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October... four months remaining? [Feb. 11th, 2017|05:29 pm]
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10/1: We kept playing, past midnight, got some nice dramatic scenes in, and passed the final hurdle. Now the only thing left is epilogue. I’m in a small town with country folk. {possibly tangent to Port Angeles?} One trucker is talking about falling asleep while driving, and I mention to a kid (our family? Trucker’s family?) about how dangerous that is. Mental image of someone pulling in front of the truck without realizing they’re fast asleep. Some interlude with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and mgafm. {Indefinite transition} The Reverend Mothers take Brother and I to some kind of “Kountry Kitchen”. It’s cheap and close to the vacation spot. There’s an odd line setup, pre-pay and sitting in mass rows or oddly fixed tables, all with a kitschy barnyard theme. Lots of prize machines and video games for kids to spend money in, too. One playpen has shifted to uncover a hole in the ground. I look into it, and coming back out I’m outdoors, talking about survivalism. I see a small animal burrow and think it might be useful for later. Looking inside, I see beavers and want to show Sweetheart. Platypus is somewhere nearby as well. {Indefinite transition} Brother and I are in another arcade restaurant, this one is more video gamey. He just went into the store, and despite his looking fully adult (tall and rail-thin and that hat), as big brother I still have to keep track of him. I follow where I think he went, a rack with funny bumper stickers and t-shirts, but the whole place is closing and they’re turning off lights in the store. Woke up with Sweetheart poking around the room. She got up early and made breakfast again. I cleaned dishes and got ready for the gym. Spent most of the day around campus because she had an unexpected amount of work to do. Went to the staff picnic on my own, slid the inflatable slide and got an eye painted on my forehead. Went straight from there to game night. Played one round of Dominion (Spring won with castles), learned how to play Cosmic Encounters, tied at Lords of Waterdeep.
10/2: Very late night chatting with our hosts. A bit groggy driving home. Picked up milk and a few gallons of gas. Forgot dreams. Very hard to wake up. Sweetheart had a nightmare. Online Pathfinder got canceled, home for the rest of the day. Watched “Restless” without Sweetheart, she didn’t really like it. Started season 5 of Buffy, Sweetheart did like the Dracula episode. Interrupted work here and there.
10/3:Something about interoffice love notes with umberle and Melia, followed by parking in a small neighborhood (seemed like around Candler Park?) and visiting the Reverend Mothers. Woke up, pottied, brushed teeth, fell back asleep. Sweetheart was unusually grabby. I’m in the back of the airplane. My backpack falls open, and I keep collecting stuff that keeps falling out. I see the knife I lost on the floor and tuck it away surreptitiously; then I realize I didn’t turn in my wallet tool, either. Somehow turns into me riding in back of the shuttle at work, and rushing down the steps. {Indefinite shift} Visiting Grandma’s house. Among other things, she’s in a tiny house around the side of the church (not unlike Cecilia a few years ago). See Aunt Jo, Uncle Karl, and another uncle standing in a group in front of the garage, chatting and snarking. Did some data training, joined Sweetheart at Goldberg’s for lunch (lots of families with small children!), went to the bank, updated forms, hand-held new pathologist on collecting monthly information. Gym, then a smidge late to an interim board meeting finding a replacement for our superintendent. When I got home, I found Sweetheart had cooked dinner. She went to bed early, but then got back up.
10/4: Childhood bathroom has holes, through which panels have fallen; I’m thinking it should be relatively easy to pull the panels back up and fit them back into place. Then I realize there’s a secret underground chamber with a lot of things I thought long-lost are just within reach. Sweetheart doesn’t want me pulling anything out, though, because it might be dirty. I am considering where to put things after pulling them up so they don’t get mess anywhere. Outside, running around neighborhoods, meeting up with Dad. Overhead map view. Go into a somewhat fancy house, meet Scott Olsen. Some kind of nice chocolate wafer cookies are on a tray, into which I greedily dig, but he says he can’t eat them. Did banking stuff, another training module, requisitions, wrote my 2nd cousin, more board stuff, wrote approval letters. Straight home for chiropractor while Sweetheart went to All Fired Up. Struggled with the key-card system, eventually figured it out. Went to pickup Sweetheart, met her and Alexandra, hung out for a while. Put Sweetheart to bed, stayed up to finish all the things.
10/5: Forgot dreams in the midst of being crawled on. Dropped off the newly-minted card, long time in traffic (nice chatting time but stressful otherwise), dropped off Sweetheart. First it’s really smelled like Autumn. Easily distracted at work, although I did still grind through some things - form seems to need more work than previously thought. Gym, substitute Zumba teacher said it was her last day. Picked up gas for dinner, Sweetheart saw sushi and said we should go out for dinner. Then she went straight to bed again while I was finishing stuff at home.
10/6: Early wakeups. Pulled everything together, went Midtown in the dark. Showed her where the dentist was, he came out and congratulated me. Decided to stop at Flying Biscuit for breakfast, but decided next time we should try somewhere else; too crowded around that time. Back to work, wasted a lot of time on a really funny Facebook group. Went to Falafel King for dolma and miso; in theory meeting Jason, but he sent me an e-mail after I got on the shuttle. He called me, we met at Chipotle where he bought lunch and we caught up. Back to work, got a lot of tables done, and the regular grind. Shuttle was crowded to standing-room-only. Met Sweetheart at the mall, drove to meet Sister for dinner; felt disconnected in general, but happy to meet. Wonderful sauce on the chile relleno, reminded me of masaman curry. Another night where Sweetheart went to bed and I stayed up.
10/7: Cuddly morning. Sweetheart told me she had a dream about Alexandra and Chris’ house is haunted, and that’s a problem with pregnancy, and I’m going to buy the house from them, and don’t believe Sweetheart when she says she sees ghosts. There’s snow outside, and all of the neighbors are mean. Sweetheart pointed out the gingko changing color before dropping me at the shuttle stop. Not crowded on the way in. Started the regular grind, got an answer from Michael about meeting. Tai Chi class was kind of small and repetitive, but I did learn something new about placing my feet. Leaving was somewhat consternating, given the prevalence of sky-water when I was walking downstairs, but most of it went somewhere else by the time I stepped outside. Met Sweetheart at Java Monkey for hand-holding and sweetnothings. Typographical err0r, but I’m leaving it. Went to Noodle, soon to be joined by Nate, Alicia, Michael, Kelly, and James. Lots of scattered conversations about plans, games, politics, and whatnot. Definitely no focus. Nate left, I followed the rest to ice cream while I checked online for other possible messages from other players. Michael wasn’t used to my hat, and mistook me for an NPC. Talked about some epilogue stuff, then character creation. Finished off “We Be Goblins!”.
10/8: Sweetheart was already asleep when I went to bed. Got up, puttered around, made plans to finish gym early and be back by the time Tamra got here. Instead, she showed up early and took us to La Calavera. Very nice pepper and cheese roll there, and the flash-card posters were cute. She had a lot to say. Made our good-byes, dropped Sweetheart on-campus, headed on to the gym. Very fun, and better breathing today - feel like I’ll be able to level up next time. Stopped by Saigon Cafe, not impressed with their masaman curry. Half-Price Books for the educator sale (and picking up a birthday present), getting stuff prepared at home (including wrapping said present), and driving to Hippo Hop. And then dropping Sweetheart off and turning back around to check whether the iron was still plugged in, because Sweetheart wasn’t sure. I understand why they had the adult restrictions at Hippo Hop, but I still wish I could have tried some of the bouncy houses. That being said, I did have fun with air hockey, jungle gym, step-on video game, and whatnot. Ameyaa didn’t really appreciate everything that was happening for her party, being only 2, but it wasn’t bad. At night, dropped Sweetheart back home, then drove up 400 to a tango that Berry suggested; saw a falling star or somesuch around 21:05. The first hour was introducing myself to a newcomer and sitting around; only 6 couples there, most of whom were strictly dancing with one person, which was a bit of a blow to the ego. That being said, I had some excellent dances with Lynda, and Berry when she finally did show up. Ended up with just us.
10/9: Lynda tried to tempt us by opening up the jukebox to whatever we wanted, but after indulging in an Otros Aires set, Berry and I begged off and headed home. Sweetheart was asleep, as expected. Dream notes include the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Omm diet, pigeons, campermobile, Sasha party, and seats marked with blood. No clue. Day mostly consisted of pajama pants, organizing and cooking and brief respites for reading sections of Jade Regent. Sweetheart suggested we get out for a walk, ended up going along the linear park. Familiar and yet new. Despite the fact that I’ve talked about houses and parenting and whatnot before, for some reason I felt more adult than I ever remember while we were walking there. Came back for Chai Pani; stuff was a bit spicy, I got a runny nose. Seth and Suzanne showed up unexpectedly, chatted briefly with them and met some family. Home again, programmed new residents’ keys, Sweetheart went to sleep while I finished some stuff.
10/10: Woke up with cuddles. Clear drive to work; kids must be out of school. Hard time paying attention at work, kept opening the FaceBooks. Still managed to sweep a lot. Shuttle driver said he was going slow because there might be deer, and *POOF* a deer ran across the road. Went to gym, Sweetheart surprised me by suggesting we go out for dinner. Reading in bed.
10/11: Woke up with alarm and cuddles, went back to sleep. Grandma and I are babysitting a peculiar (possibly autistic?) young boy in a rather posh house. There’s all kinds of odd construction (I think the dad is into amateur renovation), but the child is very good at following rules, so I have the impression that he won’t get into much trouble. Something about soapy dishes and having too much soap, and asking the kid if there’s anything else that needs cleaning. A police car pulls up into the driveway, then three more come roaring down the street with sirens and stop out in front of the house. Grandma goes to answer the door, I yell at her to be careful. The three in front of the house turn around and speed off somewhere else; they realized they had the wrong house? I’m thinking the neighbors saw a different car in the driveway and wanted someone to check it out. Woke up hearing a siren outside briefly. There goes that time dilation thing again. Very late morning, not to work until after 10. Met section manager to go over prices, he didn’t seem to have the patience to finish so I stuck with an older version. Programmed a clicker for the construction people, as well as programming the call box. Sweetheart made pumpkin pasta. Late night. Some unknown hubbub across the street.
10/12: Woke up late-ish and cuddly. Apparently I missed some calls. Impossible to get going today, although work people said I was being too humble and they’d tell everyone what a great job I was doing. Beats me. Previous Zumba instructor was back from surgery, seemed to be doing well. Initial plan of going straight home was sidelined by a wish to go to Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market, which then included stopping at the cafeteria (and randomly meeting Ian). Another night of writing and Boondocks.
10/13: I wasn’t in the start of my dream this morning. Started out obviously inspired by “The Replacements”, in part because The title screen with “The Replacements” pops up. A bunch of professional football players are going out onto the field at night, followed by some new guys who are afraid they’ll get deported or drafted or something if they don’t win the Superbowl. Someone tells them to just stay out of the way and don’t mess up too much, and they’ll be fine. Down on the field, they start practicing. A bunch of them are weird funny characters, including an Australian in a cowboy hat who’s riding a motorcycle on the field for some reason. Back in the locker room, I’m having a disagreement with some of the other groomsmen; I think Zeppelin’s there as well. We all head outside. There’s a list of rules I wrote with condiments, and John is having a hard time reading it, and misinterprets several sections. John’s been calling me a lot to ask about rules recently. Hard time waking up, cuddly morning, a bit late heading out. Taped a hand-written list of announcements to the tackboard, hope someone bothers to read them. Very on-key getting things done today, using a timer to track my progress, although Keith talked my ear off again. Overdid it with generic “nutella” at night. Helped Sweetheart pack.
10/14: Waking up in the dark is never fun. Drove into work on my own. Still don’t know how people do this every day for decades. Slow grind precipitated by confusion and uncertainty about the Facebooks. Tai Chi canceled. Filled out forms, but still need information for other sections. Uploaded maps for Pathfinder. Drove back to Waffle House, stymied by a slog of homecoming traffic; chatting on the phone with Romy, and then switched over when Sweetheart called. Met Alexandra and Nate, had a nice chat with them. As expected, Pathfinder didn’t get into the “playing” stage, about half were still building characters, and two or three others (plus me) were giving them help with such.
10/15: I’m going clubbing with raoin and Ryam and friends downtown. We come into a converted church or theater, the entrance is on the balcony level. It looks like they aren’t finished setting up for dancing downstairs, but some of the staff are friends with Ryam. {Indefinite transition} I’m driving at high speeds past, old buildings. There’s a loverly blue Southern house followed by a spread out march house: 3-step stairs between different levels of the deck. I keep bracing for impact on the downstairs ones. Somewhere I lose awareness of the car, walk into the building with Sweetheart; it’s a museum about racism and diving bells and women’s voices changing as a result of pressure. Some unexpected combination of history, science, and social awareness. Woke up earlier than I wanted to, people outside were hammering things. Got things together, headed to the gym, found that they hadn’t gotten a substitute Zumba teacher. Back home, successfully took a nap complete with wild dreams that I can’t remember. Woke up, started cleaning. Put two more NPCs into Roll20. Watched some more Boondocks. Was aiming to go to bed around 10.
