950s who has a hard time getting dates. There's a guy with whom she does performances, but the attraction is only one-way, there. She has to go to the mirror to get eyelashes out of her eyes. Cuddles. Keeping up the exercises. Road trip! Arby's drive through? Little statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World", scout shop, Sweetheart recognized the neighborhood. Went to Makario's, had way too many sides, got served sweet tea despite ordering unsweet - there went my sugar budget. Walked through Vulcan Park. Visited Sweetheart's friends; Dad didn't talk much, Adiba and Zara played "Simon Says". Sent kids away and watched "Furious 7"; ridiculous but fun. Kept up catching up with exercises.
10/18: Dosa for breakfast! Walked around the park. Played with kids around the Aga Khan fundraiser (bouncy house, darts, ice cream, dance routines), only bid for Talladega tickets, first successful hula hooping! (Explanation helped: Shaking two directions rather than full circle.) Had chai pani, played with kids in back yard. They didn't want us to go. Back on the road, construction on I-20, collected garbage cans when I got home.
10/19: Sweetheart packed me lunch. Called Sister. Big debate on human rights and Eugenics on FaceBook. Bambinelli's with friends. Driving home in the dark. General cleanup around building at home. Weights and stretches.
10/20: Cuddly morning; had green powder, juice, and whey for breakfast. Met with Circe and Theresa at Dragon Bowl with Sweetheart. Back to the same debate, less contentious. Still ants, but can't figure out where they're going. Champagne.
10/21: Unexpected transition from cuddles to something else. Writing Talladega and family. Cleared e-mail. Work work work work work, keeping up responsibilities. Ate at Saigon Cafe. Emptied dishwasher, still dealing with ants.
10/22: Wrote something in the vein of, "There but for the grace of God, go I..." on FaceBook. Still ants in the dishwasher. Cuddle, knock lamp over with hat.
10/23: Weights and whatnot. Figo for dinner. D&D was slow but social, fought with a purple worm.
10/24: Packed up, drove into Talladega. Ate at Subway. Met Zeppelin and friend at the track, watched high-speed truck racing. Didn't know there was such a thing. Went to Golden Rule BBQ, watched "Bridge of Spies", met Rahamat and Family; kids were thrilled to see us again.
10/25: Another morning at Sweetheart's friends' house, although leaving earlier. Went to Cracker Barrel, explained the "peg game" to Sweetheart. Met New Baby Brother and Sister at Talladega for second round; controversial ruling during the race, nowhere near as fun as yesterday. Traffic and closed places, drove out a ways, ended up eating at Mcalister's Deli. Long road home. Garbage collection for the building.
10/26: Another cuddly surprise; not sure how much more makes it no longer "unexpected". Weights, Noodle - spicier than expected. Picking up garbage cans for the condo again.
10/27: Another loving morning. Running late. Work. Went to chiropractor, but it was closed. Ate corn and lentils and roti and bitter melon. Lovedrunk.
10/28: Worked on publications. Tin Lizzy's, garbage collection, weights, cooking, shopping for home and social event stuff.
10/29: Databases, benefit enrollment, lunch (lentils she packed me, cadbury egg with green goo doesn't taste any different). Talley Hallowe'en social. Sweetheart got drunk at Green Ginger. Picked up garbage for building again.
10/30: I'm hanging out with friends around town, and the "Cheaters" TV show keeps trying to catch me with them. End up in parents apartment. Sweetheart dreamt about us having sex on the beach, and the waves were in rhythm with our thrusting. Work, databases, Tin Lizzy again because of cold, internet, clear e-mail, board e-mails, keeping up pattern.
10/31: Helicopter view. Mum and Omm are driving the car. See a neat 3-story duplex. Can see a kid's bedroom somehow, reminiscent of Brother and my bedroom. I'm enthusiastic and show Sweetheart. Brother is less thrilled. Felt weird; sick in back of throat, oddly full. Board e-mails. Watched "The Island (2005)", ate lentils and pakoras and corn. Went to Challenges, showed off Mad Scientist University. Shopping for party. Met Nora and Friends. VCR didn't work, ended up watching Hocus Pocus, drank a "blooddriver" or two. Thereafter to Rebekah and Sam's party.
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Starting October [Aug. 5th, 2016|03:01 pm]
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10/1: rangerwickett and I are exploring a house, door is blocked, Chris Dalbec asks, "can I help you?" We somehow end up sleeping over, mothers in house, late for work. Wake up again... Funny conversation while driving. Got work stuff together. Called Keith, closed tickets, posted minutes. New rounds at D&D, didn't really go anywhere. Chiropractor. More exercises to make up for deficiency. Called Grandma, bought tickets.
10/2: Organized stuff here and there, drove to work on my own; called Sweetheart on the way. Board e-mails. Athenos with Marcus, Nate, and Romy. Tried new D&D system, not very well. Finished before midnight. Exercises just in time to count!
10/3: In a modern fancy house next to the water, Vanessa is hitting on me and kissing me but I back away because I have a partner. Walk outside, wandering around the swamp, mosquitoes, walk along the railing to get back towards the house/complex. Keeping up exercises. Read Go Vegetarian. Book nook and flirting. Watched "The Martian"; fairly entertained. Zipped through Farmer's Market. Cooked pasta, mushrooms, made salad; wine. Watched "Hector and the Search for Happiness".
10/4: Don't remember my dreams. Sandwich and milk coffee. Played cards.
10/5: At a tall airport, trying to make sure I have everything ready for ?, sense of talking to Kurtis and friends about preparation without them actually being there, getting copies someplace; turns into trying to keep trolls out of home which has a back entrance, they need permission as well as physical access, one gets in, the Dwarves from The Hobbit show up as representatives of the Norse Gods, big scuffle; something falls down the stairs, I'm chasing it down while yelling, "Oh no, Yuckstone". Internet, cleared e-mail, invoices, banking. Shuttle, waited for her at office, irritated. Let Empire on to roof. Dishwasher. Ate at Madras Mantra - STUFFED. Walked around the block, decided not to go for a movie, despite that being the original cause of diversion.