10/16: But instead, I found myself mediating a disagreement up past 1. I run into Gillum. Something about steep wooden staircases at night, trying to find college newspaper ads. Up more stairs, up to a wide open sitting room on top of a ferry - lots of people waiting, including a handful of babies running around. Deck keeps tilting, babies and a few other people keep losing their balance and falling over. Woke up around the same time, not as hazy as last night. Could stand a bit more sleep. Ate leftover curry noodles, started picking up more clutter. Went to Half Price Books again, got a trio of Pat the Bunny/Kitty/Puppy, as well as a few things for us. Dropped it into one of several gift bags I brought. Drove to Sandy Springs, waited in mall parking lot while reading Bone - found a loverly surprise at the very start. Found my Sweetheart, drove to Tarcus’ house. Felt awkward. Deposited gifts, had a short chat with Tara’s mother, eventually settled in. Lots of doggy scratches. Went wandering for food shortly thereafter, found “Spice of Thai”; loverly location, will have to tell Tarcus.
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Blast; can't find this or that. [Feb. 4th, 2017|06:09 pm]
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9/16: Woke up before 4 to start an annoying coughing pattern. Was able to clear back out with constant drinking. Forgot dreams. Cuddly wakeup. Nothing significant during the day, mostly digging through piles. Sweetheart stayed late-ish at work. We went to Atlantic Station, got her shoes and last-minute things, and celebrated National Guacamole Day at Rosa Mexicana. Stayed up late packing and organizing.
9/17: Woke up around 5 for more coughing. Forgot dreams again. Decided to skip Zumba due to pending stuff. Talked to John about character creation, got different ideas about upcoming game. Had brunch (?) at Einstein, swooped by Target to pick up a few more traveling necessities, headed home. Lots of hugginess. Drove Sweetheart to the airport, waited around for the last few minutes, saw her off. Drove back vaguely home-ish with a concerned eye on the ever-sinking gas gauge. Made it to Kroger, had lunch, went shopping, went to fill up, realized Kroger was one of the stations doing no regular unleaded, premium and diesel only. Drove down the hill to QuikTrip. I had relatively little problem finding a pump and filling partway up (only 10 gallons; I expect to use shuttles most of next week, and hope the prices go down in the near future), but everyone was really tense and aggressive, lots of other people were honking and I heard someone shouting when someone else got in their way. Home to a relative peace. Not nearly enough time to finish what I wanted. Rode with James to Publix for him to pick up ice cream, passed a massive wreck, made it to Jen’s house. Nice potluck gathering, fun discussion, two incomplete games of Exploding Kittens, and a lot of talk about next season’s game. James almost drove us to his house before I reminded him I was in the car.
9/18: Home was empty, and deafeningly quiet. Stayed up and online for the next few hours seeing if I could catch a glimpse of Sweetheart, but no luck. Headed to bed; luckily, no monsters in the dark this time. In high school gymnasium, where they’re handing out schedules. Different classes have their own mini-mascots (all mythological: minotaur, dragon, etc), and people are oddly tribal about such. I go outside and start searching; it’s dark for some reason {possibly related to how the Buffy crew kept being on-campus at night}, and there’s some kind of danger with being caught in the halls {also possibly related to Buffy}. There’s a tortuous passage of stairs and climbing up weird half-stories, but I think I found the right floor. I check my syllabus and curse my luck; the teacher had a panel at DragonCon, and I didn’t see it. But the syllabus also has the room number, and I’m on the right floor, and easily able to find the room. There’s a huge hallway with almost no other people in it. The classroom entrances have sort-of secret passage doors that the teacher intentionally left open to make it easy for the first class to find. The classroom is enormous, carpeted, and cozy (not unlike some of the lodges or parish halls I’ve seen). Paige is there, and not happy to see me. Two or three other people I know are there, as well as Willow. ...from Buffy again. Egads, that must have been terrible - having a celebration for the highest survival rate of any graduating class? Stretched for the first time in a week, tried going to allergy pills instead of cold stuff; we’ll see. Started picking up around the house again. Still periodic coughing periods, and clear again. Walked downtown in-between raindrops, had lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill: Cheese(veggie)burger, milkshake, onion rings. Happy National Cheeseburger Day! Back home, couldn’t figure out garbage compactor. We got a new lock. Saw Chaplin’s “The Circus”, took a nap, picked up more stuff, saw “Stag Knight” (which was utterly awful in every way). Shifted everything from the two-pocket backpack Sweetheart loaned me to her lots-o-pockets Swiss Army laptop bag that she left. Read a book, hard time getting to sleep.
9/19: Two-part dream, something with Willa, can’t remember now. Bathroom surprises. Walked to shuttle stop. Pleasant walk, but I arrived later than expected, and had to wait for the next shuttle, and didn’t get to work until 9:30: Not too late, but later than I would otherwise have expected. Most of the day involved data crunching and digging out this massive pile that keeps accumulating. It sounds like my desk is getting closer to ready? Swang by the weights, called Mum on the way home, started cataloging the refrigerator. Roast both ears of corn, seriously juicy, sounded obscene; put one away for later. Found spicy squash curry, spicier than expected. Found and finished the last little dollop of some freezer-burned ice cream. Don’t remember why I stayed up late.
9/20: Justin is doing home inspections in an old wooden building - feels like a house, but the second story is open-frame like a public building or barn or church or somesuch. Then there’s a church procession, around the sides and down the middle. I have to tell someone I’m leaving the acolytes without seriously interrupting the proceedings. {indefinite switch, I’m not in this part} In a small town with a kooky old man, kindly but weird; possibly not human. He leaves, something about not belonging, but one of the kids remembers his habits and takes his place, leaving surprises in people’s windows and buying pending coffees and whatnot. What a difference a day makes. Easy morning waking up, had breakfast, caught the shuttle I wanted to, got one project out of the way. Didn’t end up eating the apple I wanted to. Latter day kind of fell apart with unnecessary procedures and frittering away conversations and whatnot, but I did still get things ready for the Goblin Game. Found out more about my pending move into a new room at work. Shuttle later than expected, still ended up arriving same time as chiropractor. Had almost the same dinner as last night, with the addition of a ridiculously crunchy (but not yet stale) baguette. Made Goblins.
9/21: Dreamt something about Goblin exercises - obviously related to building characters last night. Felt hard to get everything together. Writing to Sweetheart on the shuttle. Saw leaves start to fall on the trail. Impulse to keep searching Facebook for new input, which I actively recognize as an addiction, but subconsciously… yeah. Lots of emotional and political content with which to struggle in the past few days. Zumba class had the same substitute from a few weeks ago, she recognized me and said I was a great dancer. Worried about making it home, but still had enough time to make another three characters.
9/22: Angst from disagreements, loneliness, and caffeine gave me a little bit of a hard time falling asleep… but only a bit. Goblin games showing up again, something about Zumba dancing, and a cabin near the edge of a sea cliff. Started a completely different project today, but one I had been expecting since around the end of August. Most of it is easy to fill in, partly by design; things I had set up in years past to use variables, so you just fill in the new numbers and it propagates across the rest of the form. Met kellinator and Nate for Trivia, contributed nothing, came in 3rd, bought dinner for everyone. Another late night hitting the (RPG) books.
9/23: And a somewhat harder time falling asleep than previously. Don’t remember dreams. Took some time to get everything set up, went in later than usual, found myself quite sweaty. Regular churn at work, low-key. Professor was meeting her teacher, so no Tai Chi today. Some panic about being able to get everything done in time. Alert about power lines down on the main corridor in and out of work - probably going to be running late. Saw the shuttle pass my stop, but the traffic was sluggish enough that I was able to jog to the next stop and catch it there. Then I ran into Lancasters in Decatur, who were kind enough to give me a ride to the Waffle House. We got up to eight people (two booths) there, got a bit of discussion in but the layout and noise made it difficult. The staff was slammed (and possibly somewhat new) so everything came out late and had a few problems. Courtni joined us for the first time, and Carlton and Cathy and Romy joined us later and brought pineapple upside-down cake. After giving some space for cake and discussion and settling down, I pulled out We Be Goblins! They were very enthusiastic, and definitely got into acting like pyromaniac freaks with funny voices. Lots of people (and possibly over-identifying with their characters) made steering a little difficult, and we didn’t finish; stopped before the finale, will have to run the one-shot as a two-shot. Of course, the fact that it was only written for 4 characters probably didn’t help matters: SO MANY INITIATIVES.
9/24: I only remember the very end of this morning’s dream, where I thought Nate had died, but an evil witch-queen wearing a ring with a pale green stone shows that he hasn’t because of how some coppers are still glowing. I scoop up the coins. We’re all in a fantasy circus whose stables are in stonework, like a castle. Started picking up this morning, got lost in thought and forgot what I was doing. Made it to Zumba, back to regular Saturday teacher, fun as always. Took a long time at the gym with all the things, weights and stretches and sauna and shower. Stopped by Goldberg’s for lunch, had a nice time reading The Thrushmoor Terror. Came home to one of the more unnerving sights I’ve ever seen: Upon opening my mailbox, I noticed it was glowing inside. I discovered that a foundation for blindness had sent me a light-up pen, and it activated en route. Had some trouble with laundry machine; splitting two loads into three seems to have worked, and the machines started running again, I hope there aren’t any serious problems. Had a nice long chat with Sweetheart. Picked up, ate junk food, watched bad movies. Terrible idea.
9/25: Forgot dream. Had expected to sleep in after last night, but no luck. Frantic cleaning for the first hour, only to realize I got most of it done and Sweetheart’s plane doesn’t land until around 9 PM. Read a lot, did way more laundry than usual this time around, got a haircut, went to Athens Pizza for dinner, stopped by to pick up flowers. Despite thinking I had it all together, getting back home was still a rush; seeing things I missed, underestimating how long it would take to shower, and so on. Got a call from Sweetheart, headed out. Despite panic and traffic, I still managed to pull up to the airport right when she got out. The drive home was a bit strained; I was focusing on driving, and we weren’t used to talking. Still, very nice to get hugs when we got home. Oh, and I told her how much I missed the way she makes me smile. She said she gives me smilepox.
9/26: Sweetheart got up in the dark, woke me up in the process. Got everything ready. Met with our superintendent, he told me he’s quitting this week. Immediately hit a bunch of things once I got to work, starting with informing the rest of the Board, but after the first rush I felt like I was reeling most of the day. Had peanut rice for lunch, just like Mom used to make. Boss told me about a bunch of numbers needed at the end of the day. Started in on that, dropped off Sweetheart, went to Half Price Books to return duplicates and scratched discs, came back home to find Sweetheart asleep. The original plan was to go out for dinner, but I ended up making as little noise as I could in the kitchen and watched the first few episodes of “The Boondocks”.
9/27: Sweetheart woke up when I came to bed, and cuddled me mercilessly. Wandering around a campus reminiscent of UC Davis {probably because I had written about it recently}; something about a free-love and open discussion and alternative academic atmosphere. I see photognome, of all people, wandering around taking pictures of interesting people. Started feeling a cold again, spent the entire day on the grindstone pulling numbers out of my ass different databases. Stayed late, as per request. Went to Madras Mantra, split a thali and an eggplant appetizer. Got back on the drugs, Sweetheart went straight to sleep.
9/28: Sweetheart woke me up early, but no complaints. Oddly, I felt relatively awake for the first hour, but then felt like falling asleep on the way to work. Funny chat. Daily grind. Shuttle was late, didn’t have time to do weights before Zumba class started. Called Sweetheart, she was apparently waiting for me, so I didn’t have time after Zumba, either. Home for cuddles, then she fell asleep. Read way too much internet, got last few things done before midnight.
9/29: Dreamt something about downtown Atlanta (with chrome and redstone and parks, kind of fancy), driving or riding a Christmas train for kids, and seeing box heroes in the distance. I’m specifically remembering The Incredible Hulk, for some reason. Hard time waking up, but given the extra time on Tuesday, I don’t have any worries about hours this week. Same grind. The problem with eliminating the symptoms of a disease is then I’m never sure whether the disease is gone or just hiding; still taking stuff, just to make sure. Met Theresa for lunch, very nice time catching up. Picked up her daughter. Met coworkers, feel like I got a good handle on the process they use and what model to help facilitate that. Sweetheart needed to stay late at work, so I went to the gym to catch up on what I missed yesterday. On a wild hair, decided to go to Marlow’s afterwards, asked her to join me. Home. She went straight to bed, I took a little longer cleaning up.
9/30: Dreamt about animal shapeshifting, a mini golf challenge course, conventions, a hobbit hotel in a tree, a dangerous visitor (but we have to let foxes in because they’re relatives), and jumping back to the first part of the dream (that I remember, anyways), the philosophy of shapechanging; namely, if you turn into a bulldog and lick someone’s face, was it you licking their face or the bulldog you became? Sweetheart got up early, of course. I woke up shortly thereafter, and helped her with a paper for about an hour. The rest of the day I got messages about stuff that needed fixing on the building, while I was at work. Tai Chi friends brought noodles and moon cakes. Someone brought beer to one of the meetings; curiously, I just realized that both the beer and the cake had a hint of pineapple in them. Shuttle drove past deer in the evening. Ended up meeting Kelly for a ride over to Melton’s. Funny time chatting with John at the restaurant (and picking at leftover nachos), then got a ride with Marcus back home. Pathfinder took over an hour to set up, despite prior planning and previous preparation, but when we did… honestly, it still dragged, trying to fit in all the moving parts. Stopped and smooched with Sweetheart when she came in, ignored the visitors for a while since they were still figuring stuff out. Possible clue to fixing broken computer that won’t stop restarting, Adam had a fix when John’s started doing the same thing.