10/6: Read Fun Home. Played cards and D&D. Not sure if work is open... it isn't. Ate at Tin Lizzy's. Responding to board on e-mail. Facebook friends and groups, nice chat with rangerwickett. Returning, actually; left early. Chiropractor with Sweetheart. Stopped at Tin Roof Cantina, inexplicably; two Tin-titled Mexicans in a row. Tough traffic. Finished Fun Home. Figured L5R proportion. Called Mum and S'mom, left messages. Mum called back, long conversation for vacation planning.
10/7: Manic discussion, can't sleep. Too much tea? ... although apparently I did sleep, since I had such a hard time waking up this morning. Packed lunch for Sweetheart. Checked e-mail; coming in today. Talking about early school experiences; she bit the helper, I barely noticed parents leaving. Checking about missed days and appointments for work. Called Jennifer about all kinds of stuff. Wandering; incomplete nachos, Golden Buddha, everything taking too long. Evan got extra eggrolls for me. Talked with Evan about data collection. Cleared e-mail. Top Spice for dinner - with Hallowe'en decorations? Unexpected. Organized recycling.
10/8: Forgotten dream. Sweetheart made me lunch this time. She drove, unusual. Flirtage. Went to Tin Lizzy's for lunch, work water still out. Kept up timekeeping and cleared e-mail. Helped Sweetheart edit her paper.
10/9: Chiropractor, board e-mails, can't use coupon at Steak & Shake. Made D&D monsters. Met Marcus at Panera. Got in some good roleplaying this week, trial of Glandak. Vashar attempted to poison enemy leader. Late exercises again.
10/10: One flash of lightning as we're settling down. karishi is doing some project involving the Library of Congress and secret passages. I say something like, "It doesn't matter how many high school students think they're the Illuminati, kids are silly", and Kimbi Hagen says, "That's potentially millions of people making decisions on bad information, and I say "FFIINNEE". Clear pockets of receipts and whatnot. Laundry and dishwasher and such. Sweetheart made leftover grits all yummy! We watched 20 minutes of Star Trek. Board e-mails, garbage collection, haircut, Eagle Eye. Driving through the rain to Amayaa's first birthday party. I won at "guess the number of Cheerios". Great paneer and curries. Facepaint pumpking (Sweetheart got a dragon!) and photo booth. Cake, cupcake, ras malai, banana bread... too much, but sooo good. Played tag with kids, then grown-ups got on dance floor. Stayed after to help clean up. Offered balloons to random passers-by. Long road home. Possible motel? No, no...
10/11: Leave Sweetheart at home while I take a flight. I'm wandering the plane - unusually large - end up perching on a seat in first class and watching people order fancy coffee. Turns into a flying citadel of sorts! Hostile planes start bombing it. I see Justin as well, and figure it's at Talley Street.. A bomb lands a few feet away from me but doesn't go off. The ground starts tilting, and I'm trying to figure who to call and what to do. I wake up, and jealousguy, his girlfriend, and Sweetheart are in our room. He demands to know why I was dreaming about her, and I say it was about all kinds of people who live at Talley and that it was flying. He grabs a raw egg and reaches back his arm as if to throw it at me, and I grab one as well and slap it with his like a high five. We have a brief pillow fight, and then I wake up again. Cleared all kinds of things. Roti and Star Trek. Back to the grindstone - lifting weights. Visited with Piyush, took him to Madras Mantra.
10/12: Don't remember work. Drove downtown, read Pathfinder adventure, drove back home for last-minute plans. Picked up cards.
10/13: Read internet, work whatever. D&D stuff on FaceBook. Board e-mails. Chiropractor. Weights. Cleaning ants from the juicer. Watched "The Perfect Storm" while eating pasta in soup.
10/14: Had a dream including Sweetheart, but I can't remember now. She had a bad dream, had a hard time getting up. Wrote Uni1st. Free food at Tin Lizzy's! Wrote Thanksgiving folks about planning. Watched more of of "The Perfect Storm", same meal.
10/15: Mozzarella puris! Wrote D&D cutscene. Signs for condo, chiropractor, shopping for groceries. Ants are still in the kitchen - found the honey jars. Dinner got cold, but with good reason. Drank champagne. Finished "The Perfect Storm" finally; Sweetheart gave me a hard time for splitting it up.
10/16: The Andersons have killed someone and are trying to keep it hidden, Sweetheart and I are visiting and trying to figure out what to do. One of their twin boys is sick, and they're giving him a bath in chicken soup. (separate scene) Driving on the highway to/from convention, karishi jumps out in a costume and we talk about what to do. Cleaning ants. Board e-mails. More mozzarella puris. Cleared e-mail. SFGate puzzles. My Parent's Basement for dinner; apparently someone was flirting with me, but I missed it. D&D is social, the party avoids a fight.
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Dark urges [Jul. 28th, 2016|03:24 pm]
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And at the other end, I'm realizing I missed several weeks' worth of everyone's LJ updates. Blargh. There's an irony there, the timekilling thing is eating everything. When I'm more on-track to do things, I also get more directed "free time" stuff done.

9/16: Herndon is leading a large group of students across the street near shopping center (Toco?), then some kind of variety show critic above says the opera isn't good enough. Everything went wrong today. Missing card, go in sandals, computer not working. Travis stopped by to say hello at Tin Lizzy's. Took Sweetheart to the airport, invented another kiss, missing car. Paint attack! (I don't know what that was supposed to mean.) Made a salad out of leftovers. Installed Skype, cleaned. Couldn't sleep, played Dominion.
9/17: Explicit sex, finishing, "I'm proud of you" I don't usually have that happen in my dreams. Yam and soup for breakfast. Upcoming resources report. Curry noodle leftovers for lunch. Sweetheart called. Chiropractor visit, noted her habit of hugging. Traffic was terrible on the way back, decided to take a break in-between by stepping out for dinner: Special order all the things: mush + onion on sandwich, flavor shot in coke, parmesan on fries. Second driving round was betterthan previous, stopped at Challenges, bought box set. Played Dominion with Radio on the whole time. Moved the balcony back out, wrote daily letters to Sweetheart.
9/18: We're in some big public facility in Washington to vote on stuff. Wandering rooms. Turns into a church with Jamie and Lisa's family. I'm turning off lights in empty rooms. Indefinite transition. Big party, I'm dancing the Creepwalker. Aimee Kimmons is trying to get me kicked out by making it seem like I'm on drugs and/or trying to touch her breasts. I escort her out, she shifts to Yin-Yin, who wants to go out anyway to do drugs. I wake up to a sound like tires through a puddle; odd, no rain last night. Drove on my own, programmed at work, had a terrible avocado, cleared e-mail, not breathing well, called Sweetheart, did puzzles, went to Imperial with a bigger group than normal. D&D group; dragon battle was much easier than expected.
9/19: Couldn't sleep, tummy troubles. Up til 8? Called out sick. Reconsidering visions. Finally slept about two hours. Back and forth between playing Dominion and answering e-mails and Board stuff. Ate stuffed shells and eggplant while watching Futurama. Picked up Laura, played Settlers of Catan, Romy got suddenly and unexpectedly sick. Slept sideways, Laura started a long game.
9/20: Not home until 3AM. Hard time sleeping. Didn't wake up until 1. Talked to karishi for an hour. Out to Palookaville with Gina and Zeppelin... I had a cheese sandwich and an egg cream.
9/21: Barnabas (from "Dark Shadows") has a fight, dismembers someone with kama. His hot blond girlfriend shows off an orifice and asks if any have seeded? "We're all friends here." More cards. All the graphs at work. Torturer+Action is horrible; start L5R. Sweetheart called.
9/22: Driving around or to zoo, talking to karishi, sorting cards. All the graphs. Bank for loan check, direct deposit, credit card. Found a better route to and from chiropractor. Called Mum. Had the rest of the eggplant pasta while watching Futurama. Catching up after way too long.
9/23: Tried to sleep but raging about internet. Don't remember dreams. Turned off alarm, woke up at 8 when Sweetheart texted. Road rage about cutoff. Chatted with Sweetheart on FaceBook. Cleared e-mail. Gathered signatures for the Board. Shopping for emergency phone cords, ended with turn it off and turn it on again.
9/24: Cards, organize house, bedroom, kitchen. Chiropractor. Visited La Parrilla, then went to Kroger in the rain. Scraped my knuckles scrubbing the shower, but I'm not entirely sure how, since they were a good 2 inches away from the tile. Probably against the brush itself, somehow.
9/25: Drove myself to work - still don't know how people do this. Data entry, budget, home a touch early, Sweetheart was home almost immediately after. Cuddling and sleep. She brought a cold with her.
9/26: Melon and roti and Star Trek: KHAN! Unpacking, mail. Games at Dalbec/Pajak household, discovered a flaw in "Trails to Rails".
9/27: Tried out "Mad Against Apples": Fun Joe, hostile drunk Kati, quiet drunk Alexandra. Shopping for cough syrup - same Kroger. Nice sleep. I go to visit ravnsdottir, who is working security at a mall - seems like somewhere foreign. She's seriously distracted, and after we go to re-park her car (Pyro) she mentions that the car has free parking - for two hours - and no employee parking. I ask if I can borrow her car until her shift is over, which is a huge relief to her. Along the highway, I'm driving a motorcycle, and then we come to a weird intersection. I end up getting off the highway and carrying the motorcycle down a treacherous brick trail, and my motorcycle-become-luggage gets lodged in a few places, I have to lift it over. Brick sidewalk, loads of bugs; I try to avoid crushing any but inevitably step on a few. Come to the courtyard of a dance/dessert/videogame place. Next room over is a chapel with Jason.{can't remember which one, now; I know several} Lose him in the rush after the service, someone pinches my butt; I think I see Magdalena's braid but I can't catch up to her. Come back out to the highway, head back towards the city. Sweetheart is super sexy. Roof emergency. Tapping. Cuddles. Kichuri and spicy thin tomato soup.
9/28: Don't remember much of my dream; Dad was singing in a variety show with the chorus, "But they call me Rob". Packed lunch, talked with Keith, called Board. Ate lunch at Tin Lizzy's, bought tea at Earth Fare. Social event for Keith, but he didn't come. We went on without him.
9/29: Mischief! At Target/WalMart, putting kittens into a tent, leading large numbers of unattended children around. Take one's hand, lead towards lost and found, she starts talking about a rich family with a sunken living room. I look back and she's an Arabic woman complete with headscarf, taller than me. And her family is near the registers and glaring at me disapprovingly. I hurriedly drop her off and start heading back towards the camping section, and she laughs. Another child catches my hand, and when I look away and look back she's another tall woman. Leftover spiced scrambled eggs Sweetheart made. Shower stuff... can't read my handwriting. Feedback loop. Caught up on LJ. Chiropractor. We go to Fogo de Chao. I order the "market table". Sweetheart thought she was going for the full thing, but afterwards they said she didn't eat enough meat, and so we were essentially charged for two salad bars. Completely unexpected wrestling after eating that much!
9/30: Exercises have taken a while to get back into, split with work since I have my own office. Talk with Board people. Fighting off cold, have zinc and tea, forgot cold capsules. Back to sleep early with night cold medicine, forgot to brush teeth!
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Extra-short for Dragon*Con [Jul. 21st, 2016|05:09 pm]
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9/1: Lunch out at Pyng Ho, bank, programming, forms
9/2: VDC, Board stuff, finished and closed up shop, picked up karishi.