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"Nostalgia" means "old wound" [Jan. 31st, 2017|04:53 pm]
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9/1: Forgot dreams, woken up in the dark for reasons. Held Sweetheart while we went back to sleep. Back up 8-ish. Played through Kingdom Destroyer with karishi - pretty fun, a few tweaks here and there. Went to bank, then Madras Mantra. Succeeded at self-directed goal of taking tester plates rather than full servings the first time around. Started packing for ‘Con. Took the downtown train, almost immediately ran into stupid_drawings at Willy’s. Met Sparky, dinner at Hsu’s; mostly Shadowrun talk, but I was able to interpret most of it. Departmental meeting was simultaneously very useful and dragged on. Met karishi again, headed to stupid_drawings’s room party, had fun watching the Gondor Idol. Denethor kept trying to set Faramir on fire with a fake candle. Headed home.
9/2: Fire alarm at 6 AM. Nothing pulled this time, faulty wire. Apparently they just “go bad” every so often. raoin called me twice; the second time was a mistake, as she meant to call my brother with the same last name with me. I wasn’t yet downtown to meet her, but headed that way shortly. Sweetheart cooked eggs for me for breakfast - far less disastrous. Line was mixed up for space. Called raoin again, met in the Hyatt, headed back towards ticketing. Food trucks and voter registration outside the Sheraton were both brilliant ideas. raoin signed up, as she had moved recently, and was also sweet enough to pick up a pair of popsicles from King of Pops. I got Cookies & Cream (interestingly, the King of Pops shows up in MyFitnessPal). cailement and karishi joined us for lunch (or in the latter’s case, sitting and chatting, as he had eaten recently), and raoin also picked up the check. Went to the game room, met Alexandra and Chris and rbrav, played Castles and Isle of Sky. Lost both, but enjoyed regardless. David and Romy joined us for the latter, and then we headed to Jalapeno Charlies, which was apparently a mistake; terrible reviews, no adjustment, very little attention, and David couldn’t eat anything. Helped work “Mistakes from Science Communication Front Lines”; really enjoyed the example with scientists scrapping the plan at the BBQ festival and going all food science. Also curious about outreach; “you’re just wrong” rarely works. On the way home, a girl was complaning about her barista job. About a dozen funny stories about weird questions and requests. “I want tea.” “What type?” “Just tea.” “If you look at the menu, we have six different…” “I just want tea!”
9/3: Dreamt something about organizing a room at ‘Con. Woke up, found that Sweetheart had stolen the entire blanket. After a brief struggle, returned to sleep. Walking up steps with Dad (and maybe others?) in snow outside a high school in the Midwest. There are small metal panels every so often that tell the temperature - like sundials, but somehow use what melts and what freezes to tell the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Red ants are somehow involved, not sure if they’re infesting or part of the science, but we comment on how unpleasant that is either way. {switch} Something about games in a ranch house. Unfriendly kids are hanging around outside. We drive them away. Somehow that transitions to a lot of shooting. I kill dozens of people trying to get into the house, I’m trying to ambush gangsters, some violent scenes from movies replay, I even manage to kill Chuck Norris. That last one messed with my level of consciousness a bit; not because I think he's invulnerable, but because I thought he must have security of some kind. I hear some knocking, and again. I woke up, but didn’t hear anything for a while. I did kind of hear knocking again, but not close enough to be at our door, and we have a functioning doorbell. Probably an auditory illusion. Lay in a semi-haze until the alarm went off - I set it for this weekend, because of things to do. Headed downtown, not as early as I would have liked, but still early enough to make it to the parade setup on time. Saw the Seed & Feed again, chatted around with a dozen friends and distant acquaintances (some of whom I only see once a year - DragonCon). Parade seemed more wearying this year than years previous. We got some expand-contract going on as the parade moved. Someone took a fantastic picture of me high-fiving a little girl. Tin Lizzy’s was surprisingly easy, seated immediately, grabbed fast food. Made it in time to run sound for “Recreating Captain America’s Super Serum” - not sure how “vita-rays” work, but it is possible to create hyper-musculature and immune system. Two tricks in that vein, though; for the former, animals whose muscles are increased through genetic factors aren’t as strong as those who lift; and for the latter, an increased metabolism actually increases the virulence of toxins. Stepped outside to run the line, then met Nate for dinner at Hsu’s. We went for all the veggie appetizers and skipped the “entree” bit. “Science Confessionals” was funny. Went back to meet David, Nate, and Romy for games. “Carcassone: The City” was too confusing to finish, and missing pieces, while “All Wound Up” had a funny theme that was frustrating in practice, also left unfinished. After brief discussion about late-night options, decided to head home.
9/4: Did the dash-in-the-train-door bit, made it home safely. Horror movie scene with some kind of deathtrap. A family is in a graveyard at day, explaining to a child why they do something. Anticipation is building, any minute something is going to happen. Switches every so often to me talking to Tamra, and walking around one of the Peachtree towers. {definitely related to DragonCon} Eventually something clicks when they close up a small stone box, and you know bad stuff is about to occur. I go to donate blood. Someone grabs my ribs from behind, which… with my worry about the horror movie situation, I jump, and it jerks the needle from my arm. I haven’t yet donated at DragonCon between timing and “opportunity cost”; this year I’m in the middle of a year-long deferral. Escalator was stopped at Peachtree Center, had to take the exit across the street, and even with that I was jogging up. Science Power Hour was the best arrangement we had had so far; good fill for the space, all the stuff present, able to give away a fun prize. Had a hankering for a milkshake, but Hard Rock Cafe and Hooter’s and Metro Diner all had ridiculous lines. Back to Tin Lizzy’s, they asked if I could sit at the bar, I checked and it was full up, and then a table opened up and I found myself sitting the same place I had yesterday. Back to manage the line for the super-popular “Genetics in Science Fiction Settings”, gave a brief description of one I had seen previous year while people were waiting to get in. Met Alexis and Chris in a quiet corner. We played a few games of “Pass the Pigs” and “Scrabble Flash”, but mostly we sat and talked. Headed to the game room, ran into Adam in LARP gear. Played two games of Dominion with some total beginners who managed to win. Met Alexandra, Chris, and Nate for a game of Carcassone, but I think we messed up the scoring again. Asked Adam about meeting at Hard Rock for aforementioned shake craving, but when I got there it was a 90 minute wait. Went down the hill to the Metro instead, which had clearly illegal crowding in stairwells and whatnot waiting for tables. Managed to scarf down a spanikopita and cheese sticks before running to my next event. The line for “Solve For X” had a bunch of problems: People kept sneaking in side doors (before the room was ready), Disability Services got drafted for line duty, Security started loading people (also before the room was ready) and we had to ask everyone to back out and maintain some semblance of a line while doing so. Guarded the door outside a while, got to dance to “Paper Planes” which I could hear from across the way at the Mechanical Masquerade. Got to see a few funny bits from the show. There was a collapse outside the doors right before the end of the panel, which made directing traffic difficult. Ran around the tiki bar looking for Seth & Suzanne,
9/5: finally found them up at the Marriot, lots of people admiring the Salacious Crumb sitting on Suzanne’s shoulder. Tried out the “Yule Ball”, but I really wasn’t feeling the music and couldn’t find rbrav, decided to skip it and head back to Mechanical Masquerade. arcstone found (made?) lots of ridiculously fun mashups: “The Perfect Drug/Shake it Off”, “Umbrella/Tenderness”, “Come on Eileen/Mama Said Knock You Out”, a balalaika “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “In the Afterlife” with a hip-hop beat… all kinds of fun. I got attention from several men this year; not sure if society’s openness is making them bolder, or something else. Burlesque dancers on stage, lots of steampunk around. Eventually called Sweetheart and headed out. She picked us up at the Marriot and switched seats; she was barely awake by that point. I dropped off Seth & Suzanne and then ourselves. I probably subconsciously heard the alarm, but it was off when I woke up. Luckily, I did wake up. Sweetheart woke up when I did, asked where we were and where we were going. When I said “DragonCon”, she said she was going back to bed. Apparently she had dreamt about going to a rich friend’s birthday party on an island - related to the movie she watched. I scattered stolen rose petals around her, and went back to ‘Con. Ran “Science Songs” - tiny audience, not surprised given hour and subject. Everyone was half asleep. Rachel sent me with a card to get her a mocha (and something for myself - I picked the same). Ran mic for “Science in History and Myth”; fun learning stuff, a bit scattered. Old Indian woman recognized my “Arthur Dent” costume. Potential conflict between her and a skeptic saying alternative medicine doesn’t work. Interesting bit with witches; the Catholic Church did a 150-year study and decided they were harmless; the “take drugs in the fields” sort weren’t a problem, and the “blackmail and poison” sort could be handled by civil authorities. On the other hand, midwives who took pain away from women giving birth… that was apparently a problem. Had an “end of con” discussion with Science team. Ran around the vendor’s hall, didn’t see anything I (really) wanted. Met karishi, kellinator, and Nate in the game room, played karishi’s game, got destroyed by the kingdom. Decided to join Sweetheart for festival food rather than Dead Dragon party.
9/6: Traveling a lot in quaint area with ‘50s-style décor, up and down hills and around golf courses and bait shops. A bunch of people have a birthday today, and there’s some kind of discussion / contest where each of us has to answer questions. It’s my birthday too, but I have to run the microphone around. I’m not too concerned about winning, though. Not sure whether it was because I was sure I was win, or didn’t want the prize, but either way passing around the sound-stick was obviously related to working panels at DragonCon. Sweetheart woke me up, and then realized that I didn’t have to go to work (although she still did). I did end up helping her get ready, and there was other stuff I needed to do, but I think she was still envious of my staying home today. Organized a little bit, played Dominion with karishi after he got back home, had lunch from festival foods. More work and reading after everyone left. Chiropractor missed her appointment. Had dinner with Sister and “New Baby Brother” and karishi and Sweetheart, played Carroms, came home, played another two rounds of Dominion with karishi. Late Buffy viewing because Sweetheart’s stomach was upset.
9/7: Dream obviously connected to planning panels for DragonCon. Work was tough. Wrote a new “elevator proposal”, went to seminar with Zika vaccine research, went to Petit Auberge for dinner. Very nice. Harried time trying to find folders at home, gave up.
9/8: Dreamt something about a kid is vaguely threatening towards me while driving a car/bike, and my responses as we keep meeting are somewhere between give-it-right-back, ignoring, and unimpressed. {Unremembered transition} Quaint housing/resource center run by military types. I’m helping stock it. Some discussion with parents about whether there are enough beds. I meet Grandpa there. He served in the Second World War. Still difficult to get going, but more done today. Very brief flyby Tin Lizzy’s. Board meeting, lots of promise, brief argument about pay rates for maintenance staff.
9/9: Dreamt something about a British character sitting in the punch bowl at a party and implying that he was peeing. Jing-jing, Rick, and I were the only ones for Tai Chi class. Went to DUC for banking and (too much) lunch. Knocked out several important work things. Met Alexandra and Chris for dinner, followed by most of the Pathfinder crew. This time around was mostly chatting; still didn’t have a complete party.
9/10: Rough start. Got my Zumba on, but they had a new instructor. Home, played online Pathfinder game. Picked up Sweetheart, stopped for ice cream (she said her stomach was hurting). Watched “Kubo and the Two Strings”. Headed home, then redirected to Louisiana Bistreaux (I know…), then redirected to Half Price Books. Got way too many things, then had a scrumptious stuffed eggplant.
9/11: We’re getting lost in all the MARTA tunnels, they aren’t matching the maps I know. We come up in the “country” section of an amusement park. {indefinite transition} William Shatner is being interviewed about a new Star Trek show. He says a quote like “To Boldly Go”, but I realize he didn’t actually answer the question. {indefinite transition} Cartoony scene seen from the side. I’m taking family members out an antique store down a curved ramp, to a fiddled dance tune of “Turkey in the Straw”. They keep on coming up the ramp anyways. We’re all bobbing and stepping in time to the music. Woke up late thanks to drugs. Watched an episode of Buffy, spent most of the day catching up on things I missed over the last two weeks. Sweetheart went to the office, watched two more when we came back.
9/12: Forgot dreams, despite describing them to Sweetheart en route to work. Very productive day, and still had time to read articles. I have no idea how that works. Maybe it’s the drugs again. Sweetheart remembered my dream: Presidential debates are happening on-campus between a dozen or so candidates, including Clinton and Trump. I’m supposed to be there, but I’m running late. I have to go to the bathroom, but someone’s left it a terrible mess. ? Sweetheart had an urge for the juice bar, so we stopped off before heading home. Early bed.