9/3: We went for lunch at Agora (still good food, but no free parking this time). Sweetheart went to Emory Midtown. Found David, he was distressed to report that the condo he had rented was under construction; passable for some events, or even a "camping" experience, but not an engagement weekend. I helped him look around, we eventually went for the Ritz - despite the expense, it was the most helpful and encouraging, and not too much more expensive. Also, they were giving out champagne at seemingly random intervals. Helped set up kits for Science Track, briefly stopped in the beards/ears party (Sasha), saw rbrav and Sparky.
9/4: Parked at Civic Center, saw Rifftrax (no rbrav this time), watched the door at Science Track with Sam, covered sound for Fission/fusion panel, watched the door for This Year in Science (more chairs for movement restrictions), did sound for "Delicious, Delicious Science" (and snuck in a horrible "whirled peas" pun), bought 10000 cards for $70, found Cathy, took her back to the car (after enlisting her muscles, along with karishi, met Sweetheart, headed to Sushi Ave. Back to con, covered the door for "Science of the Martian" (full line, winding down the hallway)
9/5: Dreamt about L5R with Indian myth comic (Ramayan 3392 AD? Relating to Kali and/or Fudo?) and 500 force token cards (not sure if meant to be a currency like Koku, or something could actually generate that much force). Parked at hospital, had trouble finding the entrance, pass raoin & Ryam, nipples were chafing between running around and costuming. David proposed to Romy during our pre-parade setup, all kinds of sweet. High fives from Sweetheart and Seth in parade, joined a handful of other elements at Southern Elements for dinner. Covered sound on "Getting Away with Murder", which was disturbingly popular. Hiked up to Hyatt, met Jhanay on door for "Engaging the World with Science", wandered, sound for "Relativity is Practical" (mercury has relativistic effects!), game room, fantastic (but long) engagement dinner with David and Romy and friends at Atlanta Grill, reparked, got a ticket anyways; took Seth and Suzanne back to their car.
9/6: Still parking, trying to find power hour, didn't have all the stuff, still had a good experience. Random wandering, met Alexandra and Chris for lunch; "What's New in Science Education", hugenormous line for "Evolution of Fantastic Beasts", dance/wander/food, meet Seth & Suzanne at Trader Vic's, relationship talk. Played "Star Realms", took a sick Suzanne home, came back for a brief dip in the Mechanical Masquerade, back down to gaming dungeon. Played "Boss Monster" and "Cards against Humanity", went to the Civic Center, a little worried about people who seemed to be following us, but made it home with no incident.
9/7: Parked near 5 Points, realized I didn't have a badge. Introduced "How Dogs Love Us", covered the door for Cryonics, wandered, gamed, hung out on couch with karishi and cailement. Dead Dragon was kind of blase, all the people at our table seemed half dead. Called Mum for a while.
9/8: Went in for work; tried Thumbs Up; sorted cards; reviewed tapes for stolen scooter; ate at Corner Pub.
9/9: Work; Tin Lizzie's, Chai Pani
9/10: Board meeting; Siam Thai
9/11: 9/11 stuff; Masti
9/12: For trip stuff; Chiro; Picadilly
9/13: Work group, Marisa speech, write her about the difference between Hispanic and Latin; running in theater, Dad & caverns, Jamie hurt - blood loss somehow. Take fancy car home - David sends a piece of a torn-up coupon; giving lost Emory students directions out of locked building on campus, turns into discount mall, I set something on fire and Sweetheart puts it out with a fire extinguisher, we run around a furniture store, then watch African dancing. I woke up with her pressing into my back. Spicy cheese curry, wonderful rotis; Mad Max - the cars; "But it's 3 now!" - not sure what this quote was, but it was hilarious at the time. Tango
9/14: Work, Lunch together at Chai Pani
9/15: Lunch together at Doc Chey's, Chiro, made dinner: Shells, eggplant, cauliflower, bread, salad, watermelon
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One step at a time [Jul. 15th, 2016|05:32 pm]
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8/17: Forgot first step, family home looks like Sherbrook, real estate agent's family "Claire" and "Marsha", both bald - chemo? Star Trek: Squire of Gothos. Cuddles, calisthenics, and volunteering at the Hope Clinic. Tin Lizzy's and Board stuff about renting units. Driving and cuddling. Paint matching for condo building. Great lentils and half a Star Trek.
8/18: UC Berkeley, we're the only two centaurs on campus but she won't date me, Dramatech, class with mean teacher and "Hanukah" suggestion, exploring creek, interrupted campus video/play. Pizza and banana and heartburn. Took care of lots of Board letters. Wrote lots of friends as well. Cleared e-mail. Data entry. Chiropractor. Corn was dead - had okra curry and rotis and a rum drink.
8/19: Tossing and turning, Sweetheart found a bug. I'm on a shuttle, I forget a bag, Dr. Strobert says it's gone. I woke up. I immediately tried to get back to sleep, find myself in almost the same point, briefly distracted by hot women, and get my bag when the bus comes back. I've left my bag on the bus a few times now. Driving to work, we had an odd conversation about car and responsibility, she was feeling touchy. More letters. Overate at Athens. Wrote lots of friends again. 2 really fast games of Dominion: Cost-reducer, gainer, and +Buy. Sweetheart was really itchy and touchy.