9/13: Always lots of dreams with the cold medicine. Lots of women in Mormon group at University trying to recruit people, I try to finagle a date without “converting”, meet karishi somewhere on-campus, his expression is disapproving; I think he thinks I’m tricking them. {Oxford? Indefinite switch} Walking through snowy neighborhoods with Dad (and maybe Brother). {Indefinite switch} At a party with dance music, probably Argentine tango or at least tango-able. Talking with Kate Juergens (who has grey streaks and a lot of wrinkles for some reason) about the song, other women are trying to catch my eye, I decide to start dancing with Kate so it’s clear I’m otherwise busy but the music ends and some come over to ask directly anyways, and I have to tell them I’d like to dance with Kate next. I’m not entirely sure what order those came in, but got some nice flavor regardless. Morning was uncontrollable coughing, called out sick. Sweetheart treated us to a wonderful breakfast at Radial: Veggie sausage, cheese grits, rosemary veggie gravy, biscuit, egg, mocha. Flavor was splendid but the smell in the parking lot was fairly noxious; not sure if there’s a sewer opening nearby or warm garbage bin or what. Drove her to Marriot, no issue waiting with the car while she got the visa. Someone almost pulled into us, and she said I should have driven differently. Was edgy for the rest of the drive. Dropped her off at work, stopped to update insurance, drove around a little bit - nothing was open yet. Had a mediocre lunch, went home. Little coughs throughout the day, not able to sleep, got some good cleanup done. Picked up Sweetheart kind of late, went to Athens Pizza, came home, watched Buffy, read a few pages of Tintin.
9/14: Sweetheart woke me up several times to ask for hugs. She later revealed she had a lot of bad dreams. First we’re on a motorcycle, and I’m chasing someone without explaining why, and then I stop and leave, and they start chasing us instead. Another one we’re on gondolas racing through cliffs over the ocean, with no seatbelt or anything, and she drops her water bottle into the ocean. Woke up with the alarm, went back to sleep. I’m in a long line at University, and people are asking for feedback and survey information. I go down to a center table in the hall, and a few friends are there. A large display on one wall shows who’s in line, and I see dozens of friends’ names, including Arick and dyachei and Trae. Lots of coughs upon waking up again, but not as bad as yesterday. Resigned to go into work. Lots of stuff before lunch, shop for drugs, f2o for lunch, more work done after lunch. Major decision - Jade Regent for next campaign. Which also means running “We Be Goblins” beforehand. Hard time finding a place to eat, settled on the cafeteria. Met Gal, Gina, Marie, and Valentina, went in for Carter talk. Very nice to hear him talk about understanding and meeting between people who disagreed, even very dangerous ones. Went thereafter to Slice & Pint; overstuffed, but I got an appetizer anyways (and nibbles of Gina’s brownie).
9/15: Watched another episode of Buffy. Lots of coughing, difficult to fall asleep, eventually quieted down. I’m throwing things downstairs at a giant serpent who eats things; theme somewhere between Dungeons & Dragons and video game logic. melodicblue is displaying her latest costumes. No clue. Read too many interwebs to start with. Went to Marlowe’s for lunch, hopped in the saddle and charged through a slew of data at the end of the day. Went out for dinner, came home and watched another Buffy. Rapid packing-list-and-gather for Sweetheart’s trip.
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XLRHN [Jan. 26th, 2017|04:43 pm]
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8/17: Hard time waking up, and left phone (with alarm) in other room. Despite the slow start, nailed a bunch of stuff at work, had yesterday’s lunch. Serious mid-back-ache; maybe car related. Fun Zumba class (as usual), stopped for Chinese buffet, grocery shopping, home around 10. Writing journal now.
8/18: Cuddly wakeup. Once again, on drugs and very effective at work. Beats me. Set up guest room for the most part, hard time getting to sleep.
8/19: Same thing with drugs and effectiveness. Tai Chi here and there (had to run back and forth because we couldn’t find an empty classroom), surprised Sweetheart, ice cream cake for peoples’ birthdays at work. Stepped into an unnecessary FB debate. Hiked to Q (with only a brief sprinkling), got really great salad and roast yam, but not fond of the venue’s smell. Game was highly distracted, but we eventually got into the rhythm. Almost done with the castle!
8/20: Sweetheart arrived shortly after everyone else left. Hard time getting to sleep - probably the disagreement rumbling in my head. Eventually slept. I wasn’t in this dream: Weedy neighborhood in Jersey. Child Macauley Culkin is crossing a creek, other boys are skipping rocks. Someone yells out the back door of their apartment {which started to turn into the inspiration for a song}. There’s a dog that won’t quite obey commands, but will follow people around and maybe do smarter-than-usual things if you show it how to do it… and it wants to. Something about motorcycle jousting, and one of the combatants telling the other, “God help you.” Early wakeup, not as sleepy as I would otherwise have expected. Watched a bit of Buffy while eating breakfast, went to gym; Sweetheart dropped me off en-route to a charity. It feels weird without her. More people in Zumba this time. Went to Marcello’s for lunch; very attentive service, not too expensive. We had planned various things for the day, but ended up going home and taking a nap. I got up around 6, read some, picked up a little bit; could have done more, but I didn’t want to wake her up. Got some tennis balls for rubbing my back; curiously, there was a peel-back lid like for soup, and even more curiously, there was an audible *POP* and slight exhalation (the plastic container jumped) when I opened it. Sweetheart didn’t wake up until 9. We made arugula and beet and pistachio salad - now realized second salad in one day. Finished Buffy episode. Edited her paper, caught up with day, went to bed in the guest room.
8/21: Very hard falling asleep - some from the overhead noise, but mostly because someone was grabby and I had a headache. I don’t remember most of my dream, but near the end I’m walking around a college graduation. Lots of clubs are having special events. I meet cousins who are playing some minigame with tower defense - classic video game characters against a heap of zombies - literally a heap, illustrated as a dark blue mass with the occasional monstrous head or rotting limb sticking out; I think it was intended as a drawing shortcut and artistic license rather than meaning there was a blob, since hero attacks still ended up affecting individual zombies. Somewhere in the midst of playing, Knox splashes a bunch of people with his speed/houseboat, racing into a spot in pews that are separated by water for some reason. After I finish my turn with the game I get into the auditorium/church and follow, I think in a boat, but I can’t keep up with Knox. Something with family. Sweetheart let me sleep in while making experimental pancakes with red beans. Another day, another Buffy. Fairly well-put-together Pathfinder game, despite cailement being hit by migraine halfway through. Decided to try out Plaka again. Ate dinner first, although it ran into dance time. Had the mixed dips, and some ouzo cocktail. Very pleasant time dancing; danced the whole time from the minute I entered. Left a little earlier than I could have; didn’t want to overdo it, and I knew Sweetheart would be waiting for me. Picked up roses and toilet paper en route - ah, the romantic life. Sweetheart wasn’t at the computer when I got home. I looked around a bit, and after most of the expected places, I decided she must have stepped out for something. After a few minutes, I heard a meow. She had intentionally hidden! I never expected such treachery! She went to bed early for an early morning tomorrow, while I finished up some work.
8/22: Forgot dream. Got up in a hurry, ready for work with no breakfast, came with Sweetheart (who had an early conference call). Very effective day despite the constant tug of FaceBook. Lunch out at Tin Lizzy’s, a little extra for breakfast and pending workout. Wrote a bunch of Board messages, managed info, gym.
8/23: Wandering around a wintry shopping center, complete with cozy train. In one of the shops, I realize I’m completely nude, and grab a gift towel set and wrap it around myself {kind of similar to gym}. No wallet, either, but I have a friend (“Brian”?) shopping elsewhere, and ask the clerk if I can go find them to borrow five dollars. {Scene shift} Riding on the train. {Scene shift} A very distant friend is hitting on me, and asking me needy questions about if I could possibly love her, or if there’s anything wrong {reminiscent of experience with user sleeping-hare insisting I give her a chance; was thinking about that recently}. I tell her she should not be asking me that, I’m with someone {curiously, not Sweetheart}. I don’t mention this to distant friend, but I’m engaged to (dream lover). {Scene shift} A girl died in a Victorian mansion. Some book has all kinds of rules and suggestions about how things are supposed to be - something about curling up the bottom of the wallpaper (this room has taupe with loverly knots criss-crossing at diagonals), and something about not leaving dolls in the bed because it’d be uncomfortable to roll over them. Room is simultaneously cozy and unsettling, and I think the dead girl is one of my relatives. Not sure if I should be freaked out or relieved. I was only kind of in that last one; some of it was happening when I was out of the scene, as well. Found out that “Transmetropolitan” was publicly available, re-read the whole thing in one go. Highly recommended. Sweetheart demanded samosas, so we went to Masti this time. Lots of nose-blowing; it’s hard to find stuff there that doesn’t get my nose running, although curiously the pickle wasn’t that spicy. Watched “Graduation Day”, called Dad, got to talk to S’mom as well. Assembled furniture.
8/24: Forgot dreams. Work got basics done, but still pulled off course by a lot, including a case of the nasties. Picked up jacket at long last (Sweetheart had it in the trunk for months, followed by another few weeks at the cleaners). Went to dinner early, joined by Sweetheart’s colleague Candace shortly thereafter, and her boss a little while after. I probably should have gone for something new, but I got the vegetarian sampler again. Kind of drifted out of the conversation when it got too work-related, but I was able to pop in here and there. Lots of smoke coming from the kitchen. Started Season 4.
8/25: I had a relatively easy time sleeping, but in the morning I realized Sweetheart had moved. Made tea, tidied a few things, and got morning stuff done. She woke up later, said she couldn’t sleep but didn’t want to wake me. More work stuff, met Sweetheart for lunch. Chiro after work, got the kinks out, borrowed a TENS for persistent back pain. Sweetheart was napping when I got up. Organized game stuff, she woke up while I was gathering dinner supplies and ended up cooking despite her condition. Another dinner and show, then she got to reading about infectious diseases while I took care of night stuff and preparing for Pathfinder.
8/26: Another early morning; together with Monday meant getting to leave early. Annoyed with Tai Chi class; everyone else being on an insecure communication program means I have to compromise my tricorder to stay in the loop. Very nice dinner at My Parent’s Basement, including a surprise visit with Alexandra (we were apparently saving her from the “bro-ery”). Game was something of a disaster: The Wi-Fi didn't work for an hour, one of the characters got cursed, the combat was interrupted by dogs, and they found a way to skip to the final boss. I had to pause at that point because not all the players were there and I want everyone to be able to take part for the grand finale. That being said, the metagame section afterwards was excellent. We got to talk about character interaction, differing play styles, and the qualities of the possible adventure paths for the next series I run. Home earlier than expected because of the paused game, and unexpectedly, Sweetheart was still awake.
8/27: Restless rest, in-and-out of dreams. DragonCon scheduling. Filing through pews back-and-forth in a mostly-empty church: Down one all the way, around the end, and back up the next one. Elizabeth Carrol is there. {Wake up briefly?} Sleepover at John’s apartment {looks more like Dave Stahl’s in real life}, Yin-Yin is the last to leave. {Indefinite break} There’s a Chinese cultural show. Afterwards I start playing with a soccer ball, others (including Jingjing) join in. I do a really high uncontrolled kick, I’m planning on a super headbutt but it drops in front of me instead. Lots of related-to-recent-experiences there. Dropped Sweetheart off at school, went to General for breakfast. Poached eggs and grits were very nice, and sopping it up with toast was fun, but I felt out-of-place in workout clothes. All kinds of places were locked on campus, gave up and decided to type on my tricorder while circling the track. Found a third dime, this time in the workout studio… this is getting odd. I didn't make much of it finding one in the parking lot yesterday, or on the stairs at work the previous day, but this is three days in a row. Zumba was fun, a few new songs, other students from last week came back. Weird misdirect with shopping; went up to Global Mall for laddu, ate lunch, decided to head back home instead of continuing to shopping. And then, rather than heading home, went to see “Suicide Squad” instead. Amazing characterization for Harley Quinn (and pretty good pairing with Joker), great story for Deadpool (even if it’s a cheap shot), not much else. Perfect timing to head over to Iron Age, although the GPS got confused (along with us). Fun time cooking our own bowl of veggies, even more fun watching trippy Korean pop videos - missed former roommates. Went nextdoor for dessert, got a loverly slice of cake (despite it not being any of the presumed specialties). Despite others talking about keeping the party going, we headed home to hit the hay.
8/28: Slept in in the guest room - her more than me. Negotiated this and that, I agreed to go to the distant outlet malls with her. Bothersome time trying to figure out where to go while the church folks flooded out for brunch. Ended up having a very nice lunch at Romano’s, all kinds of quality ingredients fluttering through the taste. Found mushrooms hiding in a secluded section of the parking lot. Made it up to the mall, spent several hours and a few hundred dollars, decided not to get shoes that just didn’t impress me. Back South to meet Jason and Joanna (and Benjamin). Very nice house, similar pattern to Sister’s; neighborhood’s a bit buggy, and apparently has rabbits. Joanna offered us crepes, which was the perfect opportunity to bring out the collection of preserves we had brought for them. Thereafter went to Madras Mantra for a light dinner and some heavy conversation - all good, but lots of relationship stuff that would scare some people in the first year of dating.