8/20: Walking around BA, tall buildings and cobblestones, showing Sweetheart, hear Milonga playing. We stop at a cafe, I go outside to see something, she says, "Z, don't leave me!" Transition to bus, then I'm with Brother, then an outside view (sort of video-game) of the bus climbing treacherous hills and curves with no railing, very gingerly trying to drive along without falling off. Then no observer and a joke is going through my head: "Eisner and Lipstadt and Sanders are throwing rocks at a building while looters are coming out of it with treasures. When Netanyahu comes out with an armful, someone asks him what he's doing. He says, 'They deserve it for what they've done to our people." But sir, that's our own embassy!"</i> Beats me where that came from. Woke up at 5 AM, needing to pee. Surprisingly easy to get back to sleep; less than 2 hours is usually anxious. Basement of DragonCon early registration, colorful carpet and vendors, burlesque. Announcer is describing different tracks, and the respective clusters are cheering and giving fan-related chants. I shout, "Science" when they get to science track. Announcer makes a joke about nerdiness, and I shout back about pots and kettles. I see little Brother and myself from a cowboy picture {I actually have this picture}. I can't decide whether it's something scary or a time loop, but I decide that taking care of little Me is the best idea. Sweetheart and I argue over money and space. I suggest that mums (who are renting nearby) can help take care of the kids. Who knew lip balm could go bad? I guess any oil can get rancid, I just never thought about it. Dishes and kisses. I keep making this weird chortling laugh when she surprises me with something, and it's almost every day. More pizza and heartburn. Prickly while driving. Chipmunk! I was a complete chatterbox while we went to Saigon Cafe for lunch. Walked back through the woods. Lots of work stuff. Wrote the Board to thank them for staying late at the last meeting. Purple pasta for dinner.
8/21: Updated forms, nibbles of food throughout the day, very distracted during D&D, David had a collision, someone called Marcus a "fiancee".
8/22: Scheduling for Con, thinking about living downtown, met Erin & Nancy at Harry & Sons for lunch, then to the Millennium Gate Museum for a loverly exhibit. We walked around for a bit, but Erin's feet were hurting. Watched the latest Mission Impossible, then stopped by the Pig & Pearl. Free parking!
8/23: ebontigress is a slave, trying to get stuff, Omm keeps interrupting for some reason. Again, no idea. Did laundry. Found dead rice in the fridge. Roti and soup. Naked day.
8/24: Only one ant at work today. Tin Lizzy's smells of sawdust. New Con budget. Wrote Talley owners.
8/25: No ants. Chiropractor. Showed pictures to Sweetheart. Went to Chef Liu and then Sweet Hut.
8/26: Dream was simple and gone. Driving on my own - half hour to get to work? Lost my badge. Back hurt. Requested leave for Con. Discussed Con with Yin-yin.
8/27: Kidnapped by aliens to Mint! Another chiropractor visit. Avoided Mason Tavern because she knew someone outside; went to Le Petit Auberge instead. Not complaining. Serious conversation and cuddling. Wrote Board.
8/28: Nice. Watched a movie about a Tanzania tour. Work. Went shopping at Butter & Cream. Took more time than expected to get situated at home, suddenly realized we only had 15 minutes to go. Made it to Erin & Nancy's new house, ate "Chinese with a Twist", played Dominion with them. Cookies and ice cream for dessert.
8/29: Big dream: Tribal warfare, breaking down tents; I manage to hit a few with my spear, but they keep running. Old Man Jatembe shows up and makes peace, I break a few spears by sitting on them. Something about eating apples. Try to pay for rental space, but keep messing up the checks for some reason - getting things wrong, or there's stuff already written on them. Run out of checks. Old lady says it's okay to pay later, just put it in a 100 birthday card. In a field with livestock. Start brushing a dog, notice fleas, ask farmhands for a flea comb. They say I'll never get rid of the fleas, but that just makes me determined and I start successfully brushing them out and picking them out by hand. Cleaning for one of Sweetheart's friends visiting. Chiropractor visit. Ate at Dos Madres - Spinach salad for days - chewing and chewing and chewing. Stopped by Dancing Goats, read a "Nate the Great" book in their lobby. Parked next to the linear park,walked to Candler: Coconut and Cinnamon, nice houses. Shopping at First Oriental (sorrel leaves?) and Your DeKalb Farmer's Market. Had lentils and hemp greens. Chatted with Sweetheart and our guest. Picked up a free jug of water with a coupon - just walked in and out. Chatted about the idea of a proportional Bechdel test.
8/30: Sweetheart had a dream: Shouts, "$900 credit!" Something about someone tearing up her couch, and I was standing by the front door trying to convince her it wasn't that bad I was playing cards, and couldn't sleep; finally did around 3. Spelled out "I love you" with cheese cubes. Went to see Margaret Mitchell House with some discount tickets we found - worth it with the discount, probably not worth it at full price unless you're a fan. Still, fascinating character. Ate at Cafe Agora - the server (owner?) kept giving us extra platters, free drinks, and a dessert. Massaged Sweetheart to get her to sleep. She was stuck to me, and my left leg was falling asleep; finally managed to get somewhere comfortable.
8/31: Another big dream: I have a birthday dinner at the Varsity, in a drive-in looking area. {Reminiscent of Cook Out we saw yesterday} Indefinite change to dinner hall. A lot of the guests are Marshalls' groomsmen, making anti-trans jokes. {other connections on FaceBook making trans jokes and gay stereotype at the wedding} Some combination of survival game and asking what people did last weekend. One of the instructions was to get up into the air. When one of the players objected, the guide asked if he wanted to drown. Jason Boss is back in the dinner hall with a slide show. {Talked to him recently - proposal offer} Boss slides include something with Jackie Chan and a white woman playing teachers, and Caitlyn Jenner, and the title of a movie, "Teaching the A", and the popularity of teacher movies. Tin Lizzy's in the mist, chat with Travis, one of the managers. Wrote Board.
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Ever closer [Jul. 7th, 2016|04:29 pm]
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8/1: Dreamt through 11, cuddled (Sweetheart had a tough time sleeping), played Dominion, shopped for party supplies, watched "Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame".
8/2: Slept opposite directions, up and down, dreamt about a houseboat party. Found "Dinosaurs" on Netflix - sadly, soon to be extinct. Picked up Rebecca, went shopping at Lennox, had dinner at Masti, went to Plaka to dance. Sweetheart called with an emergency - her car stopped in the middle of the road! Alain gave me a ride. Despite the initial threat from the police, the car isn't impounded - the tow truck heard our situation and decided (independently) that they wouldn't be able to take us to the lot. We waited for 5 hours for the AAA truck, unfortunately. Called Mum and J.
8/3: We saw faces in one particular tree, read a lot, walked to a nearby gas station, and Sweetheart was visited by someone telling her "don't be scared, this is a safe place" while I was waving down the tow truck. They dropped us home as well. Dreamt something about hunting down the Star Trek cast with a saber (obvious Takei reference), slept until 3. Cleaned house, had beet root curry and sambar and watched Star Trek. Lots of cuddles.
8/4: Magneto vs magic, sea cliffs, charting waterways with cardboard tiles, gathering people for a wedding, something about the "Anderson side", Neil turns one way and then the other, says, "Sorry, I'm an idiot." Cleodagh rings = Anderson wishing rings? Opened curtain to show strips of pink cloud on blue sky. Didn't sleep very well last night - disrupted by previous night? Walked along tracks, then to fire station, then bank, then car repair. Sat next to Neil on the shuttle, he didn't notice until I called him just before getting off; he was playing Hearthstone. Found out I was overdrafted at the bank, oh nose! Shuttled and drove, so very happy to see Sweetheart at end of day! Bought ice cream, went to Sushi Ave (not much talk), fake parrot, picked up pint, walked home past yoga.
8/5: Banana and Chinese pancake for breakfast! Wrote Con to ask. Sweetheart saw an Alaska plate at the car repair place. They didn't repair everything, but we discussed that. Ate at Chow Mei Mei, went to bank to fix issues, data entry at work, answered board letters, pulled off too early, U-turn, Stone Mountain, tried out map program. Watched Minions with Sister and Gina and Zeppelin.
8/6: Made paneer puffs for breakfast. Stress and car stalling on the way to work. Read internet, ate deconstructed PBJ for lunch. Drove back through Decatur... suddenly, Parker's! Which was excellent. Wrote all kinds of people, friends, board, contractors, and so on.
8/7: Ate at Tin Lizzy's, made forms at work, asked for time off, had dinner at Cowtippers with an exceptionally enthusiastic waiter. Sweetheart surprised me with a concert. Impressions: Got there just after 7, line to park, line to get in, sit down 7:50. Lawn's almost full, most of garden was closed off. Some chatter. Rachel Platten played first. Just a bit overproduced (and "Fight Song" is overplayed), but I still wanted to give encouragement in the face of this lackadaisical crowd. Lucky w/Mraz long-distance. Bug spray. Unreleased summer song. Different chords for Bubbly. Shy! No encores. Girl's night out but boys can come too.
8/8: I'm on vacation with the Perezes and Science Track - Perezes set up some kind of clue contest. Watched "Drishyam". Met Rebecca again, went shopping again, went to Leo's party.
8/9: Long sleep. Watched "The Galileo Seven", suddenly notice high-definition space graphics. Not sure what "Alexandra and Chris - Bang and Burgundy" means. Went dancing at 57th, had a long conversation on the way home.
8/10: Serious talks with Sweetheart, sandwiches for both of us, stopped at every other light, read while she worked out and storms outside. Lettuce wraps and half a Trek. Called Reverend Mothers.
8/11: Sweetheart had a good dream, I was carrying her around on a magic chair. Cleared e-mail, killed ants at work, went out and tried to vote and failed (later realized I was one day early), met Lydia and Ryan at Melton's (but Thomas was unimpressed), helped edit Sweetheart's paper, sorted music, checked water heater.
8/12: Talked to Ishmael and Keith. Still getting ants in the dishes. Sweetheart leaving for Philly. Writing and whatnot. Voted successfully. Shopping for nuts and sweets for Sweetheart's family. Paint comparison for new outer coat for building. Pasta and mint for dinner, other half of Trek.
8/13: Another wasp nest, on the back of a folding chair! Knocked them down, run away, gathered the chair after a few minutes. Still have ants, internet outage, decide to leave for lunch. Wrote Suzanne, found a chiropractor, home alone in a storm for 20 minutes, sweetheart got there next.
8/14: Dreams involved Scouting, dad dancing with a chocolate statue, and Jeff Ottman. Croissant and grapes for breakfast. Drove without Sweetheart; ironically, got a carpool award. Cleaning, found a lollipop with ants coming in the hole in the plastic, shouted "MotherFUCKer" the way that raoin does. I had oatmeal for lunch, but while I was soaking dishes afterwards, ants also found the tasty water bowl fairly quickly. Had Chai Pani - a touch spicy, and Andrea and Nate got stuck in traffic on the way there. D&D was mostly chatting, and David outlining his plans. Kept feeling crawling on my shin without finding anything - ant leftover?
8/15: Lack of normalcy as kid, sleeping in trash can, pretending to be vampire; Orchid competition, parade on Briarcliff near Ponce, standing next to Jimmy Letson {named "Dustin" in dream, but I call him "Just"}. Went to Suzanne for wonderful massage, followed by my startup with this chiropractor, didn't plan enough time for both. Shopped at Target, had weird salad for lunch. Club room inspection. Tango seminar and practica, empanadas and pie.
8/16: Parallel lines of trees cut down, matching with gardens; professor is running late, etiquette discussion; Adam Abramowitz' apartment, scary video game running away from mob in snow. Slept until 1. Installed new ironing board. Cleaning, cooking herbs and rice, scheduling survey and pizza, let HVAC repair onto the roof, watched Futurama, danced at Plaka, bought flowers and grapes, picked up Sweetheart, got so many cuddles.
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Still less than a year away... [Jul. 1st, 2016|03:04 pm]
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7/17: Cleaned out the fridge. Car wouldn't start, walked through Decatur. Arrived late, but had extra time from yesterday. Sweating. Door closed, clothes off. Work stuff. Met Marcus at Bad Dog, since he had a Groupon! Tried a "Pretty Cowboy". Pathfinders visit Janderhoff.