8/29: Woke up before alarm, got everything ready for work. Start of work was really on-key, end was less so. Sweetheart was getting pictures taken for her pass, so I decided to meet her for lunch. Met at gym, realized how much I missed her back on Saturday when I knew she wasn’t there. When she asked about making change for tomorrow’s application fees, I suggested we pick up a little something from a shop to break a 20, and she decided to interpret that as “let’s eat out for dinner”. Went to Las Brasas again, had the spectacular chocolate cake. Home, got all the things together for her application.
8/30: Forgot dreams with the creeping awareness of movement. Woke up early with Sweetheart shuffling about getting her stuff together. Walked to shuttle stop, started reading Pathfinder. Work was pretty focused, very few FB-related distractions, mostly good at pulling myself back on-task when I did get distracted. Lots of con-related e-mails and postings. Shuttle home, more reading en route. Kept strolling waiting for a gap in the traffic, and it didn’t happen for half a mile, so I decided to take a secret path home. Stopped a few times when the path was blocked. Lots of cleaning at home for pending arrival, broke a razor while cleaning the stove. Made spinach-and-cream gnocchi, with leftover sauce from Romano’s yesterday.
8/31: Forgot first dream, Sweetheart woke me up to ask the time. Vacation homes on the edge of a cliff. Running down a wooded hill. Some kind of flood, jump on kayaks in a river. Friend is unconscious, but we get him into a kayak and pointed down-river. Very rugged landscape. Come to the end of the river - like where a waterfall would be, but it’s just the end of that part of the course. Some concern about going around a corner, but I seem to manage. This part involves climbing ropes and rock-wall climbing handholds while carrying the kayak with legs. Johnny is ahead of me, Adam is behind me, and there are a few other people farther along the course. The ropes I’m on bend, and dip to let the three of us off at the bottom. An older couple (Black woman and White man) ask how we got ahead and whether it’s legal. Nice to see my subconscious is getting more integrated. Sweetheart said she heard her phone ring. Curiously, mine didn't, but karishi was at the door all the same. A bit of catching up, Frontier is terrible, and sent him to bed. Fried an egg badly - sticking to a non-stick pan, melting the plastic on the spatula. Very distracted at work, last slice of cake for breakfast before they throw the box away while I’m gone. Looked up D*C stuff, lots of D*C conversations (as well as general quips) on FB. Workout, realized I needed another 2000 calories after workout, decided to go to Green Ginger. Very nice.
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Adjusting for range [Jan. 21st, 2017|06:24 pm]

Funny how it keeps bringing me back to this venue.
I have an experience - it could theoretically apply to any dance, but I experience it most keenly in tango. Most opportunities since it's what I dance most? Finer observation from decades of experience? More intimate connection? Not sure of the cause, yet.
Regardless, there's always a feeling of acclimating to a new partner. But for some reason the second person with whom I dance usually invokes a feeling of "adjusting for range", if you will. Like... the first one was just remembering how dancing works, and the second one is recognizing that the general rules need to be specified to have a good dance with this new person.
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Buoyed on waves of love [Jan. 21st, 2017|06:12 pm]
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8/1: Horizons is having a footrace or relay of some kind. Someone is dressed up as Michael Jordan {probably a reference to Kareem Abdul Jabbar}. Find myself at some version of the lake house, where Dad, Hank, Marcy, and Marsha are nearby. There’s an indoor pool, and parts of the bank/edge collapsed when I walked on them, which messed with some of the tile patterns we were trying to set in. Wake up in a fancy dorm, where the staff is wearing team colors for the competition. Haven’t “woken up” in a dream in a while. Morning was on-edge getting ready, followed by brain fog at work. Review went well - one unexpected down, but reasonable; one unexpected up; all in all, doing okay. Afternoon was a little more on-track, digging through To-dos on Habitica. Sold the most comfortable couch evarr. Started making pie, discovered weevils, ended up throwing out about half the grain-based products in our pantry… almost everything that wasn’t sealed. Late night.
8/2: Weird intermediate state; I’m sure there were dreams, there always are when I’m half awake. Carried blue couch down, sat on it in the hallway, gave Keith and a few neighbors a laugh, sold second couch in less than 14 hours. Great grind at work today, good interview, checked lots of things off, leveled up. Had a very pleasant dinner with Sweetheart and her boss and his wife at Sufi’s, then drove a few blocks down the street and met Solomon at Intermezzo for a very pleasant dessert. Although service was a bit lacking on the tail end, we couldn’t find anyone to give us a check. Drove down Ponce, stopped unexpectedly at the “Hot Now”, waited longer than necessary in line. I started to worry about my Dailies list, but luckily, the web version started working again.
8/3: Drove back home, put things away, took a green pill, started writing things here and elsewhere. I have a polar bear that’s acting kind of like a cat. dwivian and elfgirl are asking me how I keep it docile and small; answer being, lots of air conditioning and cuddles. It gets kind of rowdy, though, and when it struggles to get out of my arms it seems more like a gel-filled pillow, slipping out by shifting its mass to other parts of its body. Something about architecture, dorms, and “The Simpsons”. I miss that bear. Woke up late, alarm didn’t go off. Showered and ran. Not much done today at work; got stuck reading “Asexual Jokes” page. Exercised, baked blueberry pie, cuddled.
8/4: Dreamt something relating to Dragonball, and Altered Beast. Overhead view of a castle gate with dozens of simple undead behind a portcullis, trying to claw their way through. The heroes have poleaxes, which aren’t really effective at stabbing through the bars, but better than nothing. Not quite clear if I was one of the heroes or watching a tactical video game or not in that dream at all. Fresh pie for breakfast. Grind day. Visited bank. Hard to get things accomplished, even though I was aiming that way. Difficult talks with a few people. Nice time at home with Sweetheart, even while doing chores.
8/5: Talking with family about getting an alternate degree of some kind; of course, they’re very supportive. {Switch} Meeting Erin and Nancy at a bakery somewhere along a highway with strip malls advertising lots of different national origins {reminiscent of Buford Highway}. Go inside one place, it turns out to be more like a polar amusement park. I wander and around - real ice! One place where the ice is kind of thin, I warn kids away from it. Penguins here and there. Scoot them away from the train tracks. Train is shaped like a polar bear - cute idea, it’s supposed to scare the penguins away. {only now I’m realizing they’re on the wrong poles} Head back out to the lobby, DJs are giving people prizes and asking embarrassing questions. There’s a line of people waiting for the elevator, and an old lady operating such and ushering people around. I start singing, “She’s got the whole world in her hands”. Most of the kids look confused, but the lady gets it and rocks in time with the music, humming and clapping. I also talk with people in the line about the ice storm back in Atlanta, and how people act during drastic weather. {switch} There’s a video game box of some sort, but the disc isn’t “clicking” into place, and when anyone try to turn it on the disc spins out to one side. That last bit is definitely from an image of a lot of “wrong” video game paraphernalia being thrown together in a picture. Hard to wake up, but there’s pie! Fake arguments. Talking with people about money. Went to Emory Point to pick up medicine and a free taco (with equal or greater purchase). Took the shuttle to Decatur, got a ride with David the rest of the way. Talked about games, followed by serious stuff. He always has a fun time with the Waffle House staff, asking to see the wine list and whatnot. D&D was quite distracted again, but eventually we made it work.
8/6: Dreaming about some kind of coffeeshop {merging Bread and last weekend’s party and the Bronze}; I specifically remember moonchain and lux_aurumque making stuff. After talking to friends, I come back to find that a scrawny kid with blond hair and a do-rag has cleared away my plates and drink. He offers to make me a new one, but I go back to talk to my friends. Some talk about how an Indian girl re-married, and I’m unbelievably happy that I’m no longer with my ex. {So yeah, I’d say I’m over her.} A grey striped kitten is running rampant. Dad is next to the door, and opens it - he totally misunderstood us. When we shout at him, he reaches out, and pulls in… an orange kitten? We say that’s the wrong one, and he walks outside and brings in the other one, who apparently just stood in the doorway. Orange is pretty docile, but grey keeps struggling any time someone tries to pick her up. People are watching a music video with monorail trains falling off their tracks set to “The Impression That I Get”. Something about a show with Mr. Giles being Mr. Giles, sort of - he’s a cyborg in the future, and advising heroes with snap-on parts. A Spanish-speaking character calls him Mr. He-lays. I save the whole dream in Excel, and realized I hadn’t actually gotten up or saved it, yet. Got up and actually typed it up. Pie for breakfast again, went to gym. I was the only person in the Zumba class today. Went to Goldberg’s after workout, met Melanie again. Home for cuddles and apparently a nap - Sweetheart had a bit of a food coma. Headed out, got bumped from behind - 5th in line, waiting in traffic. Went to Andretti’s, shot some Aliens, played a round of Lazer Tag (5th place), raced Go Karts (I got 5th place again), played a 4-way air hockey. Went to Muss & Turner’s, lots of nice options but waited way longer than we expected. Got to Alexandra and Chris after 10. Jumped into a game that someone had just left, ended up winning.
8/7: Had fun playing “Hearts of Attraction”, hung out and talked for another hour or so. Headed home a bit fuzzy. Someplace very similar to the sun room in Port Angeles house. {shift} Several different social situations where people are flirting with me. One woman is more than happy to jump into my lap, along with her pet dog. She lives with her parents, which I feel awkward about the prospect of intimacy while they’re in the house, even though it is theoretically fine, and they even like me. {unclear shift} Reviewing a prison layout, and one of the guards there is hitting on me. I leave and make my way to the “MCAHE’S” restaurant. It’s apparently a chain that specializes in odd Mexican combinations. The title stands for Msomething, Chamorro, Arroz, Hongo, Empanadas, and Somethingelse. I meet the woman with the dog and her family there. Oddly charismatic. Immediate pouncing. Got up, watched the second half of a Buffy we started yesterday. Moved some more furniture, living room layout is now drastically different. Got into “Stranger Things”. Met Sudaxina and Suman for a chat, went to My Parents’ Basement for dinner, chatted with Grandma on the phone. Did responsible computer things before bed.
8/8: I’m going through multiple stories of buildings, some of which are underground. Discussing options with professor (Eddie?) about which exam to make up. Something seems Buffy-ish. {switch} Driving with the Reverend Mothers and karishi, stop at a loverly fuchsia house with an “in-law” house out back. Lots of pavement, I realize it’s a veterinarian {maybe there was a sign, too?}, and the separate building is for surgeries, so the smell doesn’t fill the whole building. Childhood doberman/golden mix is running around one waiting room. {switch} Large restaurant with chicken sandwiches and ice cream, and arcade entertainments of some variety; basketball hoops, among other things. {pretty clearly transferred Andretti’s and made it homestyle} I start running around with a game gun, doing really good shooting my target people. Someone mentions the “James Bond workout”. Turns into somewhat more realistic espionage. I’m spying on a few people through a window, including Jam wearing a cardboard sign about being hungry but not homeless in London. She later comes out and shoves/hugs me from behind, I ask if she’s still in touch with rbrav, since he might know people who can help her. wolven is somehow involved. Someone stole all the sheets while I was sleeping. Today felt very procedural - just shuffling stuff from one pile to another. Had the thought that my recurring cough could be acid irritation rather than infection; will see whether soothing methods help any. Stopped by a reception for the new dean of Medical school, had a glass of wine and some hors d'oeuvres, met Kim on her way out, didn’t know anyone else, started up a conversation with a Merck representative standing by his lonesome. Met Sweetheart, drove to Rainbow, picked up some nostalgia food, went to Athens. Food was so-so, but we had a loverly time meeting Sister and “New Baby Brother XD”. Home, stayed up later than we should have watching “Stranger Things”.
8/9: Chatted about being afraid of the dark. I can’t remember the details but children keep disappearing in different ways, and I talk with a group about what common elements they have. Pretty clearly related to the show. Cuddly morning. More shoveling today. Chiro.
8/10: Playing “Pictionary Telephone” with moonchain, zurui_kitsune, Rob, and others. Writing things on the side of a ship, ridiculously long phrases that are impossible for anyone to guess. Pirates are playing “Liar’s Dice” nearby. {switch} I’m running late in a mall, there’s no way I’ll be able to make it back to work in time, but after the first panic I’ve resigned myself to that fact. Something about meeting a yuppie family. Very hard time getting up, getting started with the day, or anything. Met Courtni for lunch, talked about movies almost the entire time. Latter half of the day was all reports. Seemed like the day disappeared. Gym, Zumba, started watching “The Jerk”. Hilarious tidbits, but not impressed overall. Hard time falling asleep.
8/11: Followed by a hard time waking up, of course. And going to work early means getting stuck in traffic. Slow grind getting stuff done. Want to re-design work format. Board meeting went fairly well, although we were missing someone, so their stuff didn’t get addressed. Finished “The Jerk”, including a ukelele lesson. Watched 2 episodes of Buffy.
8/12: Dream was obviously influenced by “The Wish”, and included a matryoshka doll, but I can’t remember more than that. Took shuttle to work, shoveling stuff, very nice time at Tai Chi. Not as much done as I would have hoped. Shuttle downtown, walked to My Parents’ Basement. kellinator had some bad news, and was taking in a few drinks. I felt like we did a better job staying on-track in Pathfinder this time around. Combat, room exploring, and ghost-related roleplaying.
8/13: People stayed later than usual. Other than a mall, I don’t remember the first half of my dream, where I was a part of it. I wasn’t part of the second half set in the “Kung Fu Panda” movies, except it focuses on kids. Something about one kid not wearing traditional robes, and the master getting flustered. Animal people and monastic studies with a level of strictness that seems more Catholic in flavor. I was the only student in Zumba again. Weights were more difficult than usual. Went to Goldberg’s again, didn’t see Melanie this time. Home, cuddles, arguments about responsibilities. Very nice time seeing the house of raoin and family; stayed way longer than expected in previous discussions.
8/14: Yawning while driving home. Dreamt something about Buffy and pending game… obviously excited to play. Sweetheart dreamt that we are in India, and everyone thinks I’m cute. I’m eating some sweet and getting powdered sugar on my face, and she tells me to clean it off, but someone says I should leave it on because it’s cute. Moved a bunch of books and some of the closet stuff I was sorting. Sweetheart went shopping, I played Pathfinder with my online group. Another fun time, although a rocky start; Roll20 had changed some stuff, and I hadn’t prepared the first map in which they were about to play. Moved game books in preparation for Sweetheart to come home; room empty of everything but furniture. Started assembling desk.
8/15: Couldn’t fall asleep. Dreamt, woke up, made plans to write stuff down, fell back asleep, forgot. The whole “new frame-of-reference memory wipe thing” is great for checking for predators but terrible for keeping track of stuff. Met Sweetheart for lunch. More shoveling; need to figure a better system, although I did clear out my e-mail. Went to Chat Patti for dinner; loud but very tasty. Found I’m especially fond of the yellow cakes made out of lentils (not unlike everything else). Watched “Mahenjo Daro”; lots of small bothers but overall a great mythic feel, glad we saw it.
8/16: Dreamt something with getting ready for conventions. (D*C?) Followed by driving down a loverly road {left side? - maybe passing construction or somesuch} that’s covered in yellow leaves, behind a bunch of people constantly riding their brakes. At the bottom of the hill, start hiking up a trail behind a bunch of people. {cars disappeared without incident or explanation.} Slow day, more shoveling. Pretty good organization, but left lunch at home. Home, called family, Mum answered in lieu of Omm. Talked with her while assembling desk. Watched another Buffy.
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How to deal with troublesome neighbors? [Jan. 18th, 2017|05:15 pm]

It's been forever since I came up with the discussion topic, so I really have no idea whether this was meant to be general or specific.
My guess is that it was general, and I was concerned with what happens if they know you don't like something they do. A relationship changes towards authority and challenge if one person is saying the other shouldn't do something.
Of course, I know there are resources out there about non-confrontational negotiation, and it doesn't have to work that way... I guess I'll just have to do my research.
(Unless someone has brains they'd like to share.)
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Why is it so hard if it isn't so hard? [Jan. 18th, 2017|04:33 pm]
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7/17: Stayed up a bit later than I should have with pointless computer stuff. Dreamt about getting called out of class to be told that someone in the family died (and some ridiculous kids being envious), Stewart buying tickets for Brother and Sister and I, British propriety, and something about turning the car around to avoid a train crossing. Obvious shades of last night’s movie, as well as replaying a place yesterday where I took a U-turn when I realized another way was shorter. Sweetheart woke me up early, then left me alone. I woke up again later with drool on my face - presumably mine. Cleaning up morning. Pathfinder online - exploration is quicker with the map, although I need to work a little bit on making the choices feel more natural. Felt snappy afterwards - headache that I think has been building from neck pain since yesterday. Went to Tava again to meet Dad, Sister, and Baby Brother… overate a bit, didn’t dare try ice cream afterwards, even though I love Royal Sweets. Home again, another Buffy, squishing the couches together.
7/18: I’m following a groom’s party around various carnival entertainments. Eventually we stop at some video game place and start playing hunting games. I mention the Macintosh duck hunting game where one could set all kinds of options, including the ridiculous: Pterodactyl, bazooka, hurricane, and such. That somehow gets to a discussion of gun laws and how some people don’t have them because there’s a city where it’s illegal to turn a corner with a rifle in your pocket. Made a salad for breakfast, went to work later than usual, spent longer than expected stuck in traffic arguing about the pronunciation of “monkey” in Tamil. Made a monthly report, got a call from Aetna’s nutrition counselor. Misfortunately and ironically, almost immediately thereafter, I stuffed myself at Tin Lizzy’s (while reading Gods and Magic), and had heartburn for the rest of the day. Figured out a problem we were having with a security system - low battery, of all things. Helped Sweetheart edit a paper, both on the way home (while stopped at lights, of course) and after we got home. Thereafter we got into a serious money discussion, which then drained all her energy. Found my passport while organizing! Hard time sleeping, fraught emotions and back pain, tried tapping some stuff out.
7/19: Forgot dreams. Play-arguing with Sweetheart on way to work. Highly effective day. Sweetheart invited me out for lunch at Fortune Cookie - too much again, but we packed some for later rather than gorging. Asking about medical loans. Chiropractor, moved along to three week sessions. Had a few shots of rum, watched another Buffy and a half, ran out in between stormclouds to get to the theater and watch “Ghostbusters - some silly spots, but still definitely worth it.
7/20: Sneak into some kind of trollmom’s van, wait for her to park, sneak out and creep around the garage. She has a pair of sons elsewhere in the house. They have some typical buffoonery while I’m sneaking around, hiding behind furniture or somesuch. {indefinite transition} Massive college library, talking to Dad. {indefinite transition} Illustrating/comic couple are talking about the best way to show a concept. The second webpage pulled up shows a rating system, uses “Baybook” as a comparable product, and asks how product will do in “Stormy Seas” (with appropriate woodcut illustration). Sweetheart dropped me off at the shuttle stop, somehow circled to a different part of the same street, and blew me a kiss from afar. Shuttle crowded, traffic slow, police directing vehicles around construction. Trucked through getting my employee evaluation done. Shortly thereafter, got a question from boss about new office configuration. Moving next week, I hope? Went to see “The Secret Life of Pets”, followed by a very late dinner at home - spicy soup and the second half of “Killed by Death”.
7/21: Sweetheart was making sounds, I woke her up and apparently saved her from someone chasing her with a vial of contaminated blood. Can’t remember my own dreams. Went to the bathroom, couldn’t get back to sleep, just decided to start my day early. Sweetheart dropped me off at VA, I walked through the woods and saw a doe. Not much to report work-wise, just getting more organized. Sweetheart picked me up amidst a thunderstorm and we went to see “Star Trek Beyond”, which could very well have been named, “... Into Darkness” instead. Stopped at Calle Latina for dinner, sat outside, moved tables when she noticed that the first one was next to tiny slugs in the planter. Coworker breezed by, and I didn’t recognize her; the out-of-context thing gets me. Absolutely excellent poblano soup. Bought Sweetheart an ice cream cone, came home.
7/22: Blah day eaten by FaceBook. Stopped by Sweetheart immediately after Tai Chi in the middle of the day. Stopped by Marcello’s for a loverly dinner with very accomodating and chatty staff. Saw “Beta Test” - interesting idea but amateurish everything, needing riffing to make it bearable. Came home and started watching “The Great Dictator” to wash the taste of bad film out of our mouths. Sweetheart started yawning, so we went to bed relatively early.
7/23:Something about planning rooms and Atlas game design (party games and creepy modifiers). Lots of twins walking around and crowding the rooms. Select-click-delete a bunch of them. I go outside and start driving, kind of a small-town feel, Beard is working at coffee place, he gives me a free coffee. I come back to work and they’re jealous of my free coffee, and say I should have gotten some for everyone. Felt like I took cold medicine, hard time waking up. Discussed moving furniture, scrambled eggs for breakfast. Went to Zumba and lift weights. Stopped at Mediterranean grill for lunch. Home for headache and cleaning for possibility of Dad visiting. Called a handful of people for various reasons. Met Dad for dinner at Calle Latina - no siblings this time. Lots of anecdotes - I see where I get it. Walked around the outside of the block, hugged, and split. Put Sweetheart to bed at home, grabbed games and movie, and drove to meet Romy. Nate arrived shortly thereafter, then rangerwickett stopped by, dropped a bunch of freshly-picked blueberries, and left. Nate, Romy, and I watched “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Still outstanding cinematography and effects and everything. Then we played a game of Dominion, with Adventures and Empires. Landmarks seriously bump up the score - I won with 86, although not by much.
7/24: Drove home, Sweetheart was up and watching a movie. Picked up a little bit, headed to bed, she joined me shortly thereafter. There’s a ridiculous documentary about the 60s, stupid_drawings and I try counting the number of Supermans used in advertising and whatnot. Go to a party in a basement/den with shag carpeting and mustard yellow couches. Tons of food; weird mix of older relatives and party friends like cailement and such. Someone keeps messing with my food. I rage-flip it and go storming off, find a witch who’s been doing it, and attack her. {Indefinite transition} In an odd building in the Bay Area. I’m jump-starting a car with a device that looks like a key connected to a circuit board and wires. I’m a little worried about the wires shocking me, but figure I can hold it with my sleeve over my hand. karishi and Reverend Mothers help me carry the car in pieces, and it’s furniture. There are explosions outside, and I’m worried about some kind of attack, but it turns out to be fireworks. Not sure what they’re celebrating. Switch to driving, crossing lots of tracks. We pass before one train comes, and right after a second one, but get stopped by the third. Something about driving on the tracks with cerealgirl. Nice breakfast, watched another bit of “The Great Dictator”, got ready for Pathfinder. But we didn’t have enough people to play, so called it off. Tense discussion about rearranging house and subtext. Found a light switch to be broken, went shopping. Hot day. Bought switch, very nice office chair (this one’s fake leather is peeling off, and is unintentionally a recliner/deathtrap), seat belt cover (seat belt is irritating Sweetheart’s neck), ran into Laia, and went randomly browsing at Barnes & Noble. Came back, replaced light switch without frying anyone. Finished watching “The Great Dictator”, headed to 57th, had some great dances with Berry. Rushed home, felt like I hit every light along the way; that stretch of road is reminiscent of the former distance between Sweetheart and I. Had a piece of watermelon cake that Sweetheart made while I was gone.
7/25: Dreamt about winning stuff with organizational software, like a more complicated Habitica, and I had a different name. Easy-going morning with extra cuddles, but somehow I still feel like I’m on-task. Went on-campus to check the bank and eat at the DUC, met rangerwickett. Missed the shuttle, walked back. Saw a pair of skinks: One larger, one almost looked like a worm at first. Later found out the vegetable pot pie has a ridiculous amount of sodium. Going through checklists. Also jumped over to Paizo to ask about a creature that could be interpreted to be able to determine universal truths. Went to gym, steamed up. Dosa and Buffy.
7/26: Wandering around old-timey shoppes in a village square, look through one with dust and cobwebs. Walk all the way around it, find no visible entrance. {unclear transition} People trapped in some kind of creepy house. Monsters are outside, including a gorgon who’s threatening people but hasn’t petrified anyone… yet. Something about breathing underwater, and a sleepout sort of situation with people picking rooms and some flirting. {Reminiscent of visiting Megan’s house. Unclear transition} Driving in a small town. Sheriff has parked in an awkward way, sticking out into the road. I drive around him. He starts hassling me, but I ignore him and park. I make my way back to the house and everyone is thrilled to see me. No noticeable monsters this time, although they have found a small chimpanzee, and are sorting cards. {Not sure if reading or just screen-over} Text comes up about “blue chimps” being aggressive and mean. Climb the hill to the research chapel - lots of stuff in boxes. Sweetheart dropped me off and went to do “car stuff”. Weird combination of productivity and on-edge-waiting-for-others today. Celebrated Nate’s birthday with friends at Ponce City Market. Unduly pleased that I beat Zeppelin at arm wrestling, both arms. Sweetheart seemed subdued.
7/27: Dreamt about shopping for Christmas trees. Maybe related to Ponce mall environs? More to it, but I don’t remember. Lots of waiting for other people at work, got some serious discussions over e-mail. Zumba class, called Beth, met Sweetheart at Slice & Pint. She said some of the silence seemed like an awkward first date. I tried stirring up conversation, but not much came of it. A jumping bug landed in my hand, I took it outside. Long serious talk about time spent and not fitting in.
7/28: Sweetheart and I are in a palace or immense hotel with white walls and floors. Her skin is encrusted with gems, sand, jewelry, and lace. {shades of last night’s bug} I catch a yellowish toad toddling along the floor, it struggles to get away as I take it out to an enormous lawn. Numerous other toads and turtles are showing up on pieces of furniture, lining up curiously evenly-spaced like fixtures. Fancy breakfast on a large table. Other Indian friends are talking about toads as well… how vegetarian is it? Construction in the area. First half of work was relatively ineffective, worrying about love life. Went out for lunch; nice to sit outside, but I was kept waiting. Second half buckled down and got a lot of stuff done, but work- and other-wise. Went to Thinking Man, had a nice conversation while waiting for moonchain to show up - Ron was supposed to pick her up, and he was stuck in traffic. Very nice dinner with them anyways. Watched “Becoming”, up a bit late.