7/18: Sweetheart had really bad pain, cuddles and tea were administered. Had blue cheese +apple salad, fried egg and cheese sandwich. Went downtown for the "Brave New Voices Poetry Slam", came back by way of LaFonda, really liked their paella.
7/19: Somehow managed to break the ironing board. Met at temple, went shopping, watched "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" - really appreciated the balance of good and bad Indians and Pakistanis, but I'm not happy with Khan. Played Dominion.
7/20: Cleared e-mail, read FaceBook until the internet went down. Soup and Ladoo, called family.
7/21: Took Sweetheart to hospital, read, did population reports, ate lunch at Bhojanic, shopped at Earth Fare, had roti and beet curry for dinner. Rubbed lotion.
7/22: Dishes, invented another new type of kiss while goofing around on the way to work. PBJ for lunch. Shopped for Ayurvedic stuff, ate at Tava for dinner - tasty but spicy. "Ant Man" could have used more development.
7/23: Dream: Tara's dad is in hospital, one wizard isn't working, recommend Jesus although they're Jewish. Read Yiddish Policemen's Union on the way to work. Science track stuff. Wrote the odds for getting the 5/2 split. Watched "Resistance".
7/24: Had a margarita at Tin Lizzy's. Reading. Walked to Imperial. Put up flyers. Party visited Kaer Maga.
7/25: Retrieved collision video for neighbor, had water problems, decided to celebrate Sweetheart's new legal status. Started driving to Helen, stopped at Olive Garden, decided to switch directions and visit Dahlonega instead. Kept checking water status throughout the weekend. Local show was sold out, decided to buy a ghost tour instead. Ghost tour came with fans, emblazoned with funeral home advertising - terribly clever. Someone talked about how their radio would always play, "You are my Sunshine" in one particular house. In another place, someone's camera picked up "orbs". After the tour, had rather tasty stromboli, restaurant windows were filled with bottles.
7/26: Breakfast was French toast, corn pudding, and fruit salad. I played the piano in the parlor. Driving through town, we realized we forgot a bag, and rushed back. Visited the gold museum. (Not sure what "muskrat?" means.) Visited the Cherokee museum, closed all day with no notification; mused on the differences between the words "priceless" and "worthless". Ate at Pueblo. Walked around the lake - more silliness, more reasons for me to love this person. Panned for gold and gems, found a few, and even more that I can't remember now. Stopped at an outlet mall, picked up a backpack, protein powder, and pretzels. Bought tons of water bottles at Ingles to share with neighbors. Got lost on Windward Parkway with too many options, finally stopped and tried Volcano, and the menu still had too many options (and was hard to read, to boot). Food was good, though. Finally home. Exercise.
7/27: Three trials of honor, last one has Drogo; in an arena, witch casts something on an ally, he starts throwing up, his lover starts running towards the witch but collapses because of sexual overload. Reminded of Shadowrun's focus on biologically-influencing spells. Calisthenics. Find gold dust under my thumbnail. Boiling water all day. Work isn't back to full water yet. Shared earphones while cuddling and listening to stuff. Organize my new backpack! Watermelon and soup and Star Trek.
7/28: Showing Sweetheart mothers' church (similar to Gary's), then going with Artemis to family dinner, then watching the cars for her to back out, then a bridge, then pulling off into a military base and trying to sneak in, then teenagers firing wildly and committing suicide, then trying to convince a girl that her logic isn't good. Have a deconstructed PBJ for breakfast. Buy barley and more greens at Earth Fare. Data inconsistency at work. Meet Beth at Slice & Pint for dinner. Sausage/soysage mistake.
7/29: Another chapter of Yiddish... on the way to work. Visted cemetery. Bittern in pond, flock of birds (including woodpecker) gathering on ground.
7/30: Her dream: Family and cruise and rice and lentils, first good dream in a long time. Sweetheart read me the Francis article in National Geographic on the way to work. Bit by a flying ant at Rice Mac. Once again, naked time in the office. Called clinic to ask about an unexpected bill. Fire inspection at home.
7/31: Event flyers, laundry, Pathfinder.
And it seems like half a month is about where we go each time.
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Happy birthday to me! [Jun. 23rd, 2016|02:03 pm]
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7/1: Flatbread and cakek, wrote family, gave police contact information, dill rotis and "The Corbomite Maneuver" and wine.
7/2: Ran out to Thaicoon for lunch and banking, visited Southbound for tango and dinner, baby visit.
7/3: Chiropractor place was closed. Read Qadira all in one sitting. Tried donut pudding, visited farmer's market, walked around Avondale Estates.
7/4: Traveled up to lake, picked up watermelon, smashed finger. Sandwiches with family. Sitting on the beach, running with the dog, kicking a ball, going out on a boat, napping, toast pecans, full dinner. Cake, margarita, a brief visit by some rain. Fireworks (including one that didn't lift off... Deryk warily disposed of it). Stayed overnight, which was a huge change in family discussions; couldn't previously stay with my partner. A few wakeups with walkthrough, we didn't have a private room, per se.
7/5: Eggs and biscuits for breakfast, then played badminton against the wind. Hugs all around, travel through rather than around the city, felt weary. Cleaning and unpacking. Went to tango, danced with Berry, had some cakek.
7/6: Board meetings and work meetings.
7/7: Watched "Dope", ate late-ish at Coyote.
7/8: Met boss for a performance review, which she had on her calendar for half an hour later. More Star Trek with dinner.
7/9: Family arrival for Wild Goose, getting groceries for trip, Thai Citrus, had the terrible idea of a drive-through restroom. Arrived in Warm Springs after dark.