7/29: Forgot first part of dream, something with Dad. Family’s great dane is running around the highway down the hill; manages to eacape unscathed. {switch} Looking at family photos in sepia, Grandma tells me who people are. Going through other family stuff in storage, she says she wants to keep a cardboard pop-up ghost. {switch, I’m not in this next scene} Something about needing a million dollars, and Cordelia says it would be a million dollars cheaper if we just knew who he was. Rushed morning, chat about Sweetheart’s opinion on my clothes. I’m flattered that she wants me to wear more form-fitting stuff, but somewhere between comfort and utility I don’t want to just get rid of everything else. Chugging through work, although balanced between different needs for today and waiting to hear back from some. I couldn’t find my Tai Chi class today. Took the shuttle to Agnes Scott, walked to Imperial, had dinner with James and kellinator. We started outside, but a brief rainshower ushered us in. Zeppelin joined us eventually. Then we went for Pathfinder; mostly chatty, but managed to kill some Red Mantis assassins. Missed opportunity there; while some of the mystical stuff is great, they’re nowhere near as scary as they could have been, so they don’t really “feel” like the premiere organization of killers in the world.
7/30: Stayed up late after everyone left because Sweetheart had left her keys. Slept in, drool on my face. Went to Zumba. Tried out Goldberg’s for lunch, found out that Melanie manages there. Shopping, some home organization, some more shopping for party. It was touted as a pool party (also something about “pugs in space”, which I think everyone ignored), but the rain made me think there would be a delay so I brought indoor fun and no swimsuit, but when I got there the hullaballoo was around back, so I snuck in the side gate. Lo and behold, the party was happening at the pool. Talked with Debbie about Indian stuff, Judson and Theresa were kid-wrangling in the pool (with the help of whichever adults happened to be nearby; Chris seemed to have fun hurling them to and fro); Neil brought up his Star Wars hipsterism (nothing beyond the original trilogy); we tried playing Martinis & Men but got sidetracked by a small child joining and other party stuff; Kris joined everyone much later, seemed giggly and sad. Very fun time, probably would have stayed more on my own druthers, but Sweetheart wanted me to come back.
7/31: Group is going around some kind of hospital or hotel. I’m looking for a bathroom. Some urinals are in a weirdly visible spot underneath a stairwell. {unclear switch} Heading up onto the deck, where Julian is singing to Griffin. There’s a potty right there. Woke up, headed to the bathroom. Luckily, no side effects from my subtle subconscious. Went back to sleep. Something about Jughead turning into a zombie. {pretty clearly connected to “Afterlife with Archie”. Indefinite switch.} Sweetheart and I are sharing an open floorplan art studio/apartment/monastery. After she leaves for work, I try looking things up on the computer, but these Asian 20-somethings came in to move some furniture around, and they keep looking over my shoulder and bothering me. Indirect reference to my plan to do stuff after Sweetheart leaves. Inspected club room for Daniel & Ruth. Roti and Buffy. Sweetheart didn’t end up leaving - we re-arranged furniture and went to Ikea and ended up having dinner off in the West somewhere unknown. Agavero had excellent flavors and I wouldn’t mind going back. Also some nice pictures around the water plant.
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Last night [Jan. 15th, 2017|09:35 pm]
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7/1: Crew including Solomon and sargent, meeting held in an upstairs office, interrupted by Black men (organizers?) who need the space for an upcoming rally, Circus Arts Camp, flying around a mini-mall looking for stuff and a new space. First time back with Sweetheart on the road to work, some hand cuddles. Took pictures at Tai Ji today. Mostly reading, but better intentional use of time and executive function. Similar thing about alcohol and cold medicine turning off the “background noise”. Not sure if this is the same phenomenon that raoin mentioned, but it’s definitely relatable. Shuttle to Decatur, walked to Pallookaville. A few minutes early. Apparently Zeppelin called and there was a miscommunication. Played Pathfinder, didn’t get to do the big reveal for David since he was out sick.
7/2: Sweetheart and I are on a roadtrip {area reminiscent of Pigeon Forge, but less crowded}. Stop at some kind of camp with lots of Indians. Lines are split into men and women. I start to look in the men’s line, and discover Sweetheart has joined me. I shoo her away until we get through the lines. The inside of the camp has a lot of amenities. Felt disconnected. Still sick. Sauna, Zumba, weights, stretching. Athens for soup and spanikopita, around the corner for haircut, then Rainbow for elderberry and tea and whatnot. Cheryl is still working the herbal section. Talked a long time with karishi, watched “Revenge of the Pink Panther”, did a bit of upkeep.
7/3: Zombies in high school/fancy house, Chris Dalbec, waterways, going through someone’s yard, dog growling at me {extra unusual, I usually make friends with dogs fairly quickly}, woman suggests I leave, distant Ferris wheel, suddenly carnival in the same yard including Chris and cerealgirl and whatnot. Dog still doesn’t like me, even with other friends around. Woke up, went back to sleep. Same thing about drugs meaning furtive sleep still applies. Final Fantasy-like overhead scene, video game characters marching around in line. Some group gathering cars and sorting them by type in a large lot, turning them into sleds. Someone making fun of a kid from a doomed island, about how his race is supposed to be lucky. Flirty woman saying “hubba hubba” when she meets a guy important to the plot. Woke up again. Breakfast and Buffy together, and for reasons unknown I got a coconut oil massage. Got a free bed from downstairs… making more plans for moving furniture, not sure how we’re going to handle it. Might end up giving away the orange couch after holding onto it for so many years. Held another round of gaming on Roll20, back-and-forth with logistics. Party ended up exploring much farther than I had mapped yet, but I was able to improvise some. Cleaned up a bit. After Sweetheart came home, watched “Tucker and Dale vs Evil”. Read bedtime stories.
7/4: Dream was something about planning a flight, I think? Very grouchy morning about responsibilities and messes, but quickly soothed. Watched Buffy (“Lie to Me”) and ate breakfast. Went out shopping, realized I had forgotten both my pocket computer and checking the things we already had, dropped first shopping load off, went on second shopping trip. Nate arrived, and we hung out for most of the afternoon. Not many people stopped by for the out-cooking. He ran out to feed his dog, we went upstairs and took a nap and a serious discussion, and also talked about reconfiguring the room. Went back out with Nate to Brick Store, met Rachel and friends, went to her apartment to watch fireworks from her parking deck. Not up too late, despite ourselves.
7/5: Remote control car crash. {transition} Sorting books and killing spiders at Peterson house. (safe space?) {transition} Video game developers. One person is threatening people with a gun. When it comes to my turn to demonstrate, the game has passed a certain point, and I need to switch discs. The “disc” is more like a plastic motherboard, jagged along one edge and weird slots and ridges. I pry out the old one and shove in the new one until it clicks. Still have a cold, feeling nasty. Ran out with Sweetheart for lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen. Some lollygagging followed by a period of intense work; see previous observations about drugs. Chatted with Mum, watched another Buffy.
7/6: Donating blood at Rainbow. Catching a ride to cerealgirl's wedding in a massive mansion. Pile of cupcakes and sweet leftovers. Trying to give a hug to bride & groom before my ride has to go. {Forgot transition} Sharing weirdly-partitioned house with housemates and Dad. Difficult discussions about what’s okay. Driving, see a dog, comment that if I lived there (Whidbey?) I would pick up so many dogs. Sweetheart stayed home sick. Met neighbor with black dachshund with brown face. Saw another black dachshund with brown face on the way to work. More coughing today, gargle and nasal irrigation and whatnot. Downpour with a few falling branches en route to lunch. Met Courtney at Tin Lizzy’s. Late return, not a lot done afterwards - eaten by 9gag. No clear direction for what to do next. Zumba in the middle of monsoon - workout studio has lots of big windows. Drove home, pretty clear by then. Parking lot was flooded. I waded over to the drain and pulled stuff out of it, started draining. Sweetheart demanded cuddles the second I walked in the door. Intense rainbows outside, including a sliver of a second rainbow. Dinner and Buffy. Relatively early bed.
7/7: Got up to go to the bathroom, couldn’t go back to sleep for another hour or so. Don’t remember dreams. Nice time chatting with Sweetheart en route to work. Tin Lizzy’s leftovers for breakfast - lots of jalapeños, definitely cleared sinuses. More grind. Went to service at Cannon Chapel for the victims of the Dhaka attack (two of whom were Emory students) - fullest I’ve ever seen it. Sweetheart opted to stand and see, while I found a seat with now view. Spent much of the time leaking from my eyes or nose, occasionally leaning against a pillar. Every death makes me more tired; I suppose that’s just the way it’s going to be until my own. Wrote to the three countries attacked, spent a lot of time reading about new murders on FaceBook. Reconfigured dungeon into guest room. Food and Buffy. Slept fitfully in new bed.
⅞: Woke up to evacuate, sudden throat pain, gargled. Itchy throat, difficult to be get back to sleep. Some scene about Xander and Cordelia arguing, her saying, “Ew, no!” Obviously pulled from last night. Slow start to day, difficult day online, not much done. Good Tai Chi. We went to Las Brasas, chatted with Alexandra, other people showed up. John and Nate were all about the Pokemon Go. Alexandra and I each tried their fanbloodytastic cake. Pathfinder was kind of a flop - electronic stuff wasn’t working, and people were distracted.
7/9: Coughing in the wee hours. Forgot the first half of my dreams. I make it into a set of interconnected dorms. I’m trying to meet a friend, but she’s not home. Trae hears me bumping around and assumes I’m her, and apologizes for disturbing me - hands over his eyes so he doesn’t accidentally “see something”. {transition} In the gym with a bunch of people goofing off, some are making out or up to mischief or whathaveyou. I go from there to an assembly on the stairs, areas cordoned off for people to follow strict lines. I get in a line, and as people pack in front and back of me, I realize they’re about to take a picture. I joke with the guy next to me about the fact that I’m not actually in their class, and he pretends to act offended. Morning involved way too much cleaning. With stuff to do and coughing, decided to skip Zumba class. Picked up Sweetheart’s colleague at the airport, stopped at Zyka, met another colleague, headed home. Saw the first part of “Death at a Funeral”. Went to Mary Mac’s, met a bunch of colleagues, saw a bunch of AKAs around downtown. Finished movie, back to a fitful sleep punctuated by coughing.
7/10: Sweetheart woke up early for work. I have to admit, there’s a somewhat perverse joy in going back to bed after someone else leaves. Unfortunately, today I could not do so. Tickling throat and upset about world affairs. Cleaned up a few things, went downtown, bought drugs, wandered around in circles, ate some semblance of breakfast at Taco Mac. Back home, got ready to play D&D. In the meanwhile, Sweetheart and our guest popped in, took a nap, and popped out again - guest gave me a hard time for staying on the computer during this time. Still coughed throughout the day. Much better run of Pathfinder - everyone was ready to go. Started watching a bad movie, Sweetheart and guest got back, we watched “Gothika”, relatively early night.
7/11: Fitful coughing (both of us) interrupting sleep again. Grouchy morning with achy neck and shoulder muscles - the tickle in my throat was almost nothing, I wish I could ignore it and avoid coughing, but since I can’t, the near constant flexing and tensing was giving me a headache. Ran out for soup for lunch. Back in, a little more productive, drugs kicked in to reduce both tickle and pain. Relatively late stay at office to catch ride with Denyse; lucky I did, given the bout of rain. Sweetheart saved me a vegetable Dutch baby from breakfast, which I finished with gusto while writing Board stuff. We ended up watching another Buffy and going to bed relatively early.
7/12: More coughing through sleep. Can’t remember dreams. Nothing happened en route. Still pretty distracted with medias. Came to a nice understanding in a potential BLM argument on the FaceBooks; I was trying to steer non-confrontational, and they agreed that the media tends to show the most controversial members to get views. Started getting a good rhythm of work despite distractedness. Sweetheart headed home early. I took the shuttle home, ate out, called S’mom on my way home, and talked to them while walking amidst gusts of wind and unexpected blossomfalls. Couldn’t sleep, watched another Buffy.
7/13: More coughing through sleep. Can’t remember dreams. Slept almost an hour through alarm. More busy at work. Invited to join coworkers for dinner. Skipped gym to meet them - fun time, but probably don’t want to make a habit of it. Home, tried to do work, distracted by Sweetheart watching a nature special on TV (with absolutely excellent musical effects).
7/14: Not through the woods yet with cough. Dream fragments: Making a Pestilence/Sea Troll deck (still sucks), Ghostbusters, and Reverend Mothers and J at Grandma’s house. Heard hawks chirping in two different places on the way to work - must be the season. Put in a day’s worth of food in MyFitnessPal. Picked up more supplies at CVS, made up time at gym. Relatively painless Board meeting. Baked corn and made black bean pasta (or rather, boiled pasta that a company somehow made out of black beans and water). Watched another Buffy. Later than usual cleaning up and finishing computer stuffs.
7/15: Easier sleep, no late-night coughing. Dreamt something about looking for houses, am describing to Dad and S’mom, one house as being similar to one we lived in previously - Gilbert Street?. {indefinite switch} Walking around college with Sweetheart, lots of people are on and around this one pinkish marble sculpture monument piece. We hop up on it and start walking around it, and an a-capella group starts singing “Be my Baby,” and I pull Sweetheart into a swing dance. Grandma, Mom, and Omm are there, and are impatient to get moving; some kind of chocolate-dipped treat is waiting for us. Sweetheart says she can’t because of self-control, Mum says she needs to teach her about tapping, Sweetheart playfully shrieks, “I’ll kill you!” And then they start talking about the tapping exercise. I woke up when Sweetheart started coughing - not quite done, it looks like. Need to figure a new process to enter into MyFitnessPal. Later drive to work, but no worries. Messed about in the morning. We met Dad and Sister for lunch at Las Brasas - tried the cake again. SO GOOD. Sweetheart had to leave early for a meeting, but I shared the cake with the other two. More efficient working (and computer) on my return. Still chugging cough drops and enough water to overload most of the trackers I’ve seen. Walked through park to restaurant, got honked at by Alexandra driving past (I didn’t recognize her, but she called a few seconds later). Stopped in to visit {Katie}. Met friends at Med Grill. Didn’t know standard iced tea had sodium. Home for Pathfinder, went much more smoothly this time, even with the computer restarting itself - better attention, better prepared, better narrative.
7/16: Had a lingering conversation with David and Zeppelin about Turkey and copyright and name changes after everyone else left. Sweetheart showed up shortly thereafter. The only part of the dream I remember involved a barren park that turned into a botanical garden with labyrinths, statues, welcome center, and gift shop when we approached; also something about a Jeep. Relatively early wakeup, some difficulty planning for day. Went to gym for Zumba, weights, and sauna - did a nice bit with re-working some painful memories while in there. Went to Tava Bistro for lunch, asked for mild, got spicy anyways, but they brought a free lassi to help cut the heat. Went immediately home, at which point Sweetheart fell asleep. I went to the grocery to pick up party supplies, then to Damien’s annual celebration. Anie’s boy seems enchanted with me. Nice time catching up with raoin. Sparky has completely transformed, physically - apparently he spends hours at the gym. Picked up Sweetheart again, went to movies, decided there was too much of a crowd, went to Farmer’s Market instead - right before they closed! Watched “The Queen”, a bit slow but definitely enjoyable.
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Would you rather be kissed or licked good-bye? [Jan. 7th, 2017|06:19 pm]
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6/16: Sweetheart is cutting into the side of a single-serving cereal box, as per old illustrations to make it into a bowl. Dad, Brother, Sister, and S’mom are in a house with a huge square kitchen where twenty feet of wall (ten each on two sides of a corner) are some kind of weird open refrigerated shelving; chilled clear plastic drawers full of vegetables. Sweetheart felt completely adrift and disconnected today. Lots of reading, lunch & learn involving confidential stuff. Weird “bite” feeling in the middle of my back that kept bothering me during work, although Sweetheart said it was just a blemish. Watched an episode of Buffy, lots of mood-boosting cuddles. Made another map for D&D - really loving this roll20.
6/17: Something about the Next Generation enterprise having cutaway sections, looking into different compartments and seeing scenes play out. ebontigress and temp at work are a couple, about to leave, I can’t remember the name of an episode from Star Trek: The Original Series, despite the fact that it’s playing in the background. I finally remember it to be “The ____ Plan” (I’ve forgotten the word again). Woke half an hour before alarm with stomach cramps. Day is weird, everything seems interrupted. Did a demo fire extinguisher, put out a fire. Teacher didn’t show up to Tai Chi, apparently hurt her foot? My ankle and foot also felt weird most of the day; wondering if it’s Zumba related; I need to figure out what’s going on there, it’s reminiscent of the running problem. AND I had problems with weights as well, had a severe stitch in one side; worried about more problems. Feeling grouchy. Came home and watched the Netflix copy of “Dr Strangelove” (or, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”). Sweetheart still makes me laugh about completely unexpected things.
6/18: Seriously involved dreams, but I woke up too slowly to remember them. Sweetheart’s really into Buffy, we finished the first season today. I ran off to Titan for Free RPG day, also picked up the latest episode of Dominion. Met Arch & Ambuj for pani puri and games. Defused a bomb, played Quiddler, visited Mad Science University. Ran later than we expected, but I decided to try making it to A&C’s game night anyway. Played “Dominion: Empires”, ran all castles, won despite talking everyone through things that work better for them.
6/19: Drove one of the other guests home in Five Points - he’s apparently also a condo president. High overhead view of the Bronze, closing in on a kid with pink hair talking with his friends. The group starts trying to stomp roaches. One of them gets three in one step. Something about putting them in cups or boxes. {Indefinite transition} Setting up a complicated game of Dominion. That was obviously a take from the fumigation episode and last night's game. Nice morning together with Sweetheart, played Pathfinder online, called Dad. Danced with every woman at tango, including double-header with Berry at the very end.
6/20: Giles on the phone with Xander & Miss Calendar, someone says “Mi guime” {probably stolen from the cyberdemon episode}, running to catch bus/plane, church, meet up with Dad. Hit 0 sugar count today. Very difficult time falling asleep and waking up. Lots of reading and reports at work. Sweetheart took us to Stone Mountain for the Strawberry Solstice - saw the sun set along one side (no green flash), then moved to the other to see the moon rise. Pink, as promised. Danced around the summit marker. Laid down and drifted away for a few minutes. Barely visible trail back down. Massive cockroach over the door when we got home.
6/21: This morning’s dreams involved sexytimes, so I won’t go into details. Shuttle almost hit a white-ish deer after climbing the hill, it ran into someone’s yard. After “my choice” being redirected a few times, we finally settled at Tava Bistro for some homestyle omelet. Strawberry drink was pretty obviously out of strawberry yogurt. Saw a blue heron hiding in the watershed next to the road; I’m not sure if you can call it a creek if you can hop across it. Watched “Finding Dory” - definitely a worthy successor, although it didn’t tug the heartstrings as much, for some reason.
6/22: People with different animal symbols, sort of a gospel theme. One of them is a hundred-plus-year-old elf. Thousand year old house. Some aquarium theme, and Mum giving me advice. Obviously connected to last night. Lots of reports today, and a few FaceBook arguments I might have done better without. Sauna and Zumba, and Sweetheart taking me to Taziki for dinner. Watched another Buffy when we got home, probably stayed up too late given tomorrow’s exit. Sweetheart couldn’t sleep, I read the first book of Transmetropolitan and replayed debates in my head.
6/23: Going around Ponce, I think? Older, stately houses. {Switch} Inside one of them, joking with Brother and former roommate Ryan about this and that, including buying Virginia for $17,000.10 and other odd currency. Ryan asks if I want to go to a quiz/trivia show, and I say I’m not sure if I’ll be awake in time. Early alarm went off. Weirdness prompted me to run and turn on the computer and write it down immediately. Off to dentist - perfect teeth, they say. Ate at Cafe Intermezzo, very nice. Most of day was in a holding pattern, waiting for information to do reports, and lots of well-wishers. Fun time talking to coworkers, they really got into the party idea. Family has had a thing of leaving gift certificates places for one another; Reverend Mothers dropped one off at Green Ginger for me. Drove to Boogalou, barely anyone there, but the hostess was very enthusiastic about my birthday. Got completely drunk on mangorita, but didn’t realize it until after we had ordered seconds. Danced to a bunch of things, including (specifically requested) “In Da Club”. Drove to Intermezzo (second time today), had more hot chocolate and dessert, then went to Atlantic Station. Saw “X-Men: Apocalypse”; hard to place, lots of good pieces, but they didn’t seem to settle well together. Despite being 2.5 hours, it still could have been longer to give us enough feeling to fill out the epic scope, as well as develop more connections with the expanding cast.
6/24: Sweetheart slept through most of it. Drove home in ohdarkhundred. Slow wakeup transition meant I didn’t have a clear dividing line between sleeping and wakefulness, so I can’t remember dream at all. Good Tai Chi class, mediocre work day. Went to Green Ginger for dinner. Bites were good, Hunan stuff was meh, tempura cheese ball was AMAZING (yes, more sugar points). Posted new flyers for social committee (Oh Say Can You Smell/Taste/Feel/Hear/See?), helped Sweetheart pack and anxiety-clean.
6/25: Alarm went off, but we ignored it because Sweetheart suggested we should set the alarms earlier than we need to and get a guilty thrill out of sleeping through them. Dreams involved a house with multiple (and possibly sectional?) Christmas trees, and memos that talked: Somewhere between a calm “howler” (from Harry Potter) and Siri. Dropped Sweetheart off at the airport, got hit with a bunch of love songs while driving back. Had a birthday cake shake at Steak & Shake, back-and-forth about the decisions I make: That wouldn’t have been my favorite, but I did still enjoy it, and it seemed like the occasion for it. Went to lift heavy things and dance Zumba, still lots of fun. Lots of shopping for party, a little worried that I wouldn’t get things done in time. I was, technically, late to my own party, but I was still able to get things relatively clean, organized, and tidy before the first guest arrived. A/C stopped working. Rolling guest list, no more than 4 people at a time, watched (and mocked) Fantastic 4, played lots of Dominion (lasting until 4 in the morning). A/C started working again, inexplicably. Broken light switch started working, too. Beats me.
6/26: Read a scary story - terrible idea when I’m alone. Put the cheeses away, went to bed. This morning, I wrote Sweetheart to update her on how everything was running. Took out recycles, helped someone get into their apartment, back to clean up before guests. James and kellinator came back a little after 1, said they weren’t sure when I’d wake up after the previous. Family came by, a little touch-and-go with potentially charged comments in mixed company, but luckily nothing broke out. Nice visit with wolven and Kirsten and cerealgirl, and several more games of Dominion. The last one ended with a crawl and way too many Torturers, not fun at all. Started cleaning up, got a nice call from Sweetheart. Made maps on Roll20.
6/27: Woke up before alarm, went back to sleep. Some kind of winter party. People from work, especially retired boss, are disparaging about my efforts. Something about travel. {Switch} Bugs Bunny threatening to go to the “highest court in the country”. Cut to scene in hall just outside courtroom with 3 people talking legal strategy. Drove into work alone. Made some reports, met with some folks, stepped out for lunch, got the wrong thing but kept it because I know they’d throw it away and the wrong thing was acceptable. More rotating staff at work, and I have a rough timeline for heading to my new office. Good: No sharing. Bad: No company. Sounds familiar. Called Mum, and Sweetheart, tried finishing more party food.
6/28: Watched raunchy comedies. Bed quite late. Woke up in the dark, scary things. Back to sleep. Woke up with the alarm, called in sick, took some drugs, went back to sleep. Dreamt about Being at a party around Kwork (who I’ve had to avoid since a disagreement ten years ago), then driving out and seeing a vacation home, and being on a boat with Dad’s parents, helping them decide where to move. Somehow ended back at the party, some overlapping friends. Several people were setting up a game or putting together a snack tray or something, and Kwork asked me to bring something over. I asked if we were friends again, she shrugged and said, “I guess?” I think the unlikeliness of that is what woke me up. More drugs and zinc, the last of the leftover pizza, and zipping through my Habitica Dailies. I got hit with a few unfinished on Saturday, which is a little annoying but still totally valid (unlike the previous) because my entire focus was on party. Chatted with Sweetheart online, told her she could call me anytime today because I’m not at work. She showed me more pictures from her trip and told me about her presentation. I spent a lot of time building stuff on Roll20 - figured out rolling-and-adding initiatives. Another green pill knocked me out in the evening, for a relatively early bedtime.
6/29: Woke up with alarm, couldn’t figure out what I was dreaming, still had a sore throat, called out sick, went back to sleep. Mum is borrowing the dryer in my apartment, which I think I share with Magdalena {not sure at that point if she’s a girlfriend or roommate}. I go elsewhere in the building, where there’s a teacher break room, and talk about my substitute teaching class. Starting dancing tango. The TV is showing a news special about trying to annex better-scoring schools into other districts. Sudden concern about whether I’ll make it back to my next class in time. The red circle around the school district turns out to be a literal monorail/roller coaster/shuttle, and some of the other teachers (including horrormoviegeek and Chris Lyons, who are dating). Pass by a neighborhood with some tiny houses {definitely from flyswatter’s recent post about such}, mention the novelty to other teachers, one points one out and says it’s his. Woke up groggy. Started making some characters on Roll20, cleaning up a little more. Got everything I wanted done, picked up a few things at the grocery (including flowers, of course!), picked up Sweetheart at the airport. Home at last.
6/30: Cold medicine means in-and-out of sleep, which means more dreams. This one had something about Naga wearing some kind of pet human costume, but the Crane Clan could tell them apart because the Naga didn’t know some kind of customary game. Went to work somewhat drugged, coworkers were unusually friendly. Also an interesting note about drugs (such as alcohol) and productivity. I regularly get quite a lot done when I’m hopped up. Shared observation with raoin. Home to watch “Inca Mummy Girl”. Sweetheart was having serious coughing fits, so I slept on the most comfortable couch in the world.
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