7/10: Sweetheart couldn't sleep. Down through town, worried about cars, vultures. Went to "Enacting Intersectional Justice by Displacing Whiteness", then "Creating a Common Memory" (Native and White differences in history), then "A Surprising Conversation" (love your enemy), "Justice for People Facing Homelessness" (Cheating the system, making too much money, mental health), "The Deadly Link Between Violence and Hunger", then took a walk. "Seeking Peace through Unity, Not Uniformity" (slow church is full), went shopping in in-town hike shop. Taize vespers. "One Mind, One Heart: Jesus the Yogi" (Yoga/Tai Chi as life practices rather than exercises). Back home.
7/11: Cuddled and slept in. Tai Chi (Basketball, aggressor pivot, kelp garden), "Sexuality beyond binaries" (Affection, eros, romance), walked around the whole camp, "Neighborhood economics" (local currency, especially interesting), "Bounday Crossing in Peacemaking" (False Selves ran out of room), "Awakening" Poetry and Song Reflections on Black Lives Matter, had nachos and chimi and listened to music. Zen Practice didn't show up. Went to the end of camp and back, holding hands and talking. "The Solvent of Suffering: The Mystic and Transformative Nature of Grief and Illness" (not fitting in),"Where do we go from here", got to see Bree Newsome, got taken to a late birthday dinner at Campo Bello. Silent Disco (sore nipples again).
7/12: Dream: submarine game, pets, Maria Grossenbacher (different last name) Went to "Peace Making through Sustainable Living & Ethical Eating", liturgy (with constant water intake), drove partway through Asheville (described by moms as a Hippie town) before deciding to stop for lunch. Ate all kinds of delicious things at Laughing Seed, and shared all around. Blocking at borders while driving? Unpacked, chatted with Mum.
7/13: Dream: Pirates, Damien with sinking tree, money disappearing because of different time periods Went to chiro, back home, second dream: Something about mashing my face, Sweetheart overreacting. Reverend Mothers returned faster than I expected. Dishes and chat with Mum. Spilled the water at Green Ginger while gesturing wildly, had an amazing cakek.
7/14: Dream: Fantasy port city, competing djinn (real/game pieces), another broken John character, Brother mess, drive Reverend Mothers around it in buggy. Hugged family good-bye. Cleared e-mail most of day, after having been on vacation. Thunderstorm, missed tornado warning. Vortex trivia, new book.
7/15: Sweetheart wasn't feeling well on the way to work. Data entry. Wrote Minions. Watched "Baahubali" part 1 - excellent epic, terrible for treatment of women.
7/16: More data entry, bought Elves of Golarion, read 9gag, made lentils and rice for dinner.
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Barely staying ahead of the tide [Jun. 14th, 2016|11:11 am]
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One year is an arbitrary designation, but I'm still hoping not to get that far behind. Let's see what I can do to make a dent in it...

6/16: Dreamt about Jason playing a troll, me playing a dwarf and losing. Helped Sweetheart get ready for her trip, tried to sleep and failed, watched Futurama, dropped of recycling. Had a power outage at work, went to Tin Lizzy's for lunch, still no power when I got back, left work early. Ran a quarter mile, caught the bus wheezing... forgot I had driven to work. Board stuff, called and chatted Sweetheart.
6/17: Dreamt about Magic cards, busy work, performance review, writing official letters, wrote Grandma, chatted with Sweetheart.
6/18: Caught a wasp, had a failed blood draw, data entry at work, had a thunderstorm (whipped around by wind, sheets of rain, falling branches), another power outage. Caught a wasp - not sure if the same one? Person was stuck in the elevator at home. Power eventually came back on, but no internet.
6/19: Dreamt about a birthday dinner with an amagalmation of my college girlfriend and Sweetheart, heading towards Emory Point/Thai Chilli. went back to the Hope clinic, successful blood this time. Got a carpool reward. Donated to AME. Met Rajesh at Royal Sweets. Picked up Sweetheart at airport.
6/20: Riding grizzly, contront cave bear, flappy noses, running through woods to beach, fishhooks in sand, Lake House, slam into blocked door, other way, Spikers and Andersons and Mum and Omm are there. Met Jinx at the Farmer's Market, smashed some coconuts, watched another thunderstorm. Visited Kim's party, where a lot of the entertainment was watching internet videos.
6/21: Cleaning, cooking, played so much dominion, got way too much food. Headed to Chai Pani for dinner, returned home for dessert and Chrononauts.
6/22: Organizing, lunch at Marlowe's, banking, writing thank-yous, more birthday drinks.
6/23: Nachos at Tin Lizzie's, very nice time with Sweetheart. She put the address into her phone and then immediately shrieked when it started to talk. It was a ruse to keep me from hearing our destination, but I was scared for the next few minutes. We ended up heading to the Westin - she beat me to it. Gorgeous day (she picked a perfect reservation time, right before sunset), splendid food, ridiculously gorpy drink with souvenir glass. Watched "ABCD2" afterwards; silly, but fantastic dancing and seriously catchy music.
6/24: Tummy unhappy. Work stuff. Met Vortex trivia crew - nice to see people, but I felt unnecessary there.
6/25: Organizing - got both Jinx and Vijaya ready for work. Wrote lots of friends. Board meeting.
6/26: Edited form, got ready for game, played a creepy necrotic dragon.
6/27: Tried out Decatur Farmer's Market, caught in the rain briefly, walked around Agnes Scott, ate at Arepa Mia. Brown soda is... not my thing. Caught up on exercises.
6/28: Damn FB arguments again.
6/29: Flirting with Romy, followed by a musical running up and down a formal state hall and Batman and singing about being Jewish. Theme music similar to "Teddy Bear's Picnic". I don't know what some of my notes mean. Puzzles and timekeeping. Watched "Inside Out".
6/30: Same/similar music to yesterday? "If you were me and I was you and there was nothing we could do then" / (ending melody fits "very small you are" from Giants in the Sky) Hard to wake up, cuddly. Lots of websites slowing computer. Write architects for condo. Asked for vacation time. Did Father's Day research. Visited Intermezzo, walked around Piedmont Park, kissed here and there, the moon was following us. Watched "Terminator: Genysis" at Atlantic Station.
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